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jessica - Posted: 6 years ago by wrighty
this Is my lovely boat jessica, shes fairey huntsman 31, she was built In 1994 by david john tittensor I think It was a scratch built boat, I'm planning to repaint the boat but cant make up my mind what colour weather to go with the blue or the lovely deep burgundy that I have seen on the faiery huntsman owners page Ive saled her twice now and looks lovey just cruising around on the water

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Response by wrighty on the 21st Oct 2012
she has a 800 brushed motor and a 50m brass prop with a 50a esc and runs on a 12v 7ah battery and can run for around 2 hrs on a charge Im looking to upgrade the motor so any Ideas guys
Kathy's Clown - Posted: 6 years ago by Colin H.
Just rescued off ebay seller who had It In storage since he Inherited It In 1976, It Is a Fairey Huntsman, scratch built sometime In early 60's by his father who used to sail It near Manchester. Its fitted with a SANWA 2F-2M RC system which seems to be still functioning. I will be doing restoration over the next few months, as there are a few cracks showing along most of the seems and I will need to sand and seal and repaint.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by wrighty on the 21st Oct 2012
nice boat you going to keep It same colour or changing It?
Lesro Rapier - Posted: 6 years ago by ianed57
A Lesro Rapier built from a new kit undertaking Its maiden voyage. Two 700 9.6v motors with two Mtroniks 40 amp esc's run on 12v with two 37.5mm props. The performance was somewhat disappointing. When the photo was taken I had a 14.4v pack In, forgetting the 12v limit on the esc's -but I got away with It!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by ianed57 on the 19th Sep 2012
I have decided to re-make the cooling coils on both my Sportsman and the Rapier as the Graupner aluminium ones don't seem to fit very closely and when I try to bend them In a bit they just go out of concentricity (?) and don't make contact with the motor casing very well. So,off to Halfords for a length of copper brake pipe and will make up a former slightly smaller than the motor diameter.Question Is.. how much of the motor casing to cover, and Is It OK to cover the slots where the brushes are as that's the bit that gets hottest of course?
Any help would be welcome.

Response by Gregg on the 19th Sep 2012
I would try and leave the cooling slots fully open, to allow air to circulate through the motor Internals. Same goes for any air slots In the front face of the motor, always try and make a hole on the motor mount [if none In], to aid airflow through the motor.
if you cover the slots up, you are only adding to the Internal temperature of the motor you are trying to cool.
Response by ianed57 on the 20th Sep 2012
Thanks. I suppose It's obvious when you think about It. The motor mounts do have slots In the front face.
jubilee sea queen - Posted: 6 years ago by larrywhetton
here are few pictures of sea queen scratch built plank on frame using Ikea blind slats ,
runs OK but still to sought out motor esc and prop , runs of 5mins befor cut out kicks In . ....
so back In the dock for motor change , so when weather gets better will give It another go at Portishead where there Is bit more space to get some on the water shooting-pictures 👍 .cheers Larry...

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by chrisbrown on the 20th Sep 2012
HI there, I have a sea queen that I found In my mates grandads house, built In 1959 with paper work for the ganette 15cc motor, the boat was In VGC but I just had to restore It, the motor and esc I used Is from gaint cod, the motor Is a EMP 50/65 410kv with a 100amp ESC on 4cell lipo 5000 with a 70mm plastic prop, the speed Is a bit over scale speed but the run times are up to 20 minutes.Brushless Is the way forward, brushed motors are a thing of the past.
Response by ianed57 on the 21st Sep 2012
HI Chris,
This sounds very exciting. I have a Sea Queen kit which I want to start and have put off whilst I research what to put In It. Any photos or video of your Sea Queen In action?

What make of Lipo do you use? I'm just on the cusp of buying a couple and they seem to vary hugely In price. Presumably you got yours from Giant Shark?

Any Info gratefully received!

Aerokits Sea Commander - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
First sail after a refit, the reason for refit was that It had rolled over and sunk on Its first runs last month.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jelley_baby on the 19th Jul 2012
HI tugs62, This boat was bought off another club member, with a Bushless motor, quite a large one and on 14.4 volts It was very very fast. As a result I rolled It turning under power, I might have hit something like a basking fish but I really don't know, I was very lucky to get It back, a kind younger Club member waded In and retrived It for me. It then took 2 weeks to dry out hence the refit mentioned. Be very careful with Bushless. 😊
Response by DeltaTango01 on the 5th Aug 2012
I have the 46inch fibre glass hull version I use a brush motor direct drive onto an x45 prop powered by a 12volt 7ah jelly cell battery with 15amp series fuse using relay switch for fwd rev, runs really fast planing until battery power falls but cant get any where near the 40 mins jelly_baby gets using lipo cells my visits to the lakes when I lived In Bedford consisted of getting the boat to the lake then 6 12v 7ah charged batteries being carried from the car.
Response by jelley_baby on the 5th Aug 2012
HI DeltaTango01 using the same motor and Prop (45mm 3 Blade Brass) with a direct drive I found that the amp draw was excessive and this made the run time very short. but by fitting a 3:1 reduction gearbox I retained the speed and dropped the amps used by the motor It was running much more efficiently. Thats why I think the run time Improved. I sail on a sunday morning from about 10.30 to 12.30 on 2 x 11.1 5100mAh lipo's and 2 x 4.8v 3700 mAh NiMh In series (9.6V). Hope that this helps DeltaTango01.
Yeoman Wavemaster at Portishead - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
Photo taken at Portishead on 1st July by a friend In my club many thanks to Les Masterton for allowing me to add to my album. Model running on a Johnson 600 with 3:1 reduction gearbox 45mm 3 Blade brass prop and 11.1 Volt Lipo. Not bad for a model designed In 1952. 😊

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by ianed57 on the 28th Aug 2012
Thanks for that- I noticed your mention of Cwmbran and wondered If that was your home water. The Wavemaster seems to be making light of the conditions.
Response by jelley_baby on the 28th Aug 2012
HI Ianed57, Yes Cwmbran Is my home water, we sail Wednesday afternoon In term time and the evenings In the school holidays, we as sail Sunday morning 9.30 to 12.30. As I said before phot was taken at the Portishead openday on 1st July, and the weather was blustery to say the least. Graham
Response by ianed57 on the 12th Dec 2012
HI Graham,
Your comment on my Wavemaster prompted me to have another look at you photos. I'd say the speed of our respective boats was fairly similar but achieved by different means. I notice you are using a smaller but geared motor with a bigger prop but on the same voltage- all very Interesting!

Yeoman Wavemaster - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
Photo's of refit and first sail at Cwmbran today. Running on 11.1Volt Lipo and 9.6V NiMh the first two photos.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 28th Jun 2012
Looks to be going well. Is the first pic with the LiPo's? Did you get an equal running time out of each battery?
Response by jelley_baby on the 29th Jun 2012
HI Dave, The first one Is the Lipo (5100mAh), It ran slightly longer than the NiMh (3700mAh) but caused the speed controller some problems so have now changed that to a better one and will try again on the weeked at Portishead near Bristol. 😊
Yeoman Wavemaster Circa 1960's - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
Well this Is the latest Ebay purchase arrived from the seller today. I ask my self am I mad or just mad on old Retro boats from my teens, this one Is complete with a lovely big Taycol Supermarine motor, but will It work with modern RC I ask my self, or would It just be better to restore the boat using modern Electrics, we will see. I will post again when the work Is underway. I find that building and restoring, fills my retirement days.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 23rd Jun 2012
Nice looking boat.Is that your working area? 😊
Taycol motors can be used with modern ESC's. Google Taycol Model Motors and you should find the website. Gives all the Info Including circuit diagrams. 😀
If you want to produce a true replica a Taycol can't be bettered. They are however heavy and use lots of current. 😰
Be good to see your build blog as you progress 👍
Response by jelley_baby on the 23rd Jun 2012
No not my working area, but the wife lets me take photographs there I have a good shed to work In and make whatever mess I want to when ever I want to. Graham
Response by tidtug on the 24th Jun 2012
Best laugh my wife and I had about your wife letting you take pictures of your boats In the front room. I think we are nearly all confied to our sheds or model rooms.PS nice boat
Fairey Huntsman - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
Thought that some updated photos were In order this boat Is now running on a 3 cell 11.1 volt 5100mAH Lipo no ballast and a 40mm brass prop at Cwmbran 30/05/2012

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jelley_baby on the 1st Jun 2012
Many thanks Its only taken me since 1970 to get this result. Thanks for Lipo power. 👍 😀
Response by Huntsmanman on the 26th Jun 2012
Nice scale-like performance could you tell us the total weight of the model?
Response by jelley_baby on the 27th Jun 2012
HI Huntsmanman, The boat was a President Plywood kit from 1975, and Is quite heavy by todays standards Its 5Kg /- a little bit depending on what batteries I use at the moment Its a 5100mAh 11.1 Volt lipo. The run time Is reasonable dependant on how long I run It at full power. Hope this helps. Graham 😊
Fairey Huntsman - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
At last I have a Fairey Huntsman (34 Inch) that appears to work, The photos are of It last Sunday at Cwmbran It needs a little extra ballast at the rear but once added It should be OK. It's running a Johnson 600 through a Graupner 3:1 gearbox at 9.6V with a 50mm brass prop, I may also try dropping the prop to 40 or 45 on the next trials.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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