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Fire Boats

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34in Aerokit Fireboat - Posted: 9 years ago by Stroller
Had a full refurb but still need the window frames making when I can get round to It . Goes really well with a Graupner 700BB Neodym on 14.4 volts. Still trying to find the right prop, but pretty close now to getting It right . Aim to getting It up to 19.2 volt
Should really fly then.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by pmdevlin on the 4th Oct 2010
HI Stroller, how did you get on with the neo 700? I tried one a bit ago In my boat but It blew up the esc twice!
Response by Stonemonkey on the 19th Apr 2012
Brilliant tender fella. Great detail, have just bought an old 46'' of the same, half built and am looking for Inspiration!
aerokit crash fire tender - Posted: 9 years ago by russell
this nice looking tender Is old now but still look s well In the water thinking of letting It go with a few other boats any body can tell me what they go for thanks russell Its has a three chanel radio and water pump and nav light all working .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
FIRE BOAT - Posted: 9 years ago by bostondick
This was a Damage R/C Police Boat ( That Is mass produce In the USA and can be found on eBay anyday ) That I converted Into a fire boat .This Is for display only. It Is 21 " or 533.4 mm long 6" or 152.4 mm at It's widest point .Everything on It was put on my myself except the hand rails , air horn and anchor . The black on the deck Is all real non-skid .This was a fun project to do for I never did work with anything like this or this large before . Most of my customizing and kitbashing Is with diecast fire trucks .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by circle43nautical on the 6th Jan 2018
BRAVO ZULU! Nice conversion.
fire boat - Posted: 9 years ago by gordon
two more photos of my fire boat as I said before the crew are not right but ok all scratched built except hull payed A£35 for It the pump Is from a astra car A£2 works a treat gordon very good site was told the hull Is 30 odd years old

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
fire boat - Posted: 9 years ago by gordon
this Is my aerokit fire boat 46 Inch fitted with a 600 motor 3 bladed prop 55 mm and a 12v 12 amp battery was fitted with a petrol motor when I got her for A£35.. all the top has been rebuilt the 2fire hygents work very good 2 mrtrs of water either side all lights work a good turn of speed but I can get 2 1/2 hrs on the lake the two men are not right but look ok for 10 p each at car boot gordon

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Stonemonkey on the 19th Apr 2012
I am Interested to know how you get 2.5 hours playtime out of that boat? I am new to RC and have just purchased an old 46'' VintageTender and would like the best set up for Scale speed and runtime. Any suggestions please?
Response by gordon on the 21st Apr 2012
I had a 12 v 12 amp battery and a 800 motor on a 35 cm prop did have a good bow wave could not see the sence of going flat out for 30 mins did not go for speed just Indurance thanks gordon
Response by Stonemonkey on the 22nd Apr 2012
Many thanks Gordon, nice model there!
My two fireboats 93/94 - Posted: 9 years ago by aprestney
success !! I have done It " my photos of my two boats . the one on the water Is the 94 fireboat fitted with a 500 torpedo electric motor and a spectrum rx/tx works very well !! . The other Is crash tender 93 under going a rebuild after being rescued on ebay . from a new member A prestney.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
46" FIREBOAT - Posted: 9 years ago by harleydream1
HI All,
This Is an update,weather seemed ok so tried her out,very Impressed,got right up on the plane.Handling not that good think a bigger rudder Is needed.
Running an 850 torpedo motor on 12volt battery.
Only problem was a leak,water running up prop tube so have removed and re-greased ready to try again.
Fire monitors missing hoping somebody can help.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by aprestney on the 3rd Jan 2010
very nice boat! I have two of these 93/94 thay are a very nice model.
I did try uploading photos of them to the site. Anyway fire monitors do some times come up on ebay for sale. If not try model dockyard or westbourne model ships web sites. Hope this helps from a new member Albert.
Response by Dave M on the 31st Jan 2010
HI Boat looking good. From your previous post I see that the model was built In the 1950's. Is It possible that an I.c. motor was originally used as they were common during that period? It Is possible that the shaft and/or bearings will be well worn. Grease will help but not cure the problem and will add drag and Increase motor current (amps), thus reducing your sailing time. I suggest you remove the prop shaft and see If It Is worn where the bearings are. If so you may be able to obtain a new complete prop shaft of the same size. If the Inner shaft Is Is a nice fit In the original just substitute the shaft. If the original bearings are no good replace with the new bearings from the replacement shaft. They can be teased out with a blunt knife and gently use of pliers. If you hace access to a lathe or a friend with one, you could just lap the shaft and make new bearings. Good luck dave
46" FIREBOAT - Posted: 9 years ago by harleydream1
HI All,
This was recently purchased through Ebay and undergoing restoration.
The previous owner built It with his father late 50's
This has been In storage for quite some time and lost most of the fittings.
The motor Is a torpedo 850 and all Is yet untried.
Will keep update on progress.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
32" RAF Fire Tender being restored by Salv Bambino - Posted: 9 years ago by sbambi
HI all. This Is an, RAF Fire Tender 32" that was given to me 30+ years ago by a friend who was going to scrap It. It's been stored In my garage loft all this time. I am about to start the restoration of the boat but havn't done any modelling since I was a youngster.
It has no running gear but was originally powered by a nitro engine, I am hoping to convert It to electric power, the problem Is I have no Idea what type of motor to use or what length prop tube or prop sahft Is required, I don't have any drawings or Information about the boat. I am presently cleaning and rubbing the panels down so that I can re glue most of the joints as thay are mostly starting to come loose.
Will post some more photos as I progress.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 28th Oct 2009
HI Shambi
Looks a lot better than mine when first seen.Must have been a big IC engine as the prop shaft seems to end at the rear of the engine bay or have you removed It? My original shaft was well worn and I replaced the whole thing with a nice new shaft with oiling tube attached. There are several posts on this site showing how others have fitted/modified their drive gear, plus lots of Info re motors, speed controllers and batteries. If you need a plan I suggest you ask on the forum as several members do have plans that may be available for you to borrow. Looking forward to seeing how you progress, good luck
Response by sbambi on the 28th Oct 2009
Dave, I have removed the prop shaft because It was bent and the resin around the prop tube/hull was cracked It was also worn quite badly. I need to purchase a new tube and prop shaft once I decide what motor to fit, I can then decide on the length of prop shaft. Thanks for the Info.
Response by Pete D on the 1st Nov 2009
HI Shambi, If you need a drawing or other Info about the 34ins Fireboat I have plans and drawings etc that may help,if you need anything just get In touch with me via a message on the site, (Fireboat himself knows me well)Regards Pete D (Fireboatfunday Organiser)
48"fireboat renovation - Posted: 9 years ago by peep31
as you can see just the top section to do now,nice boat. would love to here from anyone regarding fitting a speed controller and what type

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by cakfilth on the 18th Oct 2009
I am at the painting stage,
what colors did you use Is that a black or a midnight blue?

looks really nice,


Response by peep31 on the 18th Oct 2009
hi. the colours I used where, toyota red and toyota black,top will be bmw alpine white.does anyone know where I can get a mast from as original did not come with the boat.I have just fitted a graupner 700bb motor and viper speed controller,cant wait to get It Into water, also what size propellor can anyone reccomend
Response by cakfilth on the 23rd Oct 2009
Great thanks for that
painting tips,
are you using regular spray paint,

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