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Life Boats

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Lincolnshire poacher - Posted: 2 years ago by skegness
Refurbishment project, 1:6 scale and just to give you an idea figures are Action Men

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by skegness on the 26th May 2016
The tractor is r/c with working lights
Response by jarvo on the 26th May 2016
You are giving new life to a superb model, keep the pickies coming, were did you get the action man clothes from

Response by skegness on the 27th May 2016
Got them made by a friend,she copied the original ones from photos I had been given by the original builder
us coast guard - Posted: 3 years ago by paulsmith

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Deswelham on the 11th Mar 2016
Believe these were used by RNLI for a period of time
Response by rustypiston on the 27th Jul 2016
The RNLI built 13 of these(under license) as the Waveney class, starting in the early 1960's. When the boats got to be "long in the tooth" they found home ports in different countries around the globe that were starting up new life saving organizations. Some of the boats are 50 years old.
Response by circle43nautical on the 11th Dec 2017
BRAVO ZULU! VERY WELL DONE, SIR. As a USCG Veteran, I am pleased to see these MLB's recreated in scale. If she's watertight, you can roll her in the
surf and the boat should self-right. I have an older Billing Boats 1:20 that in theory is ready for heavy surf, but haven't tested her yet. I have seen video, though that confirms it.
Mary Ann hepworth - Posted: 3 years ago by baloo
1/12 scale kit from Metcalf moulding the most difficult part on this model was the rudder section,you have got to get it right because once fitted the deck goes on and there is no turning back,it has 2 X 550 motors on 8.4 sails very well,not to fast but not to slow either,I sail at king Lear model boat club in leicester when I get a chance,lovely big lake all type of vessels on water,eg"
: steam,electric,ic yachts what ever you like

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Westquay on the 30th May 2016
Ah, civilised club who allow IC. Good for them.
Response by rustypiston on the 27th Jul 2016
Beautiful wood work on the life boat, outstanding!!
R.N.L.B. Lady MacRobert (Montrose Lifeboat) - Posted: 3 years ago by Colin T
This 1/12 scale model Is based on the Aerokits Solent Class lifeboat. Over the past 5 months It has been under going a major refit. I originally built the boat about 35 years ago and got the "bug" again last September. I've done the best I can to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Its powered by two MFA Torpedo 800 electric motors. power comes from two lead acid batteries, each rated at 12v 7Ah. Control Is provided by two Mtroniks Tio ESC. The twin spade rudders are linked to one servo. Each ESC has Its own receiver. I found that one receiver, using a Y lead, could not continuesly keep the two ESC supplied with a signal and they kept going Into Failsafe mode alternately. I got round It by binding two receivers to the one transmitter. Within the engine compartment Is an automatic bilge pump. Two probes detect If/when the water level rises to a certain amount In the bilge and activates the pump.

The model has working radar scanner , navigation lights, search light and blue flashing light.

If you want to see the boat In action please go to my You Tube page at

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by larryshaw48 on the 29th May 2015
Not done a 'blog' But my Solent also started off as an 'Aerokits' kit back In '79 or 80'. It was always an ever changing model and has ended up as true scale as I can get It using the drawings I bought from RNLI drawing office In Poole a few years ago. I gave It a fake number 48-021 to cover any mistakes If compared to a real life boat. I've sailed It across the Blackwater estuary In Essex from Bradwell and I can honestly say It was the first craft In Burnham-on-Crouch Marina when they let the water through In (about) '88 or '89. After donating my old home made RCME 27meg system to the Mid Thames Boat Club museum at Beale park In 2000 I sailed It at Beale park quite a lot with my new 'Fleet'gear- trouble was MTBC always had their 'lifeboat days' when we were on holiday and the lifeboat days fizzled out. So now It languishes In the garage.. Did meet some nice people from Watermead club at Beale a couple of weeks ago... So may get It there.
Response by Colin T on the 2nd Jun 2015
I've not done a blog either. I have the RNLI drawings but as you know you only get the starboard side In detail. Also they cut everything off above the wheelhouse roof so no detail regarding radar or aerials.
My doors are tarted up originals as supplied by Aerokits. The hatches are from Marks Boat Bits.
Response by Deswelham on the 11th Mar 2016
Interesting idea about using twin receivers. Clever
Coast Guard Life Boat - Posted: 3 years ago by RedRider
It's been a month since my last post. Here's a few of my latest. I'm very near the end of "planking".....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RedRider on the 13th Mar 2015
Hey Hammer
All good ways to perfect my shipwright skills, If only on a 33" model. Thanks for your reply.
Response by HoweGY177 on the 13th Mar 2015
Only plated a 6ft model of a The Bismark over a wooden form previously using tin plate and all soldered together but this system using drink cans sounds Interesting and will try out a few test plates first. I assume you replicate the rivets by centre punching the can segments from the underside before fixing to the hull. The 'Ross Tigers' hull Is 4 ft long so It may become an Interesting project.
Response by hammer on the 13th Mar 2015
Howe am I right about Grimsby? As I can't post photos hear. So I am starting a new blog In (boat matters). Under plating.
my first attempt - Posted: 4 years ago by RedRider
Hey Mates,
This Is my first attempt at stick building a boat. It's a DUMAS (model 1203) 33" 1:16 scale Coast Guard lifeboat. Am learning OTJ (on the job)....
The kit Is approx 6-7 years old found It on EBAY for $77 USD. Nice wintertime project.
Happy Trails.....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RedRider on the 12th Mar 2015
Yes, I read were their accessories are lacking. Will seek suggestions as I enter the next phases. Once I get above deck, I'll need to address a "power" solution. I have "No, NADA, Zilch" experience In this process.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated......
Happy Motoring!
Response by hammer on the 13th Mar 2015
Sorry Build Blogs will find It.
Response by circle43nautical on the 11th Dec 2017
BRAVO ZULU! WELL DONE. The USCG 44' Motor Lifeboat was my first RC endeavor as well, in 1989. My latest is a Barracuda RC Boats 1:12 USCG 52' Type F Wooden Motor Lifeboat. Can't wait for 2018 navigation season!
RNLB RUTH ANN - Posted: 4 years ago by bangzoomer
Greetings from Hollywood, California. 😎 Many thanks to David Metcalf at Metcalf Moldings for his advice and for so graciously replacing parts I messed up. This craft has been swimming pool tested (after all we're In Hollywood) and It ran beautifully. Next stop Is the local pond. I chose brass counter-rotating props. Those are lithium batteries tucked under the sides. I chose to recut the decks out of wood. Brits rave about plastic but I found It difficult to cut and forget about sanding down the edges. (I guess If you cut It properly you don't need to sand the edge.) Major mistake: watching a You Tube video that told me I should make brass joints using a Propane torch. It will make a good joint but It MELTS ALL THE OTHERS. There was a lot of learning here for me and thanks to David's fine kit I think I'm somewhat of a better model builder.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by 4clubs on the 23rd Oct 2014
Nice model, very neat electrics, well done.
How come an American builds and English lifeboat?
By the way Its contra- rotating props, but If you have a swimming pool as a test tank you must take some criticism, Its OK I am only jealous.

My first attempt at a model boat was a scratch built Rother
at one Inch and a quarter to the foot, a big buggar and heavy It had a car battery for power and ballast.
Max 4clubs
Response by Deswelham on the 19th Mar 2016
Great looking model
EDNA MAY - Posted: 4 years ago by Mataroa
HI I got this Aerokits Solent Class life boat at the weekend last .it need a lot of work to be done .can any one tell me anything about this life boat


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Colin T on the 7th Apr 2016
Are you still needing information on the Solent class lifeboat?
my boats - Posted: 4 years ago by jtdavid
this I my collection of lifeboats all scratch built

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Damon on the 12th Apr 2014
HI David
I know what you mean about that plasticard, I brought HMS Compass Rose fibreglass hull but the rest was that stuff, Its not rigid & getting the right glue was almost Impossible lol I'm building HMS Cadiz now, brought the hull making the rest out of wood, going to take me quite a few yrs to get to your standard though!!! Dave thanks for getting back to me real nice of you 🙏 👍
Response by jtdavid on the 12th Apr 2014
hI damon.

thanks for your comments , If you need any help with your build, you only have to shout, keep to wood. 👍 and I am a real believer In card board on some of the deck work, allways give It a coat of resin 👍 It has taken me a lifetime to get where I am now and have never lost a boat yet with the materials I use.

Response by Deswelham on the 11th Mar 2016
Nice little fleet you have
Waveney Lifeboat 1st sail - Posted: 5 years ago by jelley_baby
This Is the first sail of this boat Its running two geared Como-Drill 2.5:1 motors and seems to be OK with It current setup.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Deswelham on the 11th Mar 2016
What type / amp rating controller are u using?
Response by jelley_baby on the 11th Mar 2016
it's running 2 x 50amp resin sealed cheap controllers purchased on Ebay, but the motors only draw about 15Amp maximum with the Como-Drill motors, so really anything that would handle 20Amps would work. Look on Ebay there are plenty of people selling these controllers at about £20. the reason for TWO controllers is to allow the motors to run One Forward and One Reverse the life boat will then turn in its own length. You could just run a single controller and rely on the rudders to turn the model. Hope that this helps "Deswelham" regards Graham

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