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Fire Boats

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old motor - Posted: 6 years ago by frankburgess
this Is another photo of the motor taken showing the drive side fitted with a metal fan

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 8th Oct 2012
HI Frank
Yes those old motors, although good In their day, have nowhere near the performance of modern kit.
The 888 sounds way too big for your 34" Fireboat, the 600 wil be much better and the speed 600 version Is possibly the one to get If buying from new. With a 40" prop you will almost certainly need to water cool the motor as It will be heavily loaded. You should be able to source the moor and water cooling plus ESC from one source. Your local model shop or an on line store.
The gearbox will certainly reduce the current as the motor will have less load, but there Is not a great deal of space In the 34" Fireboat so fitting may be a problem.
Response by frankburgess on the 9th Oct 2012
Thanks Dave
Response by frankburgess on the 26th Oct 2012
The Fireboat had It first run yesterday with the donated Johnson 888 motor and the original prop. Speed was satisfactory, just nicely on the plane and the battery lasted well, a 7.2V Nimh 3000, so I am happy with that. Controller was a donated Robbe minI 200. Unfortunately although this gave speed/stop control there was no reverse. It has pot adj for 'speed' and 'stop', which I adjusted, but Perhaps It was never designed to give reverse?

Another project Is a very old 1950 damaged 'ASL'hull. I have the original drawing titled 'British Power Boat' who were the builders In wartime. It has a 'whaleback' cabin surmounted by 2 machine guns In turrets. These I have cut from radio valves.
Its a most unusual looking boat.
34inch Fireboat not an aerokit. - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
HI I am not sure what kit this Is or was but I know that Its not the Aerokits version. It was bought on Ebay about 2 years ago and It has been restored to what you see attached. It Is running on a Johnson 600 and a 35x prop, power Is from a 11.1 volt Lipo.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jelley_baby on the 17th Nov 2012
HI Ray, I have just changed the 600 Johnson for a 700 size Johnson with lower revs and more torque I will Initially be running the same setup as before but will try a slightly larger prop either 40mm or a 45mm and see what happens. It's first run will be tomorrow morning at Cwmbran.
Regards Graham
Response by Raydindayal on the 18th Nov 2012
Hi! Fellow modelers, The Vosper kit was matketed by KeilKraft a British agent some time during the 60's, I actually was their agent In South America, but I believe that now they are no longer In business. It Is a beautiful model. I did have a good run at my previous home In Guyana, In a cane field then flooded, It worked beautifully with the diesel engine/ screw prop assembly by Graupner. Now I have to look at electric of which I know very little., but I am hoping that the model shop will help when I am ready. Thanks Ray
Response by jelley_baby on the 18th Nov 2012
HI Ray, The sail at Cwmbran today was a success the boat out performed the previous setup. Several members run Vosper fireboats all running electric power, one with a gearbox 2:1 reduction and two models like mine with 700 size electric my run time on 7.2 volt 3600Mah battery Is about 30 to 35 minutes with some fast runs, shorter with all fast running. On 9.6 volt 3700Mah (4.8 x 2 In series) runtime Is about the same but model Is very quick. On 11.1 volt Lipo 2200Mah battery run time Is about 15 to 20 minutes but very very quick. I buy most of the Johnson motors that I use on Ebay the prices vary but all are cheap and I have had no problems with any of them. Our Club Is all Electric, but that does not mean slow boats. Electric power has evolved In leaps and bounds over the last few years.
Regards Graham
no 94 - Posted: 6 years ago by frankburgess
HI everybody

Another ebay purchase, a Fire Tender which I think Is from the 50's. It Is fitted with a very unusual old motor with sprung loaded brushes, capacitors, and a fan.... seems to run happily on 12v, which I plan to reinstall. Does anybody recognise It? It was fitted with a 'spring' universal joint. I am fitting a conventional UJ. There Is also a circular switch attached to the motor. This appears to be wired to switch In up to 3 battery supplies! but I think I will fit a modern controller with modern nicads.

I sail at the Maldon and Blackwater Model Boat Club at Heybridge.
Regards Frank Burgess

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by chiffs on the 19th Nov 2012
is that a model of jolie brize In the background
Response by frankburgess on the 20th Nov 2012

Yes It Is...I scratch built It using a GRP 'workboat' hull as a base. I used a simple drawing from the 'Jolie Brise' book blown up to size. I altered the bow, stern and the keel to match the drawing. The rig Is slightly undersize and simple the keel Is deeper, the deck layout Is very approximate taken from photos but simplified to make It more robust for sailing. It has a winch for sail control and the rudder Is controlled from the tiller via lines and blocks to a servo under the cabin top.

As you probably know the boat was bought as a Le Havre Pilot boat by EG Martin who then Instigated the Fasnet Race, which Jolie Brise won 3 times.

Thanks for recognising regards Frank
Response by chiffs on the 22nd Nov 2012
HI Frank I have built model of jolie brise from plans I got from France made few years ago as static model, I have made uo a false keel that I can fit as and when I get round to making sails, have provision for steering via chords running thro the deck In tubes to the steering servo, as yet no thought as to how to Install sail winch as have only small openings where hatches fit. you are right about her being pilot cutter and winning fastnet 3 times, she was however built by Monsieur Paumelle In 1913, I hope at some time to get her on the water.
Regards Chiffs
The real/original RAF crash fire tender - Posted: 6 years ago by bigmacmodels
Hi, I'm sorry If these pictures are on here already, I did search through and couldn't see any.... I'm after a few peoples opinion on colours etc 💭 As the pictures are all black and white (grey scale) It Is difficult to get the colours correct. A lot of model boats seem to be grey on the deck with white roofs, some with wooden decking, some just white and any number of variations. I'm trying to rebuild mine to be as close to the real thing as possible. In my opinion It looks like the top Is all In white (as It matches the shade of the "FIRE" sign). The handrails appear to be brass ends with wooden rails?? Most of the other fittings seem to be either white to match the boat or silver for the tie-offs. The spot light seems to be darker than the monitors so I'm not sure If that Is a dark silver or maybe black? Any thoughts??? 😉

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 18th Aug 2012
HI Bigmacmodels
I would welcome copies of your pictures, please.
Colours are another matter. I'm sure you have looked at the pictures on this site and seen various variations between models.
As the real vessel was operational just after the second world war It Is more than likely that the paints used were whatever was available at the time and possibly tweaked (mixed) to make full use of the paints.
Unless you can source a colour photo taken of the real thing It will continue to be a matter for debate.
Your photos do give a lot of detail and I agree with your observations. 👍
Come on Fireboaters lets have your views on this topic, and If anyone has a colour picture.....
Response by chrislang on the 22nd Aug 2012
I was sailing my 34" fireboat at Portsmouth's Canoe Lake a couple of weekends ago when someone came up to me and said he had been a member of the crew on one of the two actual Vosper Fireboats, and that the cabin sides should be a light blue colour and not grey as on my model - ( I still like the look of the grey though! )
Response by Pete D on the 4th Nov 2012
There Is much talk about colours on these old craft,some say Grey, others say Light Blue, and again White also comes Into play, These craft were only In service for between 5 and 6 years, during their time In service they underwent maintainance and modification, I have spoken to guys who served on them and on one occasion they had not got enough paint to repaint the mast white, so It got painted Brown, how many of you out there have ever seen one of these craft with a Brown mast?, also you will see that 93 had no breeches connector behind the main cabin, 94 did, most photo's avilable of 93 show no suction hoses on the aft well foam boxes, 94 did, look closely at the photo's and you will clearly see two different types of monitors fitted and In one photo you can clearly see one of each, for what Its worth my opinion Is Pick a date Pick a colour, I know what we painted ours as taken from V/T drawings.
Best of luck, kind regards,
Pete D.
Mk2 Firefloat 93 - Posted: 6 years ago by Colin H.
Have been resurrecting this old 34 1/2" FIREBOAT which was originally built In 1958 from an aerokits kit, for the last 12 months. Went for first sail at Cwmbran on Wednesday, and I am pleased to say It performed very well, But needs a little tweeking to get balance right as she sits a little low at the bow. Having been given some great advice by the local club members, I will be moving the motor and mount further back, and reducing size of prop as It used too much power. But still I'm happy with the performance and the fact It didn't leek. Will update as soon as I've done the mods.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 28th May 2012
HI Colin
Good to hear you had a satisfactory first sail. 😀 Great that the members at Cwmbran gave you some helpful advice. 👍 I look forward to hearing that your mods have Improved the balance and performance. 😀
Response by Colin H. on the 28th May 2012
HI Dave thanks for comment, Cwmbran are certainly a friendlyand helpfull bunch and I'll be joining their club along with my wife, as she's now got a boat restoration of her own to do.(FAIREY HUNTSMAN 1/12th scale)
Ill update as soon as I've had chance to do mods,
trouble Is an86 mile round trip to do testing runs on safe water at Cwmbran.
Response by jelley_baby on the 29th May 2012
HI Colin, This Is a big thank you for your families help at Cwmbran last wednesday, If It had not been for your sons help my Sea Commander on Its first run would probably be at the bottom of the lake. It's dry now but will need major work on It as some of the plywood has delaminated slightly. The motor, Receiver and servo work but the speed controller I think has died. I look forward to your next visit, on Sunday I sailed my 40 year old 34 Inch Fairey Huntsman and think that I have at last got It to run reasonably well. Graham J from Cwmbran Club
Crash Tender 36" - Posted: 7 years ago by bigmacmodels
This boat was left to me by my grandad 29 years ago. I have just recently started to rebuild It with a friend and put It In the water for the first time 2 weeks ago. A bit too fast with the brushless set I had so I will be getting something slower In the next few weeks. The pics are from start to now, more to do as I'm not happy with It (and probably never will be 😯 ) I have been looking through everyones pictures and they have given me some great Ideas. Thanks guys.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by bigmacmodels on the 25th May 2012
I have now switched to a tunigy 9 channel tranmitter and turned the throttle down gradually to 25% 😰 That was about right, so I have now put a lower KV motor In and run It at 55% which Is much better. I got told off at the club for running my "speedboat" at the wrong end of the lake 😀 Thanks for the advice Dave.
Response by Dave M on the 25th May 2012
Great news. 😀
You can now convert all the sceptics at your local pond. After you have left their models standing they very quickly learn. Took my fellow club members about 1 month. Now they all run brushless In their fast models.
Good luck 😀
Response by Raydindayal on the 17th Nov 2012
Many thanks for all the Information and attractive pictures about the 'FIRE' I shall get cracking on the repaint job, and then get the motor Installed and try again. This won't happen until the spring of our new year. I shall do this at a very suitable pond at Clapham London which Is not too far from where I am. Will fill you In then.
Thanks & Regards Ray
crash tender - Posted: 7 years ago by alan44
my effort at scramble nets. they look ok rolled up.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by cakfilth on the 22nd May 2012
Wow they look Amazing, Really,
I need to try those did you stitch them together?


Ck 👍
Response by alan44 on the 22nd May 2012
no ck have a look at how I made them described In my last post. Alan.
Response by cakfilth on the 23rd May 2012
Ok thanks, they really look great.
crash tender - Posted: 7 years ago by alan44
A few more pics of my almost complete 94. 9 months to build- countless hours!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Pete D on the 20th May 2012
HI Guy's, way back In Nineteen Hundred and a long while ago, when we restored our Fireboat, we came across a similar problem with nets, then suddenly had a brainstorm, I dont know If you guys are old enough to remember the old open weave Dishcloths, we bought one cut It to size, gave It a quick coating of Light Oak woodstain which left It looking like hemp, very effective looking when rolled up.
Yours, Pete D.
Response by Dave M on the 24th May 2012
HI PeterD
What a brilliant Idea. Have to go to the local market or pound shop to find some
Stephen (Fireboat)
Another good tip from PeterD for your Masterclass.
Response by circle43nautical on the 6th Jan 2018
BRAVO ZULU! Nice boat. That's a great tip regarding the nets. I now think I can use it for the netting on my USCG Cutter flight deck netting.
Crash Tender Rebuild update - Posted: 7 years ago by Gazzayre
Since my last posting I have spent weeks stripping the paint, refilling where required and have had to make new roof and floor sections, worst part has been been the front windows as these were totally rotten once the old paint was removed, and making new ones was hard because the old frames they attach to Is warped. I still have not fitted them yet as I'm looking to paint and glaze first.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
RAF Fitter 94A - Posted: 7 years ago by raffitter
In response to an enquirey Here Is my Fire Boat the right way up!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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