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Anything Else

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Everything else - Posted: 7 years ago by deckape
Here Is my George Ferris Emergency cargo Steamer the first all wood trampsteamers. durring the first world war the U-boats were sinking more cargo vessels then what they could produce. ECF aquired under contract to George Ferris to construct a lot of these old steamers because they were made from wood, These were the liberty ships od the first world war. Here Is my trampsteamer S>S> GEORGE FERRIS She Is RC powered by a dumas 6 volt electric motor with speed controll.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 22nd Sep 2011
Great looking model. Did you build from a plan?
Response by deckape on the 23rd Sep 2011
Ahoy Dave
Yep sure did, I got a set of these plans from Abe Taubman plan service. you still can get them.. thanks for your reply Its a little different then wahts on the forum If floats and Its RC Its for me Boats
Response by Dave M on the 24th Sep 2011
Good to see other modelling skills. This part of the Forum Is for any type of vessel so please keep posting.
New Docking facilities at Crealy - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang
Went to Crealy yesterday after a couple of weeks absence to find new 'Pipework' docking and obstacles In place. Thanks guys It's a good Improvement.
My Fireboat and Seaplane tender In the picture foreground, more can be seen In my new RIB video In the gallery.
Don't know If we've been joined by a drainage contractor In Exeter MBC recently!

Best Wishes

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Car Boot RIB project a bit further on! - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang
Now finished off cockpit and rear structure and recruited a couple of crew from bargain 4 for ÂA£1.50 Army pack! They are a bit on the small size or It could be a large RIB!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by deckape on the 22nd Sep 2011
Very Very nice I enjoyed your video this little gem gets around, HARDY WELL DONE.
Car Boot RIB project - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang
Another project as I found a model RIB at our local car boot sale ( probably for action man or simular ) and thought It might be worth modifying.
It floats In the bath and now has a Mtronics Vision 500 motor and ESC, and servo steering via a rudder mounted In the dummy outboard.
More after sea trials!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by dadrab on the 9th Aug 2011
That's an excellent Idea. I like your style.
Yeoman / HMM - Posted: 7 years ago by kalamunda
Two Yeoman / HMM boats- both salvaged from e-bay and thought to be at least 55 years old. each having had most of Internal structure removed. no drawings available so had to guess where 'bits' were needed. The smaller 'Minx' Is powered by a brushless Turnigy Aerodrive SK286. The 'Wavemaster' has a brushless KD Thumrun 2387/18 and an EZ Run 18a ESC - supplied by Giantcod. First runs at Crealy - 29th July.
Thanks to Ian for the photos.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by thelegos on the 1st Aug 2011
Very nice, I've not seen the cute little Minx before but have a Wavemaster which Is used regularly. Mine was built around 1953, originally with an ED racer IC engine but now running with a Darke Horse 700, It's a real classic design of Its time and a favourite of mine, there are some pics somewhere on the site.
Response by kalamunda on the 1st Aug 2011
Thanks for your comments - I have seen the pics of your Wavemaster and they encouraged me to finish this one. I have seen an advert for the Yeoman Minx from around 1960 and the retail price was 21/6 - about ÂA£1.08 In todays money.
Response by thelegos on the 1st Aug 2011
That's great to hear, there seem to be a few more out there now. It was launced In 1952 at a price of ÂA£3 12s 10p, designed by Les Rowell when he was at Hammersmith Model Makers (HMM) just a couple of years before he left and started Aerokits In 1954. I shall look out for a Yeoman Minx!
raf high speed launch - Posted: 8 years ago by chiffs
first time on the water for my latest build, 23" model of british power boat co. 68ft type 3 hants and dorset raf high speed launch,
power Is speed 400 driving 35mm three bladed prop, 7.2volt 3300mha nimh planet 2.4 ghz radio,
scratch built, I used scaled down drawings from my aerokits plans then gave the frames more shape to replicate the curves of this boat, the forward section where diaganally planked.
then sides and bottm as normal with sheet ply, deck Is teak planks.
I sail on the rotary pool at penzance.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
british power boat co. hants and dorset ,range safety launch - Posted: 8 years ago by chiffs
hI all here couple of pics of my range saftey launch and british power boat co type 3 hants and dorset 68ft high speed launch. the range safety launch Is powered with speed 400 35mm 3 blade prop, 7.2volts 3300mah gives me about 10 mins run time, the hants and dorset as yet not fitted power plant, thinking to go brushles but dont no enough about size to go for yet.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Tall Paul on the 4th Jul 2011
Great pictures - are you sure you had a fully charged 3300 mAh battery b before use as 10 mins sounds a very short time to me ?
Response by chiffs on the 6th Jul 2011
hI there tall paul yes battery was fully charged but I think boat Is over propped with 35mm three blades, Im going to try two blade 32.5mm and see If get better duration with same speed
Sterling American Scout - Posted: 8 years ago by deckape
Here are a couple pictures of my 1957 SS AMERICAN SCOUT C2 Merchantman. powered with a dumas 6 volt superpanther electricmotor, For RC opperation the ship Is radioed by a 1960 babcock citizenship tube radio atae of the art at that time nowdays It Is a relic or dinosour. BUtttttttt It still works. I am going to take her out for thefirst time underway sail scince 1960 I will update this post with pictures of her underway. But here are a couple stil pictures of her. Thanks fellas for your viewing my Freighter.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 10th Aug 2011
HI deckape
Nice looking model.Have you taken pictures on the water? What Is the passenger liner In the background. Some more pictures would be welcome.
Response by nasraf on the 12th Aug 2011
Looks a bit like the United States, the real one, now In Philadelphia In a very sorry condition. I saw her once In Plymouth Sound when I was In the RAF at Mountbatten.

RANZOW BUILD - Posted: 8 years ago by BASHER
Bought this kit from Cornwall models ,great fun to build and fairly easy ..At the moment I am In the process of motorising all the move-able parts,Crane rotate and lift lower,Thruster and lighting..My mate from work Is a spark and shows me how "to do It " electrically or Im lost.The relay Is home made and powers the Bow Thrusters If anyone wants to make one of their own I have a few better pictures to show the wiring In detail . Most will know of this site but If not you can get some excellent Items for your ship builds with a good quick service my home made relays switches etc come from here

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
HMM Wavemaster - Posted: 8 years ago by thelegos
I took advantage of some nice weather to take my Wavemaster out for a spin this afternoon. She's around 58 years old, I bought her from the son of the original builder and have tried to keep It as original as possible so converted from IC to electric, repainted the lower hull, new stainless Inner propshaft, made some handrails and fitted the lights. It was very dirty but has cleaned up a treat. I'm running a Darke Horse 700 with a 7.2v 4300Ah battery for these pictures but have the facility to use either one or two sticks, run time today over 30min with some to spare so I'm well pleased! It's a gorgeous classic boat.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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