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Naval Ships

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CB90 - Posted: 8 months ago by CB90
The Model is scratch built from Photos and profiles of the internet it is around 52 inches long and currently runs on two Graupner 700 turbo motors (14.4v) and dual Mtroniks 25A ESC (12v) running twin contra rotating 45mm props, this model can spin on its own axis like the real boat but does not use waterjets due to cost. Completed in 2017.

Whats a CB90

Its a Command Boat 90 originally built by Docstar in sweden and later also built in the USA under licence.
The boat has a multi role capability and has be used by the Army, Police, Coast Guard and Ambalence Service

Originally a Military craft for coastal waters and rivers with a shallow draft and powered by twin water jets this 15 ton Aluminum boat can deliver half a platoon directly on to beach heads via its landing craft type single man door at the bow.

This craft has excellent manoveraility and can crash stop ( go into full reverse and stop) in 1.5 x its length. No-wonder the american's wanted this boat.

Video of real boat

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Celtic Ambassador - Posted: 9 months ago by jugge
Kit from England , running light and bowtruster working good in the sea
built for about 3 years ago

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
HMS Victory - Posted: 9 months ago by SelwynWilliams This is the link for a laser scan of HMS Victory,truly amazing.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
MGBs in Weymouth 1943 - Posted: 9 months ago by SelwynWilliams
Two MGBs painted in Weymouth Harbour in 1943 with some great details of guns with the Nothe Fort in the background.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by reilly4 on the 23rd Apr 2018
They look like Fairmile D's.
Response by SelwynWilliams on the 24th Apr 2018
Thanks for that, this is a photo of one I found on the internet
Response by reilly4 on the 4th May 2018
There is an old British war movie 'Appointment with Venus', about the rescue of a prize cow. It features a Fairmile D in some great scenes. If one is building a Fairmile D then the boats in this movie will provide inspiration.
MTBs and 'Flowers' - Posted: 9 months ago by RNinMunich
Just ran across this (compared with most others from the era) incredibly sharp photo, (right click the photo then left click 'Show photo' and then'+' and you'll see what I mean by sharp!!😉) apparently (allegedly?) a
'Vosper 70ft Motor Torpedo Boat V-252 at Greenock in January 1942. In the background is the Flower class Corvette HMCS Trillium(K172)'
(Which makes me wonder if OUR Trillium served on her!?)
+ 2 others! Research continues, I have an interest in both types 😉
Cheers Doug 😎

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
MTB - Posted: 10 months ago by SelwynWilliams
For Sale in Weymouth Weldmar shop for £195, supposed to be in full working order

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 19th Jan 2018
Brave Swordsman P1012 with torps unshipped.
And Brave Borderer P1011 on trials fully equipped 😎
Response by RHBaker on the 19th Jan 2018
Hi Doug,
Hate to split hairs, but am researching a Brave Borderer for my next project. In doing so can advise that although the BB and the Brave Swordsman were sister ships, they had different superstructures. Have no idea why.
The Perkasa was different again, it resembles the BB but it has an enclosed wheel house in front of what looks like a BB superstructure. This extended portion can be seen on the pictures.
Sorry, as R.A.F in Canada, to disagree with you!
Enjoyed the rest of your post though, it helped explain some of the export derivatives of the Brave class which I could not otherwise pin down.
Response by RNinMunich on the 19th Jan 2018
Hi Rowen, we're not splitting hairs! Together we are getting to the roots👍
I had also noticed the slight differences in superstructure; especially the aft part and the bridge top/screen. But I noticed these variations also in the Danish and other variants. Didn't want to overload the post with these as I thought it was long enough already😲
Seems some variations were introduced depending on the base variant it was ordered as MTB or MGB (most of which still had at least two torpedoes!). Since the Brave class were apparently very expensive to produce (which is why only two were built not the planned six?) the later variants were based on a cheaper export version, 'Felicity' type I think they were called. They were a little smaller but with similar performance and firepower to the Braves, some with two Perseus turbines instead of two but most with three as in the Braves, and cheaper to build with wood on alu frames instead of all metal. Usually classed as FPBs or FACs depending on armament.
Summary; The Perkasa was not a generic class but a specific four ship class for the RMN. Basis for the hulls and superstructure design was the same as the Braves and Felicity but some 'poetic license' was taken with subsequent export order with variations even within classes.
Comparing available (to me) pics again I now tend to agree with you that the rounded bridge of the model is more like the Perkasa class than the box-like bridge of Swordsman. 😲
BTW: In 1971 the RMN Perkasas were upgraded with SS12 missiles so there's another interesting variant for the aficionados 😉
Credentials: was not in the RAF (but Dad was!), but I worked with the RMN and the Surabaya shipyard (and various other bidders) on the design of the COMMS systems for the replacements for the Perkasa class and then their replacements, up to the current NGPV-2 (New Generation Patrol Vessel-Batch 2). Interesting work and people. Also did some work on their new frigates and an auxiliary in the nineties.
One thing I always did before embarking on such projects was to research the background of the navy involved, operational area and requirements and also the potential shipyard partners. Part of establishing confidence and rapport. 😉
Anyway - whatever; model-wise - if it looks right it probably is right! Main thing is fun planning, building and above all sailing, exchanges like this help us all a lot I believe.
All the best Doug 😎
Vosper MTB385 - Posted: 11 months ago by reilly4
Scratchbuilt WW2 1/24 Scale Vosper 73' Type 1 MTB. Built in 2016, in company with a friend's 1/24 scale BPB MGB.
The Vosper hull is built from balsawood and fibreglass. The upper deck and superstructure is from balsawood. The weapons and fittings are from brass, aluminium and plastic. The 20mm and gunner can rotate.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by wunwinglo on the 8th Mar 2018
Magic photos! I have a similar Vosper that goes well too!
robbe japanese torpedo boat - Posted: 11 months ago by nutrunner
this boat was bought in kit form in 1975 i got it 3/4 quarters made as a xmas present and have just about finished it

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 19th Jan 2018
Bought one of these years ago. Another project I really need to progress. Seeing the built item confirms that it does make into a realistic model
USS READY PGM-87 - Posted: 12 months ago by rustypiston
The USS READY was an Asheville class gunboat that saw service in the USN during the Vietnam period of the 1970's. Four of the boats were outfitted with RIM missiles and served with the US 6th fleet until decommissioned in the late 1970's. The 51" model is a Dumas kit from the 80's and like other Dumas offerings rather basic. I didn't use the kit's metal fittings but replaced them with scratch built items. To make my boat a little different I built the missile launchers that the READY carried. It's just finished so I hope to have it "underway" next spring.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 6th Dec 2017
Very nice job rusty, Hat's off to you sir! 👍👍👍
and such a pleasure to see in-focus close ups for a change 😉
Put her in your 'Boat Harbour' with some info on the drive set up please.
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by Dave M on the 6th Dec 2017
Lots of good fine detail really brings this model to life. Can't wait to see some pics of her underway
Response by reilly4 on the 26th Dec 2017
Excellent detail. A magnificent model. The real one could do 50knots so we look forward to the model underway.
HMS Sussex - Posted: 1 year ago by davidhgreatbatch
HMS Sussex sailing on the Warwickshire Avon at Defford before being displayed in the Flybridge at Defford Quay Marina

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by billyoung on the 9th Dec 2017
Stunning model , superior workmanship
Response by circle43nautical on the 20th Dec 2017
Response by admiral on the 30th Dec 2017
well done! I have built other ships which were part of Force H, Gib.
Illustrious, Duke of York, Sheffield, 1/48 scale, RC.

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