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Naval Ships

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Sovereign of the Sea's. - Posted: 12 months ago by prashley
Scratch built 2016 no plans built from ships drawings and paintings.Twin props Maiden at Llandrindod Wells lake 20/8/2016.Ps nearly lost it bilge pump accidentally switched on drained battery thankfully got it back just. 😯 😰

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
HMVS CERBERUS - Posted: 1 year ago by oldcodger
When in Australia I was taken by the history of HMVS Cerberus, whose hull is now a breakwater in Port Philip Bay. After a lot of research on the Internet I decided to build a model of it. It is not totally accurate as I could find no definitive plans. Therefore most measurements were made from photographs and guesstimates of scale from sailors in pics. It is radio control but not, as yet, tried out; still one or two items to be completed: eg mast & anchors. Update all but finished anchors and various
bits and pieces of deck fittings to be placed. New phot shows where we are. The partial print showing below is a painting of HMS Caroline in dry dock. Spent fives years in the RNR here in Belfast on board her.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by 236674 on the 4th Sep 2016
Hi I live in the Melbourne area and have sailed in Port Philip many times, have seen the hull of HMVS Cerberus, it really is a sorry sight. Your model is fantastic, I thank you for giving me some idea of how she looked in her Hayday. 😊
RAF Target and Towing launch (Kitshack) - Posted: 1 year ago by sigfortunata
My 1st excursion into model boat building about a year ago....steep learning curve!!!

Currently powered by 2 x 480 brushed on 11.1v, both motors independently controlled by 2 ESC but soon to be refitted with 2x 1000KV brushless.

Planes beautifully and with twin rudders turns on a sixpence!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by sigfortunata on the 21st Sep 2016
29" long.
It now has 2 x 2822 1450kV brsushless, I run 2 11.1v 2200mAh Lipo, ( a battery each as I run the motors independently on 2 sticks)

I easily get up to an hour good run time.

Faster than scale , and planes well
Response by boaty on the 23rd Sep 2016
That's an excellent running time for a fast model.
It gives a great indication of what can be achieved with brushless motors.,

I'll have to try brushless motors in some of my fast scale boats. I only have one brushless powered model at present, this being the Proboat Blackjack 29 fast electric.

Response by reilly4 on the 25th Feb 2017
That's a great model. Do you have any photos or videos of the boat at speed?
HMNZS Royalist - Posted: 2 years ago by admiral
6ft loa, RC, scratch-built, grp hull. 10 yrs old.
Sold to private museum.
Am building my 3rd RC model of HMNZS Taranaki, Rothsey class frigate. Over past 40 years have built many RN - e.g.
Force H, Med., 1943, such as Illustrious, Sheffield etc.
Refer January 2014 issue.

My main request is that I can establish somebody UK with
similar interest, despite my living NZ but unable to attend
your excdellent sights.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by CraigRobotham on the 8th Mar 2016
Wow , job well done Sir 👍
Response by figtree7nts on the 20th May 2016
All due respect! I thought a model that's 1 meter long was big! WOW 👍
Response by DennisRobotham on the 20th May 2016
All models have their own character, the only limitations are ones own mind, at seventy I am still hopefully expanding. Happy sailing
HMS Nelson - Posted: 2 years ago by Gdaynorm
HMS Nelson, scratchbuilt to 1/8" scale. Powered by two motors driving twin contrarotating shafts with three blade props. She sails on Lake Lisgar, Tillsonburg, Ontario.
I decided on Nelson as she took part in Operation Pedestal, from which I made a 1/216" waterline model of SS Ohio, the ship that saved Malta.
She took a little over 600 hours from solid chunk of basswood to launch. Probably info collection took as long!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
HMS Blake - Posted: 2 years ago by martinsperring070558
I decided to build from scratch HMS Blake, I used the Jecobin Plan for HMS Tiger 1/96 scale. This was the first ship I served on in the Royal Navy 1976 to 1979. The hull is supplied by, the fittings,, John Haynes Fittings and SIMAR; the running gear from GT Sitek.

The build is nearing completion and now requires the guardrails and the decks fixing in place.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by shippas69 on the 9th Mar 2016
HI Martin. We are the Cleethorpes model boat association based at the Cleethorpes boating lake opposite the cinema.
Response by martinsperring070558 on the 9th Mar 2016
Its in my diary, I may well bring HMS Montrose my Type 23 along.

Response by shippas69 on the 9th Mar 2016
HI Martin. I would love to see that as I'm finishing a 1/72 scale one. I brought a 70% built Hms Marlborough but converting to an RN one,thinking either Kent,Lancaster or Somerset. I've had to do a couple of mods like changing the Vickers to a kryton version etc. It was mostly tugs n trawlers when I joined but there's more grey funnel stuff now and a few subs as well including my Trafalgar class so it's worth coming down.
PT BOAT - Posted: 2 years ago by Northumbrian
I tried it on the pond for the 1st time it goes really fast

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by johnfastboat on the 16th Dec 2015
Not surprised with twin 540 motors. However, nothing wrong with over scale speed. Much better than plowing through the water like a tug! 👍
PT 109 - Posted: 2 years ago by Northumbrian
Nice little PT Boat I bought off Gordon @ our Club it runs on a 7.2 battery with a Electronize FR30 Speed Controller with BECs twin 540 Motors with
plenty of detail on it

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Perkasa - Posted: 2 years ago by Northumbrian
build from a president kit with battlecraft armouments twin 1400kv motors & 90amp watercooled esc 11.1 5000mah lipos

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by johnfastboat on the 16th Dec 2015
This looks very similar to mine. I bought it as a damaged boat and it will undergo restoration also with two brushless motors etc. It should be quite fast as I imagine yours is. However it will probably be mid 2016 before its completed as my new workshop is yet to be completed and all my boats are in storage> 😟 😯
EeZeBilt PT-Boat - Posted: 2 years ago by DodgyGeezer
Eezebilt 50plus series (see for free plans )

20" long - designed to be built In a bedroom.

Cheap (£6 raw materials) starter boat for Introducing youngsters to modelling...

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by johnfastboat on the 17th Dec 2015
Thanks for the advice. I will bear that in mind. 😊
Response by Damon on the 18th Dec 2015
They look great, I've built British MTB, A German S Boat, now I want to do the American & Japanese boats, do you have plans for your boat that I could buy from you?
Response by DodgyGeezer on the 18th Dec 2015
Alas, no.
I don't sell plans.

All my plans are free.

My plans are not really 'plans', as you might expect. They are cutting lines, which produce a set of balsa parts. These are then stuck together, following either the instructions or the build log on my web site. This is as near as I can get the the original experience of buying a Keil Kraft 'Eezebilt' balsa kit in the 1960s.

For kids, an adult can cut the parts out and the kid can assemble them. For adults they might want to print out the plans at A3 size to make a bigger boat, and replace the balsa hull skins with 1/16" ply...

For the free PT boat plans, go to

You want the 'Elco PT Boat'...

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