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Fire Boats

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34" Fireboat Restoration project - Posted: 8 years ago by chrislang
First try In the water this morning at Crealy.
Found out that she's a bit bow heavy and that the old VW camper blower motor I was trying Isn't really up to the job! so off to trawl through to see what the rest of you have powered the 34" boat with ( Ideally to take 12v supply as I've got 2 x 6v jelly cells In situ. Although that might be part of the weight problem!)

Best Wishes

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jelley_baby on the 22nd Nov 2010
HI I run mine on a Johnson 600 6V-9.6V with one 6 volt 4Ah gel cell and either a 35 or 40 mm 2 blade prop, and keep all running gear towards the stern and It will plane reasonably well. When I require some more performance I run either a 7.2 volt nicad/Nimh or a 8.4 volt nicad/Nimh. Any help with your problem?
Dusseldorf fireboat - Posted: 8 years ago by Gregg
My own Dusseldorf,powered by origninal robbe navy direckts as these give more than sufficient power to propel the boat at a reasonable speed, all fire monitors operate to fire water and rotate, nav lights, radar, engine sound and fog horn.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
1935 thames fireboat gamma - Posted: 8 years ago by harleydream1
Thames fireboat gamma,stationed In london cherry tree dock about WW2 used In blitz raids.
Fibreglass hull,wooden deck,twin 550 motors,single working fire monitor,twin working spot lights,and nav lights.
Was a older display model now fully working but steam generator Is a bit temperamental.only used at shows has been at Twyford water works open day recently.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by circle43nautical on the 6th Jan 2018
BRAVO ZULU! Great conversion, it's great when statics can be given life!
My Fireboat on lake lllawarra N.S.W AUSTRALIA - Posted: 9 years ago by mabeaver
For photos of my fire boat on lake lllawarra n.s.w Austrlia about 15mins drive from home.
I am running a ( OS FP40 motor ) the boat Is about 18 years old. And still goes like a new one. (member ID 126 Lyie) and I go boating together on Saturday afternoons.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Newbers on the 22nd May 2011
That looks like a great place to sail a boat - and lovely model too! Nick
RAF 34" Crash Tender - Posted: 9 years ago by Bob Jordan
I built this kit In early 1977 while stationed at RAAF Amberley In Queensland. It originally was engined with an Enya 35 and at some time later ended up fitted with an OS40.
It travelled around Australia with me and ended up In Perth where It has been stored In my shed for approx the last 20 years - I now have the time to restore It and and do a conversion to electric drive.
Can anyone please advise as to electric motor and speed control that I should be looking at and where I might be able to purchase a fittings kit.

Bob Jordan

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by dbninja on the 22nd Jun 2010
HI Bob, glad you have eventually got round to renovating your crash tender... took a while eh!
for a wide ranging list of power set-ups for your boat, scroll down the list on the left of the home page to "all things RC" then scroll down the pop-up menu to "power set-up" and there they all are! my own 34" I use a graupner speed 600 8.4v on 9.6 numh's gives the boat a really nice sit In the water and doesnt cost an arm and a leg. but there are loads more options such as outrunners and lipo batteries etc.
fitting kits are still available for the 34" boat In the uk, just scroll down the "fireboat" page to find the contact details. good luck... It will be worth It
Dusseldorf Fireboat at speed ! - Posted: 9 years ago by Gregg
Photo's taken on sunday [6/4/10] weather was quite windy so water a bit choppy, but fireboat coped very well as you can see from the superb bow wave It creates! the twin prop and 4 rudder arrangement makes It a very maneouverable boat, even at high speed It handles all tight turns with ease and dont swamp the stern deck either!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
36" Firefloat Maiden voyage - Posted: 9 years ago by Bluethunder
Completed at last, launched at Hinckley & Bosworth MBC last Sunday, now on to my RTTL !

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by tidtug on the 30th May 2010
it looks like a real fireboat nice steady speed magic
Response by Stonemonkey on the 19th Apr 2012
The figures In the boat look really great man, where did you get these and can you get naval/raf figures at 1:12?
Response by Bluethunder on the 26th Feb 2013
Sorry haven't up dated this, figures are converted Tamiya tank crew !
RTTL now complete, also Corvette, plastic kit In fibreglass hull, yet to launch.
Just started Schnellboot.....
New York Firefighter 1/8th scale - Posted: 9 years ago by deckape
Here Is my 1/8th scale Rc New York fireboat. It was converted from a static kit to RC opperation 2 channel 9 volt motor small scale but effective.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by steiner on the 10th May 2010
I am very new to all of this, and am looking for any plans, or kits that are available for boats such as the New York Firefighter, or the Seattle fireboat Duwamish. Any help would be appreiciated.
Response by deckape on the 19th Jun 2010
The Revell New York Firefighter kit Is out of production perhaps some day Revell might reissue the kit like everything else they produce so many and go to something else. the best suggestion I can give you Is to check ebaythese New york fireboats appear from time to time, I bought this kit In 1966. Had It all those years, she was originally a static display peice got the urge to RC her I followed up on the urge to do this. Now I take out to the metro pond.
Response by circle43nautical on the 6th Jan 2018
WOW-BRAVO ZULU! Very nice! Chicago Fireboat is next for me, after I complete the two USCG Cutters, of course!
Loschkreuzer Wesel Fire Boat - Posted: 9 years ago by Justintime
Just completed , not exactly origonal but not too far out. On the pond for the first time today after a rebuld, and very happy with It I am. Graupner kit, Don't know the builder, but when bought It was yellow! It just had to be put back to red. I didn't like the green deck, so It became mid-grey (gloss rubbed down to semi-mat). Powered by 3 Graupner 500 motors. Working radar and lights (worked from a key-fob, not transmitter). Sailed at Inverleith Pond, Edinburgh. Home of Edinburgh Model Boat Club.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by redoctober on the 13th May 2010
I have seen this boat operating on the water, It Is a work of art, the detail Is superb, the speed Is I am sure
a very close scale down of the original boat.
Response by circle43nautical on the 6th Jan 2018
Fireboat 94 - Posted: 9 years ago by Eric2283
Second time In the water,and nearly finished. this build seems to have taken for ever, but thanks to Info from the Fireboat site, I've got results.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by dbninja on the 24th Mar 2010
well done, looks great! as for taking forever.. tell me about It! two boats not much further on than they were In November....
it will be forever that mine will be done at this rate! some nice weather for painting soon please

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