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Fire Boats

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More Crash boating In OZ and OFFICIAL TRANSPORTER - Posted: 11 years ago by Lyle
Of all the data files on the Crash Boat I have not ever seen any details/ drwgs for the vehicle specifically used to transport the Crash Boat types ( Ie the British Power Boat co ) had transporters for their craft. Anyway I enclose a picture of the OFFICIAL English designed TRANSPORTER vehicle for the Crash Boat and a photo of verification as modelled by Peter Dimberline. I have kept my model stock standard, still have the original plastic red Graupener prop of old I think It Is a 30 with a nick or two. Soft copper brake tubing pipe (1/8 I/d) Is only around the head and one of the Inline exhaust resonators has a water tube outer casing to cool the exhaust piping and Inner tube gas temperature which takes out the energy/heat of the exhaust gas and dramatically reduces noise. Hope my hints help .All the best Lyle.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
More Crash boating In OZ - Posted: 11 years ago by Lyle
More of the Crash boat at our sea water creek and of Peter Dimberline taking a rest after an exhausting day at the radio sticks steering the model. After all, I only did the car loading, driving to the site, carrying fueling and starting, entry to the water and launching and taking the model out of the pond , cleaning and refueling etc to go again. You can see Peter Is getting his stamina back. I only ever used 3;1 fuel and In later years 4;1 fuel, just how fast do you want to go? and I have defeated that(annoying) high whine of model engines with my muffler system. Needle valve Is left alone and two or three clicks turn out/in In Summer or Winter Is of no consequence, maybe too many fiddlers with model engines breaks down reliability? I usually wind the plug out 1 to 2 turns and start her dry and with one or two turns (electric starter belt now) of the flywheel and a fraction choke she STARTS at a bit above Idle setting on carby , then throttle to Idle disconnect plug lead and then screw In glo plug and lift model casually to pond and slowly place In water at IDLE. Just a bit of a mild throttle check / rudder function check, water outlet check, LOOK AHEAD and If safe clear release and gently open up.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by cesar3434 on the 11th Oct 2009
Crash Boat & Steam In Oz by Lyle - Posted: 11 years ago by Lyle
Some 25 to 30 years ago I wrote to Peter Dimberlins for details of the Crash Boat following a mention of him In 'Model Boats '. Peter supplied me with data and we have been so close ever since. These and more Images are of Peter at the helm of my Steam boat' Lady Halina ' and his successfully (ha ha) steering my Crash Boat as I did not know It was so fast/ ballistic. More pictures to follow of this gracious man at the helm at our pond/ tidal creek during his momentus visit to OZ In early 2008. My model Is some 30 years young and Is with the third engine as the others were worn out with use ( OS35, ENYA35 now a S/C 40 a bit too much) In a 25 pound plus model, yes she Is heavy. She has been re done over and over(paint resin paint resin etc) and only had the 1/8 Inch steel prop shaft (yes 1/8) replaced recently. I have a "leather flange coupling"as on all my power boats and never let me down and vibration free. Exhaust system 1:muffler to a 2.tar lined tin can to a 3.small resonator (equals quiet ) More to come of my Crash Boat as a result of this gracious man and his service to modelling even to a colonial.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Fireboat being restored by Bob Jones - Posted: 11 years ago by Bob Jones
This Is my latest project, bought for spares, but I wanted a challenge, so I'm putting her back to how she should look. She's a old one I do not know the make but she Is of a equivalent size to my other Fire Floats...
Any Info appreciated..
Have added a photo of rudder set up any comments??

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Fireboat being restored by Bob Jones - Posted: 11 years ago by Bob Jones
She's getting ready now, will keep updating as work progresses.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by draper454 on the 2nd Feb 2013
hI I have a norstar that I want to finish,my dad startes It back In the 70's. he has since passed and I have found the boat started but no plans, or any fittings any help would be great thks
Response by jelley_baby on the 3rd Feb 2013
HI I have a Fire Boat like this, but did not know about Its origins I find It much easier to work on than the Aerokits model. I must remember that It Is a Norstar Kit. Regards Graham
Response by Bob Jones on the 3rd Feb 2013
HI well due to poor health , I actually sold this boat ( about 2 years ago ) The guy that bought It Is also on this site. If I can ffind his name/email , 'll send It to you..
Regards Bob J 😀 😡 👍
46 Inch Fireboat owned by Andrew Marien - Posted: 11 years ago by No Account
Finishing this boat. Its a 46 Inch and looking to put a 21 size engine, used of course.

I'm still looking for the deck fittings and such for this boat as well.....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Huntsmanman on the 4th Feb 2013
If I may suggest, a 21 size engine will be far too small and you'll be disappointed If you want It to plane, you would need something more like a 52 or even a 61 for a 46" hull. Moreover with the monotonous high pitch whine they'd also sound and therefore look pretty un-realistic. With an abundance of highly efficient brushed or brushless electric motors now on the market, electric Is really now the way to go. Although Initially electric propulsion Is a bit more expensive to set up than I.C. electric motors are now equally as powerful as I.C.,if not more so, and there Is a size to suit practically any model. They are also extremely reliable and convenient and due to environmental Issues you are going to have a far greater choice of sailing locations to choose from and with the bonus that your model will always stay clean!
Fireboat being restored by Dave Kershaw - Posted: 11 years ago by Dave Kershaw
Hi, this Is my Ebay Crash Tender restoration project stripped ready for re-build.

It Is an original kit but needs a lot of work as you can see (some times I think It would be asier to start again - but good fun).

I'm not sure how old It Is exactly, It cost me £50 from ebay. Hopefully It will be ready for next summer.

It will be electric powered, probably by a graupner speed 600 single screw.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Fireboat being restored by Bob Jones - Posted: 11 years ago by Bob Jones
I believe this Is a 34 Inch aerokit, I "rescued" It from Ebay, and will bring her back to how she should look...

Watch this space...

After lots of hassle I finally got the motor and prop.shaft aligned.
with a scratch built mastshe's beginning to "LOOK" the part.
More to follow.....
Judge McCombs Fireboat built by Don Hodgson - Posted: 11 years ago by No Account
This boat Is a model of the Judge McCombs which Is the fire boat In Hamilton Ontario Canada. The model was built by Don Hodgson of the Confederation Marine Modellers of Hamilton. Scatch built with about 700 hours, has 3 water pumps run by 12 volt.

The boat started out as the tug Betty-Bess In 1947, In 1950 a small fire pump was Installed driven by a separate engine, In 1972 the extra 2 monitors where Installed. It will now pump a 1000 gpm. Enclosed find 3 pictures of the model and 1 picture of the real thing.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Fireboat scratch built by Steve - Posted: 11 years ago by Steve M
The boat has no name as yet, It Is scrach bult from two photos. I found In a loft as usual. It Is about 25/30 years old, she Is powered by a darke horse 785 turbo with a 2.5 to 1 gearbox and two 9.6 volt 3700maH NiMH bateries and a 50mm 3 bladed prop, sailed at our local lake.

The boat Is far from finished and Is not to scale as you can see, but for a first time build It looks pritty fair out on the water. Just one last word, many thanks to all the members of the forum for all your help.bit of a muck here lads the photos were In the loft,the hull I bought for £30.and every thing else Is scratch built.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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