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Naval Ships

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HMS EXETER - Posted: 12 days ago by JOHN
Here are pictures of HMS Exeter - I built her over a period of time plank on frame hull, covered in styrene to assimilate plating on the hull. The deck is all planked with individual planks - the guns are fully rotating and elevating but not firing :-).


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by reilly4 on the 9th Feb 2019
I agree with Ron, a brilliant effort. Please publish more photos, specially close-ups of the detail. It looks magnificent.
Response by RNinMunich on the 9th Feb 2019
Dat wuz me Haig! 😎

John, great shame you didn't do a Build Blog 🤔
A vid of her sailing would compensate a little 😉
BTW: I have a Deans Marine 1:96 kit of HMS Manxman, Do you need an escort? 😉
Cheers, Doug 😎
Response by reilly4 on the 12th Feb 2019
Sorry Doug, How did I do that? But the sentiment remains.
Veron Vosper Target Towing Launch 28" - Posted: 3 months ago by VosperLaunch
I built this about 40 years ago, quite a rarity now I believe. Has not been in the water for about 30 years. I plan on bringing it up to date with speed controller and lipos as it used to use large heavy batteries and manual speed controller powered by servo. Hopefully out on the water next Spring/Summer in Hampshire/Dorset. 👍

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
USS Coeur de Lion - Posted: 3 months ago by rpbidgood
This ship was a lightship tender named "Coeur de Lion" that was armed and drafted into the Union during the civil war to counter blockade runners. This model is scratch built and is inspired by a paper model designed by Magnus Mörck. A sidewheel steamer equipped with the typical walking beam machinery, it was rebuilt to carry three guns. A line of iron plates along the gun wales added a measure of armoured protection. After the war it was returned to lightship service. On my model the paddles are independently driven, mainly because I have a Robbe Navy F14 transmitter with twin sticks. The walking beam is operated by a servo modified for continuous rotation. The original ship towed a barge that flew an observation balloon and could be described as the first 'aircraft carrier' the fifth picture shows the barge I have made - I hope one day to emulate the real thing by raising and lowering a suitable balloon. I have included some pictures of the rest of my paddle fleet.The 'Rachel Erin' is a freelance sternwheeler 'quarter wheeler' tug that uses a worm drive to the paddles. She does not steer well. The last ship is an enlarged version of Graham Goodchild's Santa Anna.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Vosper MTB - Posted: 3 months ago by RobbieMcKennan
I bought this boat as a renovation project, almost finished now

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
March'71 - Posted: 3 months ago by Sakibian
165footer job from Bangladesh navy. Armed with 1 37mm Chinese naval cannon (which I replaced with type 76F variant), 2 orlicons.
Actually used to patrol costal area here , also used in coast guard.
The class name is padma class patrol vessel, designed and made by BN.
Tried to make its rc version in 1:110th scale(I'm not great like you guys so please help me do better and suggest me where I can do better). Length 45cm, beam 7cm. Powered with dual 180.
The only thing I'm suffering is motor shaft connectoŕ. Those two universal joints I bought are not good enough for smooth rotation. They vibrates. So I used silicone tubes. Now I'm using latex rubber tubes .
Any suggestions or plan what I can use in peace!😆

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
HMVS CERBERUS - Posted: 3 months ago by oldcodger
Scratch built. Plans drawn up from photographs. Now a break water in Port Philip Bay, Australia

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Colin H. on the 11th Nov 2018
Nice model, lovely detail. Where did you get the prop, keep up the good work.
Cheers Colin.
Response by RNinMunich on the 23rd Nov 2018
Now there's a coincidence!😲
I recently saw a documentary about this ship, I think was in the 'Lost Places' series. Took her months to sail to Oz. Not much left now 😭

Interesting prop, looks like the style used in Kort nozzles and water jets. Colin; Rabeosch & co do these types. See attached cat.
Very nicely done Sir, 👍👍 Any chance of a video of her in her element?? 😁

Cheers, Doug 😎
Ashes the scratch built Motor Torpedo Boat - Posted: 4 months ago by Sakibian
I found this hull at thingiverse last year. I printed the hull from a local shop and rest was handmade.
Firstly I bought a 2426 4200kv brushless 2-3s which was too powerful and too heavy for the boat size. The length is 38cm.
And the 30Amp esc was also too big for it's size.
After that I tried small 180 brushed motor with 20A brushed esc w/brake. It was perfect (still it's heavy😂).
The bridge and deck is made by 1.75mm pvc,torpedos are made of wooden pencil.
Small battery space takes a 2s 500mah lipo. 30mm 3blade propeller.

YouTube video link is here:

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 6th Nov 2018
Excellent video Sakibian, well done👍
and you're very brave to sail such a tiny boat in waters like that 😲
Hat off Sir 😉
Cheers, Doug 😎
BTW: you should put this boat in your 'Harbour', just click on 'Boat Harbour' on the left of the Home page and then 'Add your model boat' at the top.
Response by Sakibian on the 6th Nov 2018
Happy that you liked the video , will try to post more videos.
And please don't call me sir haha? I'm still 23.
About the harbour , when I registered here I didn't find my country (Bangladesh), can you please do something while your an Admiral 😛
USCG POINT GLAS - Posted: 4 months ago by Inkoust
The 70-year US Coast Guard semi-deck. All-metal construction, 2 x MIG 480 motor, standard servo, model illuminated on two circuits. One light mast, position lights and cabin. The second lighting circuit in the hull of the ship and the outdoor lighting around the superstructure. There are no labels on the model yet, I'm waiting for the fabrication. Battery 1 x LiPol 4000 mA.
The total construction took me half a year. I made the hull made of laminate from my friend in Slovakia. The superstructures themselves are made of laminated boards. Part of the light bulbs are 6V lamps and the strobe with positional lights are the LEDs of the light triggering through two RC switches.😉

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Inkoust on the 5th Nov 2018
Yes, two 400 series motors and one 45A controller
Response by Inkoust on the 5th Nov 2018
Thank you very much Doug, I'm trying not to let go of it. Now I'm going to the ZOBEL class 142A submarine fighter. I will slowly finish my work again because I have been on the shelf for almost a year, and now I have started again. Winter will be long, so I have to take long winter evenings. Then I have the HMS TYNE still distributed in the shelf but here again I finish ZOBEL. I send greetings to Germany and I hope that the construction works well. Zdenek🤓
Response by Sakibian on the 6th Nov 2018
What did you use as rail stands? Those looks really beautiful!😍😍
W1 - Posted: 5 months ago by jbkiwi
This is my scratch built 36" RNZAF British Power Boat 64' HSL (arrived in NZ 1940). I actually went on board this vessel in 1968 when it was still in original form (the RNZAF having disposed of it in the 50s) This vessel is still around and has been recently re modelled (2nd time since early 70s) and I was lucky last year to have met the present owner and go on board (2nd time in 49yrs!)and take a few photos. The vessel was modified a number of times by the RNZAF over the years (air intakes, removal of the fore deck machine guns, wheelhouse turret etc so I sort of went in the middle. I found a few drawings of the type in an old mag which had side and top views plus the bulkheads and their positions, so I took them along to a copying shop and kept enlarging them until I had the desired proportions. This worked out quite well and using a few methods from other models I had built, managed to frame (ply) the hull and then fully strip plank it in balsa. It was then fiber glassed. The deck is ply, lined and varnish stained. The wheelhouse is varnished balsa and is removable for access (wheelhouse roof is also removable along with engine cover and foredeck access hatch, - small foredeck hatches open as well.). The wheelhouse interior has detail such as controls, instrument panels, skipper, steps to wardroom etc but is not too detailed as it is not seen. The boat has full lighting by remote switch, lights are all LED. All cowls rotate.
The propulsion side has dual everything (motors, ESCs, sound units), would have had 3x but ran out of space! Motors are 28mm 2200Kv water jacketed in-runners (cooled by remotely switched pump) using 30A Chinese ESCs (have 5A BEC, Fwd and Rev). Twin sound units are 'GT Power' car units which have around 40 different sound selections, from Cosworths to diesels and are computer programmable (as well as manually on the unit ) for various functions. I am using one of the v8 sounds (8 cyls short in my application) which I think is as near as you are going to get to 3 Napier Sea Lions (for which there is obviously no sound available) They 'start' 'Idle' and are fully proportional in fwd and rev and can sound quite realistic (will attempt to put up a vid later).
Batteries are 2x 2200mah 2s 20c LiPos which will last around 2hrs at least of sailing (they also run the sound units) Still have a few small things left to do (have just made wheelhouse air intakes) but don't want to get too fiddly. Just want to keep it a practical model.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by CB90 on the 30th Sep 2018
A very neat boat, planking the hull must have taken some time.
Response by jbkiwi on the 1st Oct 2018
Thanks for the kind comments. Planking did take a couple of days but was not done all that neatly (just clamp and cyno) as I was glassing it later - it was all thin resin coated inside to seal it). Planking was just a hint at the original so you could just make out the planks through the glass. Have included a few more pics of the motors and interior which is not that flash but is unseen, (more for the fact that I had seen the original and was sort of putting down what I remembered from when I was 15) There is a small picture at the top left of the stairs which on the original, was a Photo from an HSL looking off the Stbd rear 1/4, to 2 64ft HSLs side by side climbing over its wake at speed
The stair set is the original from the wheelhouse to wardroom, which has been kept and used again by the present owner (down to utility room in front of engine room) and still has the original 'POWER BOAT' rubber treads (not bad nick for 79yrs old!)
Response by ropeburn123 on the 25th Oct 2018
Excellent work
HMS Cadiz - Posted: 5 months ago by landie
My dad built this over a long period of time, starting in the '80s. The hull is fibreglass and the rest is scratch built from plastic card, balsa, ply, wire and anything else he could adapt.
Although he installed the motors, props and rudders he never completed the RC installation or tested it. I inherited his boat models a few years ago and wanted to "finish the job", getting the model on the water. After installing the RC gear and batteries over the last few months, this weekend was the first sailing outside the bath at the Valley Gardens boating lake.
Happy to report that it sailed really nicely, seems to be reasonably stable although I did restrict it to calmer times when the MTBs and faster boats weren't running !
HMS Cadiz was a battle class destroyer, laid down and launched during WW2 although she didn't receive her commission until 1946 so didn't see combat with the Royal Navy, serving with the home fleet. Due to the changeover in pennant numbering she was originally allocated R09 and later, when the admiralty decided to revert to the D for Destroyer pennant numbering she was assigned D79. To reflect this my model has D79 on the starboard side and R09 on the port side.
She was sold to Pakistan in the late '50s, and renamed PNS Khaibar. She was sunk with the loss of nearly all hands in 1971 in the Indo-Pakistan war.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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