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Life Boats

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Rothers ready - Posted: 8 years ago by owhogo
after It first outing to the Cwmbran model boat show last weekend ,I spent some time getting her to look right,and hopefully Iam nearly there,even made a weather cover for the back

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seam to have gained two more boats - Posted: 8 years ago by owhogo
the latest to add to my fleet,a Rother and A Waveney,both 1/12 taken at Cwnbral model show.All were on show,with my Arun ,Solent and thr Rother being sailed on the day

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Aerokits Solent class RNLB Douglas Currie - Posted: 9 years ago by thelegos
I've been tidying this beauty up for a while now, no major work because It's almost all original. I've repaired her bottom and replaced the old bobs boards with modern RC gear from Action Electronics. She looked scruffy at first but much of the problem was smoke discolouration, after careful use of T cut It still seems to have a slightly aged look (like me) which I'm OK with.
Hoping to trial In the next couple of weeks If I can lift It once the lead ballast Is In. I'd like to get her to the Funday In September - fingers crossed.

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Response by thelegos on the 25th Oct 2010
HI Matt, I can't send a photo resonse so have sent a picture as a private message, cheers, Roger
Response by caitlyn1 on the 30th Aug 2011
hi, very nice model, would It be poss to tell me the scale your model Is as I am trying to get bit's for the one I am rebuilding, many thanks pierre
Response by larryshaw48 on the 2nd Jan 2012
I just scratchbuilt my radar from the RNLI shipyard drawings... 20thou' brass shim the same as most of my solents parts such as doors, hatches etc.

Brass shim Is easy to work with and solder....
Arun on the plane - Posted: 9 years ago by owhogo
Arun life boat full power,can run like this for around the two hour mark,,,yes It does have a signal safe fitted,,,to fast to chace around the bank

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 25th Apr 2010
Great pic. What are your motor / speed controller / prop and battery types? I am still building mine, use 2 off Graupner 900 bb and 2 off 35amp esc's with 60mm 4 blade props and 12v 12ampH SLA. Still In development stage so not run for any length of time.
my life boats - Posted: 9 years ago by owhogo
well here are my boats .all 1/12 scale,,and theres a waveney class In primer at this time

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Response by Dave M on the 12th Jun 2010
HI Ray
RNLI Motor Lifeboats by Nicholas Leach lists 2 Clyde class boats.ON 987 70-001 Charles H Barrett (Civil Service No35)built 1965, served at Ullapool and Clovelly. ON988 70-002 Grace Patterson Ritchie built 1966 served Kirkwell. ON1030 70-003 City of Bristol built 1974 served Clovelly. There Is a picture of each boat plus a profile and deck layout for ON987.This class was the largest of the lifeboat fleet.
ISBN 1-84306-341-7
Hope this helps
Response by redoctober on the 16th Jun 2010
HI Dave,
Thank you for the Information, I have now managed find a small amount of Information on the
Internet, but really no greater than what you have provided, this now two occasions you have been
of assistance recently and your Input Is appreciated
Response by circle43nautical on the 20th Dec 2017
Arun Class Lifeboat - Posted: 9 years ago by Dave M
I have just acquired this model via a swap for my Al Khubar Tug. I am In the process of deciding which actual lifeboat to model. This Is based on the Metcalfe Moulding and Is 1/12 scale at 52". In Its present condition It has two Buhler motors and some early ESC's. Power Is from a 12v 7Ahr dry cell. It looks great on the water but duration Is not that great. I am preparing for a complete rebuild Including re-prop shafting and different motors. I may rebuild the cabin as the moulding I have was only used on 5 Arun's and I may not be able to get enough details. I have sourced a plan and have detail pictures for City of Glasgow 111 (needs new cabin). Awaiting a book "RNLI Motor Lifeboats" from Amazon to help me progress. The present crew will have to be relocated to a 16th scale model! If I remember to take photos I will post a build blog.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by JETSAM on the 2nd May 2010
would It be possible to get some Information of you for your boat I have just bought the same one and need as much Info as poss as this Is my first go at building and dont know what to do or resource Info
Response by baloo on the 28th Jul 2015
The numbers are obviously wrong on the model,they would be either 52 or 54.52 or 54 is the size eg: 52' or 54' and the last two digits are the station number,so if you choose one all the info will be in the lifeboat book you are getting from amazon,also if you need flags for your model,my friend does them,each one he does are painted free hand on silk not printed
Response by Dave M on the 28th Jul 2015
HI baloo
Yes this was a picture as received. I did start to build and there is a build blog on this site. I ran into problems with the hull painting and put the model aside to finish later.
I did several mods to the deck and superstructure to make the detail correct and at some time I will restart restoration. I will use the correct numbers once I settle on the particular boat I will model.
Thanks for your interest and suggestion
German 27 M class - Posted: 10 years ago by DDG 51
I just finished this ship, based on my Fiberglass hull. Ship Is powered by 3x Speed 600 with gearboxes 3:1

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by minimariner on the 21st Feb 2010
HI Ray, There are plans available from the DGZRS website,
Regards Kev
Response by DDG 51 on the 3rd Aug 2010
You can get from me fiberglass hull Included deck and some details.
Response by circle43nautical on the 20th Dec 2017
Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat - Posted: 10 years ago by Dave M
Aerokits Solent Kit bought as a present In the 70's. Worked on It on and off until 2000 when I finally made a maiden voyage. Two Buhler motors driving Prop Shop props with Bobs board and 12v 17Ah SLA. Radar works. Realistic scale speed and looks great on the water. To turn I have used micro switches to cut out one motor on full rudder. The large keel was causing the model to cease turning with both props turning. I sail with Crewe MBC at Boundary Park Lake. Oct 09. Have now found out that the cabin door on my model was only fitted to the last three builds 48-014,-015 and -016. At least I can give her a name once I have decided which to use.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by circle43nautical on the 20th Dec 2017
Response by circle43nautical on the 20th Dec 2017
Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat - Douglas Currie - Posted: 10 years ago by froggyt996
Please see my previous post for the story so far. Photo 1 shows my Lifeboat with Its first paintjob and on Its first sea trial on King Lear's lake, Watermead Country Park, Leicestershire. Photo 2 shows the boat with Its completed paintjob and handrails having been fitted bought from Speedline models which are made of pewter so can be straightened It accidently bent. Photo 3 shows my Lifeboat on Its first official outing at the Midlands Model Lifeboat Show at Dudley In May 2008. My crew have now been added also bought from Speedline Models 1/12th scale as they are the best quality resin cast figures I have seen. Strictly speaking they are too moderned dressed but I like the quality so I decided to fit them. The last photo shows It loving the rough seas again at King Lear's Lake at times having 10 to 12 Inch waves.
Marie (alias Mrs Froggyt996)

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by brnbrom on the 25th Aug 2009
Love the rough water shot! Its given me some Inspiration to finish my own 3/4's built Aerokits Solent given to me by my plumber !
I have fitted 2 decaperms and Bobs Boards and have all the bits to complete It apart from railings.Do Speedline still stock railings?
Could also do with some detail pics as I have only got the original plan.
Response by froggyt996 on the 20th Nov 2009
Yes you can still get the pewter handrailings from Speedline. If you PM me I'll send some more photo's to you.
Marie (alias Mrs Froggyt996)
Aerokits Solent Clas Lifeboat - Douglas Currie - Posted: 10 years ago by froggyt996
This Is my Aerokits Solent Class Lifeboat that was rescued from Ebay as a wreck see photo's 1 & 2. This was then lovingly restored for me by Gray (Froggyt996). First he had to skin one third of the hull as only two thirds had been skinned. He then had to use copious amounts of filler to make the hull Its correct shape see photo 3, Instead of the stepped hull as per the original Aerokits build. He then had to put the superstructure together as It had fell apart whilst being posted to us as It had been put together with a hot glue gun yuk!!!!!! Next started the painting as shown In photo 4. Please see my next post for the next stages of Its rebuild.
Marie (alias Mrs Froggyt996)

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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