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Fire Boats

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Vintage Aero Kit Crash Tender - Posted: 7 days ago by CB90
Brought this vintage Aero Kits RAF Crash Tender for £50 from Newcastle area, it is the 34in version.
To my surprise at home I found that it had a Bullet 30 motor installed these motors were the top drawer motor of early fast electrics and its the only one I've ever seen, it can run on 24v and pull around 15A giving 300w not bad for a brushed motor.
due to the power of this motor I have modified the hull under the water line with turn fins and trim tabs to reduce torque roll and improve turning stability, the underside is incorrect already as it only has one propshaft, where the original had two and I believe that both props turned in the same direction.

The Pictures here show some of the work in progress I have remounted the motor and added a speed controller rated at 24v
I have remade the stern compartment and rudder gear under it.
I have blocked windows and foamed the front half of the boat.
made missing parts and repaired delaminating ply.

Note old ply is not as good as modern, the glue is not as water resistant.

Have painted the hull and have just ordered the decals from Cornwall model Boats :-

The 34in is 1/16 scale

Fitting can be brought but many are cast white metal and can add weight to the boat, I have made two water cannons and plan to buy plastic fittings from this site.

This has turned out to be a task that is difficult to assess how much effort and money to spend on a hull that has been built by someone else (say no more).
Have just finished the steps for the stern compartment.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Dr. Ing. Sander - Posted: 12 months ago by Inkoust
The German model of fire boats. Hull with plankováním-wood, fiberglass superstructure. Drive 2 pieces motru 400 with gear ratio 1: 3, used customized truck from washer pump and powered by the 400 system. Complete illuminated flagpole, lights, cabin space and marker lights. Lifting the fire escape personally manufactured servo. Two functional water cannons. Batteries 2 pcs NiCd 3000 mA

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by irishcarguy on the 6th May 2017
A first class build if I as a new member am allowed to say so. It would be hard to tell it from the real deal when on the water. I very much like the way you have made the cooling system,& not expensive either. I hope you have many hours of fun, thank you for sharing. Mick B. (irishcarguy )
ZAR - Posted: 1 year ago by Inkoust
Building fire ship the kit from the Czech manufacturer VLADYKA. The whole of ABS, 1 piece motor 400 with water cooling, lighting the beacon, lithium-polymer battery 2600 mA

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
RAFCrash tender - Posted: 1 year ago by Hugh
Started the boat when I was eleven, now I am sixty-nine.inspired by your site and want to complete it and sail it.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by garibaldi on the 21st Feb 2017
Had one myself when of similar age in mid sixties (now 65). Model was by Keil Kraft of Canvey Island, Essex. Completed mine in 1965, fitting a Frog Marine 3.5cc engine and boy did it go! Sailed it mostly on the boating lake at Southchurch Park, Southend, Essex, and also once in the sea at Oostvorne in Holland, where I nearly lost it. I passed it onto my nephews in the 70's, not sure if they still have it, but if they do, I will pin photos. Meanwhile, have pinned photo of real thing.😎
Response by tidtug on the 7th Jan 2018
Well you certainly don’t want to rush it ha ha
RAF Crash Tender - Posted: 2 years ago by PeterDavidson
This poor boat has been in several attics over the last 40 years and I finally I decided last year that I would get to grips with it and do my best to have it's construction finished. This website has been very helpful and so a big thank you to all you talented chaps out there for being such an inspiration.
Although I now see mistakes dotted here and there, I was proud to raise the RAF ensign on the 3rd of March and then be able to say that the job was done. Granted it's only a static model and I'll need a lot of help and advice if ever I'm to install an engine but I thought it would be a good idea to share my efforts, mistakes included.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 30th Mar 2016
Model looks very realistic and is proudly displaying the ensign. Real nostalgia and no doubt quite a topic of conversation.
Modelling skills evolve over the years and we all learn from our past mistakes. I hope you may be inspired to make further models, but if you intend to sail them it's probably best to build accordingly from the start.
Thanks for sharing your model, and I hope it encourages others to seek out similar lost boats!
Dave 😀
Response by bednall on the 31st Jul 2016
Great boat wouldn't mind making one my self.
Response by BOATSHED on the 21st Feb 2017
Great looking model. Mistakes ?? It doesn't matter who we are, we can all look at our model's and think like that. But it's a matter of opinion, we can look at anyone's model and think "I wouldn't have done that like that". We do them how we think we wan't it. You should just sit back and say to yourself you are proud of what you have done. If you are then that's all that matters. If anyone tells you different then you should tell them to get on and make one and see if they can do better. Well done, GREAT looking Crash Tender.
Kitshack R.A.F. Rescue launch - Posted: 2 years ago by sigfortunata
A few pics of my partly scratch build RTTL from Kitshack. Picked this up from Ebay as a first kit.
Has a few printed balsa hullparts but lots of templates to cut out. Plans also show lots of topside details.
Powered orignally by 2 MFA 500's and 2 7.2 NiMH with 35mm props, OK but run time poor.
Complete change, 2 400's and downsized to 25mm props, much better run time and good on the plane.
Next upgrade is to LiPo batteries.

Next build is likely to be an Aerokits Sea Hornet or Sea Breeze.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 24th Nov 2015
Really fine looking model. The detail really adds to the finished model.
Glad to hear you have chosen to go for smaller motors and props. The weight saving will really have improved the performance, and LiPos will make it sparkle. If your ESC(s) do not have some sort of cut off for low volts I suggest you fit a warning device to the LiPo to prevent over discharge.
Be good to see the model running on the water!
Dave 😀
Response by sigfortunata on the 24th Nov 2015
Indeed Dave, charger, batteries, alarms and charging bag on order!!

Sadly although my ESC's (tamiya TBLE02's) are Lipo compatible research says their cut off limit may be too low so fitting the alarms too as a fail safe.

hoping to get some video once its running consistently.
RAF Rescue - Posted: 2 years ago by paulsmith
Another car boot find I payed a total of £15.00 for this I was close to walking away from it as I have just finished doing a fire boat.
Still I had to have it to think someone else may get it and make it good. As all model boaters you can never have enough .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by paulsmith on the 4th Dec 2015
hI mike sorry the engine went in the bin if I still had it I would have let you have it for nothing it was just rubbish to me sorry

Response by maclegends on the 4th Dec 2015
OK thanks Paul, I' building "Dauntless" 49" Twin .46 ASP marine Nitro. Everyone says it is way over powered but they have no idea that Rothchild liked to drive his flat out at 50mph---scale speed would not look very fast at all but according to Dumas they put K&B .40's in the first one off the production line and it looked wonderful. 😊
Here in Tasmania we are less fortunate with hobby shops so we are always on the look out for a "Fixerupper"
Cheers and a Happy Christmas,,, if you are still allowed to say that word 😰
Response by onetenor on the 7th Jul 2016
OH dear You should never bin an engine no matter what state it's in Someone will always take it off your hands. For spares repair etc
RAF crash tender 94 - Posted: 2 years ago by Mataroa
HI I done a lot of work on this fire boat with the paintwork it still need a lot of work to be to her she is 46" long .
I put in a new brushless motor and speed controller runs on 7.2 v batteries

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Mataroa on the 26th Oct 2015
HI thank you 😀
Response by malctank on the 20th Nov 2015
HI I have a full set of molds of all the fitings to be made of resin for the Fire boat at 1/12 scale 👍 :thumbsup
Response by draper454 on the 17th Jan 2016
hI are you selling the fittings
R.A.F Vosper Fire Boat - Posted: 3 years ago by silverfox
An ebay buy now fully restored custom made and commercial fittings. Power unit Electric manufactyrer and voltage unknown It will soon be time to test It on the water

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by boaty on the 8th May 2016
:Hi Lyle

After restoration, I took off the chrome searchlight and replaced it with a white one

I found this out after some further research .

Your boat looks very nice and I see you are lucky enough to be able to power her with an I.C engine.

Cant do this round here as practically all the boating lakes
prohibit the use of I.C powered boats .

Regards Boaty
Response by Lyle on the 9th May 2016
Mate , lovely to hear , I felt a bit poorly somewhat going at you as over the top, which was unwarranted. I ran my vessel the last two weekends with my mates at the Lake Illawarra channel ( see google maps?) South of Wollongong New South Wales Australia. Well we are just a bunch of old boaties , sick of clubs and fights and restrictions/ rules/ flat earthers. We have a lot of public look at us and the Council Ranger and staff lookeee see at times , but AS we are in zone of the Lake Channel HIGH/ LOW tidal mark any authorities do not want to know us. Here in OZ you can still boat as we have a lack of ponds in the land (not like your WW2 type ponds built in villages for water for vehicle fire tenders from FIRE and bombing raids). We have extensions on household insurance in OZ to cover liability and we tell any noisy race/race boat types to ".... off". We sail 1 meters etc thames barge, steam and electric and i/c and all big stuff we ALL run together on the water on the "pond", old sets 27 40 and 2.4 gig. And I spelt Peter Dimberline incorrectly with a T , so he will find out and knuckle me!! I do clean the engine bay with motor car degreaser spray and the decks cabin etc with household Kitchen cleaner and paper wipes. Such is good old Dulux house paint over the years. Fold down f'wrd mast , crane sits in a brass tube at the port engine bay ,rear mast sits on a peg at stern, rear stbd hatch opens, ALL to avoid knocks breakages of bits and over the years I have actually cast alloy bits in plaster-moulds and screwed down with brass. Just a standard red plastic graupner 40 mm prop (4mm thread?) this motor is a SC china copy ? of a OS40 I think , I just run her at the first plane to look nice, no rev head stuff as not necessary, wide turns, but goes so well in 2 inch to 4 inch chop no pounding/ bone shaking during winter runs as It HAS to perform SCALE on the pond rather than toy boat behaviour such as dig in and flick turns and she is heavy to handle waves! Just standard home made fuel 4 to 1 and my mates talked me out of Castor, so now I use synthetic lube . We share all things. Too much talkie . All the best and just fly out to join us good weather too .
Response by boaty on the 11th May 2016
Hi Lyle:

Very good point about your model performing to scale with wide turns and just rising up on the plane as it looks far more realistic .
crash tender - Posted: 3 years ago by paulsmith
I found this at a car boot for £35 and started work on It still not finished but will be soon

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by petedavis123 on the 16th Nov 2015
A good buy, and good work. 👍
Response by onetenor on the 7th Jul 2016
very nice

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