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Aerokits Sea Hornet - Posted: 3 years ago by sigfortunata
Kit built but I scrapped the plywood for mahogany as I wanted something in the "Riva" Style.
Powered by a 1000kv brushless on 11.1v, its quick across the water and very stable.

I sail with the Potteries MBC in Stoke.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Northumbrian on the 5th Jan 2017
where did you get your figures from they are exactly what i need for my Chris Craft speedboat
Bob 🤔
Response by John on the 30th Apr 2017
nice job 👍
Response by circle43nautical on the 11th Dec 2017
BRAVO ZULU! Nice boat, it reminds me of my brother's 13' 1956 Penyan that he completely restored back in the 90s. Love the mahogany btw.
Aerokits PT Boat - Posted: 5 years ago by Dave Kershaw
Just started work on the Torpedoes for My Aerokits PT Boat, the ones In the kit don't look quite right,

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by bikerjohn57 on the 28th Apr 2014
HI again Dave

So sorry, I didn't realise (lack of concentration) that I was communicating with the same person In two different conversations.
That will teach me to look at who I am talking too.

Polishing your nuts round In a drill, now that does sound painful !!!! Ouch

All joking aside small engineering projects are just not my forte. I'm more your blacksmith type If you get my meaning.

If I do purchase the moulded Perkasa (whichever one)
I can see It now, Glue everywhere !!!!!.
Well maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean.

Response by Northumbrian on the 19th Oct 2015
HI Dave
I have bookmarked your web site there is loads of info for the Perkasa
cheers Bob 👍
Response by John on the 30th Apr 2017
I look forward to seeing it on the water 😁
RAF Crash Tender 46in - Posted: 5 years ago by michael1
HI this was my winter project the hull was given to me by my son who got It at a car boot sale It had been on fire as It was driven by a petrol engine In now has twin brushless motors with 45mm props but going to put 50mm props on when they come as It needs a little bit more speed Built from a set of plans this my first go at this as I build from kits In the past cabins made out of 3mm/1.5m ply and some 1.5mm balsa wood . Hull was sprayed and the deck and cabins brushed with enamel paint.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 10th Feb 2014
What ESC's are you using? Battery capacity? Do you know the max current your Thumbrun and ESC's can take?
If possible I suggest you use a Wattmeter (a fellow club member may have one) to see what the position Is at the waters edge, this will be a worst case as the model will be stationary and drawing max amps.
Brushless motors are power hungry and for max performance work best with LiPo's. Ideally the ESC should have a max rating greater (50%) than the max motor current. Unlike brushed ESC's lowering the throttle setting does not reduce the current flow but does Increase the heat generated. My experience Is brushed motors work best on smaller props. I suggest you check the heat of your setup after a short one circle run when you fit the new props. Look forward to hearing how you fare. Good luck 😀
Response by michael1 on the 11th Feb 2014
I have to disagree when you say that brushless motors are power hungry I have one more boat on a brushless and get a longer run than with brush motors a lot of members In our club use brushless with good results
Response by Dave M on the 11th Feb 2014
I agree brushless give excellent results and will outperform brushed motors any day, provided they are set up correctly.
Power hungry was possibly a poor use of words. My point was that brushless electronics can and do draw very heavy currents which LiPo's are able to supply, and are very light weight.
We use brushless on many model at my club and for performance and endurance they can't be beaten. 👍 😀
Sea Queen - Posted: 5 years ago by
Just nearly finished my sea queen and had one outing and It did all I wanted. Scale speed and very plesed with It. Standard motor and 12 volt battery. It was last winters project but only just finished. My 1st motor boat as my others are sail.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 9th Feb 2014
Will be pretty similar In both types as controls are fairly standard. Probably a compass and chart table If sea going. Malcolm Reade Is sending me some fittings so will advise further when received
Response by on the 9th Feb 2014
Thanks Dave will look forward to hearing from you
Cheers roger
Response by BOATSHED on the 8th Jan 2019, I am not so sure about being less detail on a Norfolk Broads Cruiser. I have a small 21ft fibre glass hulled boat in Potter Heigham on the Broads. But when you see the older wooden Broads Cruisers they have lots of detail especially the ones that get cared for as they should being wooden built. Some of them are so beautiful and well varnished polished brass, Chrome fittings and well groomed. If I could afford a wooden cruiser and be able to keep her in the fashion she should be kept then I would. But if I win the lottery then I will have one. Even the old wooden sailing yacht's are kept in wonderful condition and lots of detail brass etc.
raf ASR - Posted: 5 years ago by Rookysailor
Can anyone tell me what boat Is this.... I bought It from a friend who couldn't find any reference to It, very streamlined, It's got a fiberlass hull and cabin,twin motors.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jarvo on the 19th Oct 2015
HI Rooky

This is a bit late, just found your question. You model looks like an RAF whale back rescue target launch, from the 50's era

Response by Rookysailor on the 19th Oct 2015
Many thanks Mark. I had given up hope finding the period of the craft. As yet, done nothing tto it,but will now start th e refurb, ready for next year.
y knot - Posted: 6 years ago by davey
bought the bare hull off e-bay which was coverd In black spray paint yuk.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Peter47 on the 2nd Mar 2013
Yes you right, I built one many moons ago It was my first model boat, cost me something like 30 to 35 shillings (£1.50 to £1.75), from the now long gone Ashton Model Shop back In the late '50s, not radio control, could only afford to run on a 4.5 volt cycle, but my pride and joy all the same. Looks like It had a slight conversion, or hatch Is missing behind pilots seats.
Response by teeps on the 25th Mar 2013
Yes, those models look to be reasonably original. Interestingly, there was only one hatch - the one at the stern. When I complete my long-mothballed Sea Hornet, I'll probably make up a second hatch to cover the engine compartment.
How's your progress?
Response by Peter47 on the 25th Mar 2013
Yes you'd be right to put a hatch behind first row of seats, that's where motor access hatch was originally, not second row seats as In your model. It original only had two set of bench seats, each behind their own window screens.

Cannot remember what happened to my "Hornet", maybe It went the same way as my CorgI and Dingy toy car, kindly given away by my Mother In my teens, whilst I was In the RAF, thought I finished with them, women they don't understand us fellows :-)

I've just launched my latest model a RAF Fire Launch pictures on this site, still some way to go, fire monitors etc, turned out to be very responsive and quick, once fitted 50amp controller and tweaked blades.
Sea Queen - Posted: 6 years ago by frankburgess
Still finding my way round the site

Pic of the Sea Queen with Jolie Brise In the background.

Sea Queen will have the wheel chair motor, with Mtronks control.

Joilie Brise Is having a new ballast keel cast to lowere C of G and Improve sail power.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by wombatjames on the 2nd Mar 2013
Action Electronics do a 900 size motor which top revs at 6500, so bucket loads of duration torque to turn a higher pitch prop. 1/4" drive and used on large boats.
Response by frankburgess on the 2nd Mar 2013
Thanks for the Ideas fellas, the motor was given free I will try It out with just brief runs and check the motor temperature.....I'll let you know the outcome
Response by frankburgess on the 8th Mar 2013
Well fellas, Sucess the boat performed pretty well, similar performance to the motor which burnt out, but without any drama. Checked the temperature of the motor occasionally, and It seemed warm but not excessive. The battery Is a 7amp lead acid (Motorbike type) and gave well over an hour running time.
Unusual feature of the boat, Is that being big (46") the wash Is considerable.

Thanks for your Ideas

Best Regards
spoilt rotten - Posted: 6 years ago by davey
new eletric motor and r/c now fitted ready for trials at week-end .its been good crack sorting this old boat out so much so I just rescued another aerokit model off e-bay .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Sea Nymph - Posted: 6 years ago by jeremy
Not Strictly Aerokits!!! Bought this and a Sea Breeze at the Warwick Show. Sea Breeze Is In the cupboard for Xmas. Sea Nymph Is Ivory and Brunswick Green. It has a JP 400 motor with an Mtroniks 15 amp esc powered by a 7.2v nicad. Currently It has a 35mm S prop. Haven't had a chance to try It out on the water yet. Maybe this weekend. Its the first wooden boat I've ever built so am quite pleased with the outcome. Looking forward to the Sea Breeze as that's going to be my first brushless model.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Aerokits Fast Patrol Boat - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
HI Two Pictures Before and After, As Purchased on Ebay and Now ready to sail.
First sail 16-12-2012 Cwmbran. First fitted a too powerful Outrunner with a small rudder no good would not steer or go straight. so changed outrunner to a lower rated one about 1200 kVA and fitted a larger rudder (medium size as opposed to a small one). The result was very good and she ran all morning on a 2 x 4.8 Volt 3800 MAh Nimh In series 9.6V total, for about 2 hours.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jonbliss152 on the 5th Jan 2017
Hi, I'm currently in the process of building my first model. It's one of my fathers that has been sat in the loft, kit form for 30 odd years. I have the decals to turn it into a fire boat but I'm struggling to find a suitable monitor to place on the coach house roof. Can you remember where yours came from?
Response by jelley_baby on the 5th Jan 2017
Hi, it's not a proper monitor on the cabin roof, but the spray nozzle from an air freshener the type that are battery powered and spray one burst every 15 minutes. I suppose that you could attach a small pipe to it and make it into a working monitor if you wanted too. Hope that this helps Graham.👍

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