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    Early offshore deep v
    Early balsa deep v inspired by Seafury . Built around 1970. Was going to be IC but too fragile. Would have made a good electric model today.
    early OS .30 powered patrol boat
    Built in the early 70s, all painted balsa. OS Cougar 2ch TX
    Early ic hydro
    An OS .30 powered hydro I made in the 60s. Controlled by an OS Cougar 2 ch TX.
    clyde puffer
    scratch built puffer getting there πŸ˜‰
    HydroPro Affinity Yacht
    This is a 650mm long yacht and was brought out as a cheaper alternative to the DragonForce 65. It has a wider beam than the DF but the sails etc. are very similar. It is a great yacht to sail and is ideal for learning to sail as it was for me.
    Fairey Swordsman 33
    This is the third of my scratch builds in progress and again at a scale of 1:12. There are drawings available at this scale but I wanted to produce the rear cockpit version where the roof sits just under the coamings rather than the one with the roof level with the deck or the fully open cockpit version. I also wanted to incorporate changes to make it easier to build it the way I wanted to. The build of this boat is behind the other two and will continue to be so because I'm going to plank the deck and rear cockpit roof.
    Fairey Huntsman 28
    This is the second of my scratch builds in progress and like them all is being built to a scale of 1:12. I've produced my own design because I wanted the whole of the superstructure to be removeable in one to allow easy access.
    Fairey River Cruiser
    This is the first of the scratch builds I'm undertaking and is at 1:12, so 23" long. The River Cruiser was a Fairey prototype based on the Huntress 23 hull but with a greater freeboard. Only one was built and didn't survive. My build is based on a black and white photograph and reference to the Huntress hull.
    Fairey Huntress
    This is a 1:12 model, so 23" long. It's one of the 2 prototypes designed and built by Dave Milbourn and as such the build quality and attention to detail is superb.
    Fairey Huntsman 31
    It's a Precedent Huntsman 31, scale 1:8 and 47" long. My first purchase about 3 years ago when I first took an interest in the hobby. Well built, but heavy with the lead acid battery. Since taken that out along with the old RC gear, which is going to be replaced with modern kit, brushless motor and LiPo batteries for lighter weight and better performance.
    HMS Hood
    Recently purchased from Northampton she is seven feet and two inches long currently has no radio installed at moment planning to use maybe end of month depending on the cost of radio gear or type.
    Model Slipway RNLI Trent Class Lifeboat β€œSamarbeta”
    Here is my newly finished Trent Class lifeboat. Hopefully will get her on the water this week, although she has had a ballast check in the hot tub (when wife was at work!). This was a part started eBay bargain, but I took it back to scratch and completely rebuilt it from fresh. Full working lights, radar and twin diesel sound system. Very pleased with the result.
    Aeronaut Jenny
    Test outing today of newly completed aeronaut Jenny. Next outing will have a driver installed, but his shirt is on the sewing machine! Goes like stink on a Turnigy SK3 brushless motor, 50amp ESC, 3S 3000mah lipo and a kg of lead! Might drop it down to a 2s next time out and will get some running photos when I have assistance.
    race 500
    standard 500 club racer
    Frank Rayner Barge
    I am currently building Frank Rayner a British Waterways barge....
    46” hard chine racing yacht.
    46” long scratch built hard chine racing yacht. Building this on and off for quite a while but now complete. Sails made by PJ Sails.
    Walston (Fifie)
    Amati kit not much extras fitted this time only Navigation and interior lights and water cooling pump, also all working rigging and Mizzen sail. Fishing buoys all tied with strong nylon with 3mt coil below if boat is lost floats give its position.
    MK1 Micro Magic converted to race spec
    Just finished up a Graupner MK1 Micro Magic..this is the boat that came before the racing version, or MKII. This is the 4th MM I’ve built, the ones before we’re MKIIs, one a German kit, 2 were the later Asian manufactured kits. All good boats. Anyway, I found the MK1 on EBay, once it got to the house I decided to use some spares, carbon tube and 3D printed parts to build her up to racing specs. Maiden will probably be this weekend.
    My current fleet 14 July 2019
    At long last the new Dry Dock is completed, we now need a new centre piece for the dining room table. It needs to be something interesting to provoke conversation, which the models have done quite regularly. All I have to do now is finish the rest of the stuff that is not in camera shot!!!
    Moonraker (Graupner kit from way back when ?2007)
    Launch tomorrow will fill in details after
    48" Huntsman (scratch built)
    This and the "Moonraker get Launched tomorrow will then fill in all details for both boats
    Robbe Acapulco
    Robbe Acapulco built recently, build blog on this site. 1700 KV outrunner, 30 amp Turnigy Plush esc. Painted with airbrushed acrylic. 3 channel, throttle, rudder and lights. Good boat, had a linkage issue where it would hang a bit in a hard right turn, adjusted geometry so it SHOULD be fixed, other than that good speed and run time, looks good on the water.
    I built it from a Vic Smeed plan. Regrettably, I sold it! I still have a Tid Tug, HDML, Fairwind, Bruma & EW 24
    Alice C
    I built Alice C from a Model Slipways Dutch Coaster kit a few months ago but only this week got round to ballasting her and fitting the radio. Launched her this morning in not very favourable conditions, westerly, far too gusty and all over the place around our launching apron. She did well under the circumstances and I look forward to trying her on a better day.
    Graupner Optimist 1978
    My old Graupner Optimist which I made from the kit in 1979. It has been sitting gathering dust in my garage for around 20 years since I last used it, so I thought it was about time to give it a bit of a birthday and tidy it up. Originally fitted with a Graupner sail winch (which I later sold) and was sailed with a Futaba 6ch 27mhz FP6FN TX (which was bought in 1978 and is still going fine, but not used any more) I've bought 2 cheapo winches and when I have time I'll get it back on the water (maybe with a motor as well)
    Upnor, Thames Sailing Barge
    I have had a lifetime love affair with Thames Sailing Barges and this is my first model of one. She is based on a 30" hull from 'Mastman' (Dave Watts}. Launched for the first time today at Cold Knap lake, Barry, South Wales she did everything asked of her.
    Steampunk Pike.
    Here is my Steampunk Pike. She is still a work in progress. Eventually it will be static dive. Length 40" Width 11" Height 14" There is still a lot to do including weathering. Martin.
    Mermaid sport fisherman
    Mermaid is built from a fibreglass hull I purchased on ebay. I saw it several times and finally gave in and purchased it. It is from "bhc" and it is a good quality product. They have many types of hulls but no plans so you are on your own. I decided it would be a sport fisherman with a cuddy cabin and outboard motor. I made many cardboard patterns till I was satisfied. I always wanted to try an outboard. Motor shell was purchased from Graupner and fitted with an Astro 05 motor that I had on hand. (I may change that). Haven't really tried it yet, but goes well in the Jacuzzi. It not quite finished yet Graphics are by "Callies" they are an internet company that will make you anything you want at a reasonable price. They were very understanding and cooperative. I highly recommend them. It was much cheaper and easier than buying your own vinyl cutter
    Wee Nip, Ruf Red
    Wee Nip, Ruf Red. Donated to me by a friend. Radio; frsky telemetry, battery voltage, Hitec sail winch. She sails well and is quite enjoyable, even I my unskilled hands.
    Small scratch built static model of a Schooner made quite a few years ago. Length 6" Height 51/2" Beam 1" I made this when I was in between projects.
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