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Life Boats

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Mabel Alice - Posted: 6 years ago by lifeboatcrewman
1:1 scale, yes the full size, seen here on the Isle of wight after Antifoul, etc

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Mabel Alice from the Inside - Posted: 6 years ago by lifeboatcrewman
As she Is still, today preserved as new, I have enough drawings to build an new (full size) Arun,
she Is currently In Wells Next the Sea, Norfolk.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
The Real "Mabel Alice" - Posted: 6 years ago by lifeboatcrewman
If you want to know anything about Aruns, I have owned Mabel Alice for almost 5 years, feel free to get In touch!

Cheers Andy!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Olifant on the 17th Mar 2013
HI Andy, many thanks for the offer. I'm from Durban, South Africa and do not see lifeboats like these.


speedline tamar 1/12 - Posted: 6 years ago by peep31
this Is my new project of a tamar 1/12 lifeboat,a fantastic kit to build many parts to make up from brass and other bits,its very rewarding

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by boatingpatch16 on the 31st Mar 2013
Hi, very nice. I have a real one about 15 mins away, any questions please ask- regards Gordon 😎
Response by peep31 on the 12th Apr 2013
Thanks for the Interest Gordon If I need help I will surely contact you,so far going well

1/12 RNLI Arun Class Joy and John Wade - Posted: 6 years ago by Olifant
This boat Is currently being cleaned and minor repairs to be carried out. Twin electric motors are going Into hull and will be a r/c conversion. Super detailed Interior.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Chiefpurser on the 6th Mar 2013
Looks a nice job. Interior looks good. Are you going brushless/lipo ? To me that Is the way to go for performance, and as long as you don't go too mad with long runs the batteries can last quite a while. Regards .
Response by boatingpatch16 on the 7th Mar 2013
I am also trying to build the Robert Thelwell. Its been three years now, but I don't seem to be getting on. Too many problems regarding detail and availibility. May get to It again later this year but unfortunately It does'nt look too hopeful. I did go to Wells-next-Sea the other week to find the Mabel Alice there, with three other lifeboats, an unusual coincidence. Good luck with the build - Gordon
Response by lifeboatcrewman on the 16th Mar 2013
HI Gordon

Mabel Alice belongs to me, and has been widely photographed

Eric f.plaxton - Posted: 6 years ago by Chiefpurser
This model was built from a model slipway Tamar kit. It was modified substantially.all rails are soldered brass. Info was from the website of Peterhead R.N.L.I. Station were there are excellent photos. The models engines are thumper motors 4240' at 900kv and run on three cell lipos @ 5000ma. Which give me at least an hour. With a speed of at least 10 mph, which lifts her bow out of the water,way passed the bow thruster , which Is a graupner 400. Radar works through an old servo . Flashing blue light on mast. Running and accommodation lights. These boats are normally red below waterline however Scarborough life boats have always been white below the waterline. The crew are star war figures modified with plastic putty and a sharp knife. Not an easy build but very enjoyable. Eric Plaxton was the chairman of plaxtons coaches, and platoons building services. He left 9 million pounds to the boro of Scarborough, and 3 million to scarborough R.N.L.I., for a new boat .

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by rustypiston on the 24th Feb 2013
It's a beauty, I always found the RNLI paint scheme to be an eye catcher, very nice work!
Response by Chiefpurser on the 25th Feb 2013
Many thanks , Yes I like the colour scheme as well. I have several projects I would like to start one being the jet drive boat. as I already have the jet drives In the drawer for the last 12 months,regards Jim clark
Response by boatingpatch16 on the 31st Mar 2013
Hi, I've got a real one 15 minutes away, any question, please ask ahead - regards Gordon 😎
USCG 52' MLB Triumph - Posted: 6 years ago by rustypiston
This model was scratch built from US Coast Guard plans. The boat Is constructed of balsa wood and the hull coated with fiberglass resin. All the deck gear Is scratchbuilt from brass, the propellers, led's and figures are the only commercial parts. Scaled at 3/4=1 foot the model measures 42 Inches In length.
It's powered by a Pittman 12 volt motor and controlled by a 4 channel radio. Working features are running and spot light, siren with flashing blue light, sweeping radar antenna and deck lights. Built In 1985 the model the lifeboat Is accurate In appearence for that time period.(The prototype has been modified since).
The actual lifeboat Is attached the the Coast Guard's Motor Lifeboat School at Cape Disappointment and Is one of four boats of this class.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Chiefpurser on the 9th Mar 2013
HI sorry this Is not my boat. Mine Is the Tamar lifeboat.
Response by danielcolmar on the 10th Mar 2013
Thank for your reply, and sorry for fault
Response by CHamerle on the 6th May 2018
Great model! I've worked and sailed on the original and you've represented "Big T" well!
Chatham Lifeboat CG-36500 - Posted: 6 years ago by rustypiston
Owing It's origin to the RNLI lifeboats of the 19th century, the US Coast Guard 36'MLB saw service from 1900 to 1987. The USCG built over 300 boats of this class In various "mods" spanning It's life history. Constructed of wood and fitted with a bronze keel It was powered by a 4 cylinder engine later modified with a diesel motor. Early powered 36' boats carried oars and sails as auxillary power. My 36500 model was based on the famous Chatham Lifeboat Station In Massachusetts, USA. On Febuary 18, 1952 the CG 36500 rescued the 32 survivors of the tanker PENDLETON during a night time nor'easter storm. Without radio or radar the Coast Guardsmen found the stricken T-2 tanker In the blizzard, taking the crew off one at a time. With each pass of the lifeboat a tanker crewman climbed down a rope ladder and "fell" Into the lifeboat. With all on board, the 36500 found It's way back to Chatham harbor much to the delight of the towns people and the Coast Guard! The most amazing fact regarding this rescue was that the 36 footers were only designed to carry 19 people, Including the 3 man CG crew, without capsizing.
The model was scratchbuilt of balsa strips and aircraft plywood, using official USCG blueprints. Powered by a 6 volt motor and a 2 channel radio, the Chatham lifeboat Is pleasure to run In my local pond.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by rustypiston on the 24th Feb 2013
Hello Ian

I find balsa an Inexpensive and flexible material to work with. I use Elmer's yellow carpenters glue to fasten the strips to the frames, held In place with "T" pins until dry.

As to the waterproofing the hull...I brush apply a coat of resin "wash" to the hull's exterior(AND Interior) after all the planking Is In place. I thin the resin with lacquer thinner so It will be absorbed Into the balsa wood grain. When dry I apply a second coat unthinned to the hull. I find It strengthens the hull with out applying the fiberglass cloth. When dry I wet sand the hull until I'm satisfied with the finish, then I use rattlecan(spray) automobile primer to prime the hull. On a larger model, say anything over 36 Inches, perhaps the cloth would be additional strength to a balsa hull, many R/C ship builders use both resin and cloth.
Thank you for the kind words, good luck In your project.
Response by Ian_Burgess on the 25th Feb 2013
Thanks Mike, I must try balsa. Just now I'm using 3mm pine planks which take some clamping while the glue dries. Like you, I resin wash the finished hulls Inside and out.Regards, Ian.
Response by rickr44318 on the 25th Sep 2015
Love it! Beautiful work.
Bamfield Lifeboat - Posted: 6 years ago by rustypiston
Based on the US Coast Guard 36' motor lifeboat, the Canadian Coast Guard operated a number of these boats modified for cold weather operation. The model Is a fiberglass hull, the reat Is scratchbuilt using baltic birch wood, brass, and plastic. The model measures 28" based on the scale 3/4 Inch equals a foot. It's powered by a 6 volt Dumas motor and operated with a 2 channel radio. A fun build!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Moira Barrie - Posted: 6 years ago by Gregg
A few "dusk return" photo's, taken again by a person far more experienced behind the lens than myself.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 1st Nov 2012
Pretty cool Gregg. Imaging floundering In the sea after your boat capsized/sank, what a welcome site this would be especially as darkness approaches.
Good atmospheric shots, clearly taken by someone skilled In photograpy! 😀

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