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Fire Boats

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Hatch Covers: 34" Crash Tender 1960's refub - Posted: 7 years ago by jimdavie
I'm currently restoring a 34" Crash Tender and from finished pictures I've seen I was wondering how did people go about making those great hatches.

So I thought I'd have a go, I think It looks about right, well better than before anyway. I hope these pictures help anyone else wondering about rebuild of hatch covers.

Used a small amount of basswood and balsa.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
My crash tender fire boat - Posted: 7 years ago by aprestney
Here are some photos of my fire boats . kit made from 1960s to 1970s" all restord to the origanal condition " powered by torpedo speed 550 motors & working lights. I like to take them sailing to my local pond at sheringham norfolk.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
RAF Seaplane Tender 206 - Posted: 7 years ago by jfstoker
Scratch built from My Hobbystore plans and Model Boat magazine, brushless motors running on 2x7.2 volt 3700 mAh batteries

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jfstoker on the 30th Apr 2011
Thanks Chris, might be a good Idea to start a section, I have only one Seaplane Tender. I will have a look at your boats
Regards John
Response by tompallister on the 19th Apr 2012
Lovely Job on this. I did the same boat which I posted on this side a day or two ago. I love the shape and performance. I found It a pleasure to build. I have a number of RAF boats -- maybe we need an RAF section???
Response by circle43nautical on the 6th Jan 2018
BRAVO ZULU! The Clearview screen is a nice touch.
Restored 34" Aerokits Fireboat - Posted: 7 years ago by thelegos
Finally reached the end of my 'back to wood' restoration which started In November last year! She was a rather sorry ebay purchase but did have some of the original fittings - sadly not all, I used as many as possible and found new equivalents to try and match. The mast, davit and cleats were all home made In plasticard, brass and other sundry bits and pieces. It has working lights and spotlight and the davit rotates. First outing today was pretty good, It does plane but at nearly full throttle so the next trip will be with an 8.4v stick to give It a little more edge. Roger :-)

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by sbambi on the 18th Aug 2011
Roger, well done boat looks really good. Sbambi(salv)
Response by peep31 on the 5th Oct 2011
Where did you get the mast from please
Response by thelegos on the 5th Oct 2011
HI Peep31, I made the mast from brass, plasticard and some small pices of timber. I have posted some pictures on the site, If I can find them I'll send a link. Roger
Start of rebuild old 34 Inch Fire Boat - Posted: 7 years ago by jelley_baby
1. The sorry state of the Hull on the Fire Boat. Purchased from Ebay about 6 months ago, only now just started working on refurbishing It, It was covered In car body filler.

2. After about 2 weeks of very hard work It looks much better. It Is running on a Johnson 600 size motor and 6v Gel Battery for Its first sail at the Cwmbran Model Society tomorrow, so I hope that Is will be OK. It does not appear to be an Aeroits model as the cabins remove from the hull. Not just the Cabin tops. I will try and supply some action photo's later.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Peter HS93 on the 17th Apr 2011
It Is a kit made by Norstar I have one they are a bit stronger than an aerokits so a bit more weight they sail well mine was converted to twin screw.

Response by wombatjames on the 27th Aug 2012
Kitshack make one as a kit, off Ebay, uses balsa chines so much easier to shape In with the bulkhead profile. The Norstar I built when I was 12 had horrible 9mm thick chines that had to be planed to shape they were so hard.
Fire Boat Work In Progress - Posted: 7 years ago by PeteG
This Is my work In progress plus some nice angles of my boat. Colour scheme obviously not conventional but I like It. Its some way off Its maiden launch and this Isn't the Intended motor- that Is still In the post! It will be fitted with a Graupner 600 8.4v and a Viper 20A ESC.This Is an ebay purchase and came with some original brass Items and an IC engine - hence the modification to the motor mount.The boat will probably sail Initially at Blackheath.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 1st Apr 2011
HI Pete
Looking good. I see you have two servos In the aft cabin compartment. You will only need one as you are using an ESC.The rudder servo could be relocated to the rear well area, placed on Its side as against vertically. I did this with my Fireboat. The battery could then be placed In the reart cabin area which will help keep the weight towards the stern.Your ESC may fit In the motor area or the front cabin, depends on the size.
Good luck
Response by PeteG on the 2nd Apr 2011
Hello Dave,I'm looking In to relocting the single servo and as you say the rear well would be Ideal- my servo linkages are soft soldered to rudder via a long rod -? would that be the usual way of making the linkage?, I might need to look at this area! Also I think I need to keep all the units off the hull base and secured to a bulkhead ?
Response by Dave M on the 2nd Apr 2011
HI Pete
Soldered Indicates the vintage of your model. Can be used but better solutions available. Don't understand why you fear the hull base. The lower the weight the better for stability. I will post a couple of pictures of my setup so you can get the general Idea. Will have to post on your other blog re this boat. Cheers Dave
34" Fireboat Again ! - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang
Now up and running again, with new 25A M'tronics ESC and smaller 35mm S prop she went well yesterday at Crealy.
I managed to get these pics of the monitors In action
( a bit limited as I was alone and operating the TX and camera together! )

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Test with new Motor at Crealy - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang
I tried out my new motor arrangement, ( Graupner speed 600 8.4v motor with a single 9.6v battery pack as recommended by dbninja ) In my 34" Fireboat today. All went very well at just above half throttle then I began to get braver and added on the power to be met by clouds of smoke and a truly blown ESC.
( See FORUM under Hong Kong ESC )
The Fire Monitors also worked Fine using a Vauxhall Astra washer pump, I'd hope to get pics but the sudden halt Intervened!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
34" Fireboat - Posted: 7 years ago by chrislang
A Few Pics of my 1/16th Fireboat now fitted with working Fire Monitors (superbly and very kindly produced by PeterHS93)
Ready for testing ASAP - Now I need some 1/16th Crew!


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by chrislang on the 11th Feb 2012
HI Colin
The bases are straight from the Model Slipway white metal fittings kit, I originally had tried to drill out their white metal monitors with disasterous results when Peter very kindly came to the rescue and built the brass ones for me. Have a look at pete harvey's 46" fireboat restoration In the Links page which I found very Inspiring or go directly to the Model Slipway site @ ( although I don't think they sell Individual Items ) Good luck
Response by Stonemonkey on the 19th Apr 2012
HI Colin & Chris,
There Is some great work on here. I have just purchased an old mostly built 46'' Tender and want to bring It back to life. I am new to RC stuff but want to do the best scale job I can. Any drawings would be a great help to me as I don't have any and the boat has no fittings on board at all. Where could I get hold of some air cowls at this scale, pumps, pipes lights etc...
Any help would be very greatfully received.
Response by tompallister on the 19th Apr 2012
HI Stonemonkey. I have a spare set of plans for the 46 Inch boat which I can copy and send you. You can also get fittings set for these bigger boats from Lesro models. E mail me on (Email Removed - PM Only) If you want the plans.
fire boat restoration - Posted: 7 years ago by bat44
here's some more photos of my boat not much more to do now

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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