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Fire Boats

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48"fire boat renovation - Posted: 9 years ago by peep31
as you can see I have repaired the bottom.and this Is the motor which was In It and It does run

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Response by Dave M on the 8th Oct 2009
Motor Is a Taycol. There were several variants yours may be the double special as I note there are three wires. If you put a 12v battery neg to the left hand single lead and the pos to one of the other leads the motor should run giving you a nice sparking display from the two wire brushes. Before you fire up put some oil In the two oil bushes at each end of the armature - In a brass bit with a hole. It may help tp also oil the commutator and brushes - ok In this engine as both are brass.
I suggest you just touch the last contact to your chosen connection as the current will be high at startup. Free running used to be about 5amps. In Its day this was the bees knees but was mainly used In free running models as the electrical Interference Is high. I have a 34" version of this fire boat amd use a brushless motor. However there are several posts on this site with various brushed motor / speed controller / battery commutations and suitable props. I suggest you don't try to use the Taycol If you Intend to fit radio control. Hope this helps. The restoration looks to be going well. Dave
Response by BOATSHED on the 2nd Jan 2012
Yes It Is the Taycol Double Special Supermarine, I have two of these. You say about not using r/c with this motor, probably due to the Interference. I don't know how true It Is as I haven't tried It yet myself, but I'm told If you use 2.4g R/C this should not be a problem. I'm hoping to put one of them Into my Sea Queen In the near future. When I've tried It, and If It works then I will be putting one In her.
Hope this Is of some help.
Response by circle43nautical on the 6th Jan 2018
Wow, that motor is speciaal!
renovation of 48" fire boat - Posted: 9 years ago by peep31
ive just purchased this boat from ebay and plan to get It back Into water,it has a really old motor In It and wonder If I can fit a speed controller to It,it has three connections. one for pos and two for neg can anyone help

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Dukw Fireboat - Posted: 9 years ago by bostondick
Custom made fire boat.Was a Marx Dukw . No motor ,just for display.something a little different. 1/32 scale

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Thames Fireboat - Posted: 9 years ago by harleydream1
Thames Fire Service fire boat,this has twin 540 motors,12v pumps(not working yet) and nav lights.Fibreglass hull with wood decks etc.
The model Is quite old and has been a static for some time until It fell Into my hands,the name Gamma on the bow.
Looks pretty much scratch built and a very good job whoever did It.
Sails occasionally at Gang Werily Fawley Hants.
This Is another work In progress,hopefully we will make It to a fun-day maybe next year.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Aeronut1 on the 23rd Apr 2012
"Gamma' was a sister ship to the well known Massey Shaw fire boat the latter on which I served during the sixties. Both craft did trojan service during WW ll, Fb. Massey Shaw also took part In the Dunkirk Evacuations. Gamma was retired In the mid 50's, the company that bought her removed her pumps and converted her to a Thames Passenger Cruiser whereafter she plied between Greenwich and Westminster Piers for several years.
Response by circle43nautical on the 6th Jan 2018
WOW! BRAVO ZULU! That's really cool that you gave her life. I have built static kits most of my life, but in 89, I built my 1st RC USCG MLB. I still love statics, but watching a boat (or plane) that I've built, actually perform like the actual craft is wonderful.
Looking for this fireboat - Posted: 10 years ago by bostondick
looking for this fire boat .It a Russian Fire Boat

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Michael R on the 8th Sep 2009
there Is a cheq firm that do a police and fire boat there also do a
fishing boat If Its the same boat comes as a kit hope this of help
Response by Michael R on the 14th Sep 2009
the model Is the z a r rc fire patrol boat by
Response by circle43nautical on the 6th Jan 2018
BRAVO ZULU! Very nice!
Fireboat & Suction (pick-up) Hoses - Posted: 10 years ago by raffitter
Thanks to all those that made suggestions about making the Suction Hoses, here are my efforts. The boat looks OK now thought there Is much to do still. I am using two Johnson drill motors In paralell with one 50 amp ESC & 20A fuses In each motor + supply lead, all running on 8.4V NiMhi. the current props are 40 X 21 three blade. The boat Is fast enough but battery life Is short and the battery Is very hot after the end of the run. I water cooled the motors and ESC. I will try some smaller props and 7,2V to see If there Is an Improvement.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Peter HS93 on the 21st Apr 2012
Okmthanks for that look forward to seeing It my small one that Is twin screw Is the same It rolls on to the deck nearley.good job It Is twin screw or It would stop moving 😯
Response by Stonemonkey on the 22nd Apr 2012
Many thanks raffitter, good work with the machining, bit beyond me I think. I will keep my eyes open for some suitable brass bits.
Response by jonbliss152 on the 24th Aug 2016

I like the design of your motor cooling, what tubing did you use to wrap around the motors?

FAWLEY FIREBOAT DAY - Posted: 10 years ago by harleydream1
HI All,here,s a piccy of a recent gathering one sunny sunday afternoon at Gang Werily Fawley Hants.These are all electric powered models all original aerokits with the one closest has all original fittings only missing a few minor Items but still goes well for an old girl.we have 93,94 and unumbered yet all 35" models.these are a regular sight at gang werily pond

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
couple of nice action shots! - Posted: 10 years ago by pmdevlin
The black & white shot was to try and pretend It was an original shot! and the running shots show how low the stern Is when turning, dont see that when Its running, great shots taken by HS93, many thanks!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 30th Apr 2009
Great pics! I like the b&w. The rear shot could be the real thing
Aerokits 34" Fire Tender - Posted: 10 years ago by Dave M
I have rebuilt this from a damaged ex IC model. Borrowed a plan from a club member and managed to reconstruct the missing bits. Originally used a fast electric car type brush motor with 7.2 v nicads. Worked ok but nothing spectacular. Recently ventured Into brushless and LiPo. Tried an Inrunner but ran far to hot and not veryt fast. Changed to an Outrunner (mork torky apparently) and nearly took off! (it Is a seaplane tender but should stay on the water!) The LiPo Is 11.1v 2800MaH. I use a Graupner Ultramat 16 charger, don't use other than a dedicated LiPo charger and ESC. Battery misuse can result In pyrotechnics, so beware. Initialyy tried a two blade racing prop but have changed this to a 29mm 3 blade brass prop to slow down the speed. I have also added more lead and will advise the final weight once I have tried the model on water. I sail with Crewe and District MBC at Boundary Park, Nr Knutsford In Cheshire.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by William1 on the 21st Dec 2009
Which motor did you choose and Is It necessary to water cool It?
Response by Dave M on the 21st Dec 2009
Which motor are you asking about? The brushed or brushless.Dave
what sort of boat. - Posted: 10 years ago by gerry
Hi,all help required ,can anybody tell me what type /make of boat this Is ,and can you give me some Info as to where I may get plan/bits.I just had It given to me,as well as a Precedent huntsman and require some help refurbishing.
thank you.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by digger on the 7th May 2009
HI Gerry, as others have already said It Is a Vosper Rescue and Target Towing Launch (RTTL). If you would like to see the real thing there Is one preserved at the RAF museum at Hendon.
Response by gerry on the 29th May 2009
Hi: all sorry I have not responded to your replies regarding the RTTL.nOt been on for a while.So I wish to thank you all for the responses,and all the Information.I also wish to thank Micheal R for all the valuable Information he has given to me on this boat.Hope to post some pictures soon.many thanks Gerry.
Response by modmariner13 on the 6th Jul 2009
HI I have the plan from the 1958 model boats mag and can copy It for you

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