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Yeoman Wavemaster at Portishead - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
Photo taken at Portishead on 1st July by a friend In my club many thanks to Les Masterton for allowing me to add to my album. Model running on a Johnson 600 with 3:1 reduction gearbox 45mm 3 Blade brass prop and 11.1 Volt Lipo. Not bad for a model designed In 1952. 😊

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by ianed57 on the 28th Aug 2012
Thanks for that- I noticed your mention of Cwmbran and wondered If that was your home water. The Wavemaster seems to be making light of the conditions.
Response by jelley_baby on the 28th Aug 2012
HI Ianed57, Yes Cwmbran Is my home water, we sail Wednesday afternoon In term time and the evenings In the school holidays, we as sail Sunday morning 9.30 to 12.30. As I said before phot was taken at the Portishead openday on 1st July, and the weather was blustery to say the least. Graham
Response by ianed57 on the 12th Dec 2012
HI Graham,
Your comment on my Wavemaster prompted me to have another look at you photos. I'd say the speed of our respective boats was fairly similar but achieved by different means. I notice you are using a smaller but geared motor with a bigger prop but on the same voltage- all very Interesting!

Yeoman Wavemaster - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
Photo's of refit and first sail at Cwmbran today. Running on 11.1Volt Lipo and 9.6V NiMh the first two photos.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 28th Jun 2012
Looks to be going well. Is the first pic with the LiPo's? Did you get an equal running time out of each battery?
Response by jelley_baby on the 29th Jun 2012
HI Dave, The first one Is the Lipo (5100mAh), It ran slightly longer than the NiMh (3700mAh) but caused the speed controller some problems so have now changed that to a better one and will try again on the weeked at Portishead near Bristol. 😊
Yeoman Wavemaster Circa 1960's - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
Well this Is the latest Ebay purchase arrived from the seller today. I ask my self am I mad or just mad on old Retro boats from my teens, this one Is complete with a lovely big Taycol Supermarine motor, but will It work with modern RC I ask my self, or would It just be better to restore the boat using modern Electrics, we will see. I will post again when the work Is underway. I find that building and restoring, fills my retirement days.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 23rd Jun 2012
Nice looking boat.Is that your working area? 😊
Taycol motors can be used with modern ESC's. Google Taycol Model Motors and you should find the website. Gives all the Info Including circuit diagrams. 😀
If you want to produce a true replica a Taycol can't be bettered. They are however heavy and use lots of current. 😰
Be good to see your build blog as you progress 👍
Response by jelley_baby on the 23rd Jun 2012
No not my working area, but the wife lets me take photographs there I have a good shed to work In and make whatever mess I want to when ever I want to. Graham
Response by tidtug on the 24th Jun 2012
Best laugh my wife and I had about your wife letting you take pictures of your boats In the front room. I think we are nearly all confied to our sheds or model rooms.PS nice boat
Fairey Huntsman - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
Thought that some updated photos were In order this boat Is now running on a 3 cell 11.1 volt 5100mAH Lipo no ballast and a 40mm brass prop at Cwmbran 30/05/2012

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jelley_baby on the 1st Jun 2012
Many thanks Its only taken me since 1970 to get this result. Thanks for Lipo power. 👍 😀
Response by Huntsmanman on the 26th Jun 2012
Nice scale-like performance could you tell us the total weight of the model?
Response by jelley_baby on the 27th Jun 2012
HI Huntsmanman, The boat was a President Plywood kit from 1975, and Is quite heavy by todays standards Its 5Kg /- a little bit depending on what batteries I use at the moment Its a 5100mAh 11.1 Volt lipo. The run time Is reasonable dependant on how long I run It at full power. Hope this helps. Graham 😊
Fairey Huntsman - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
At last I have a Fairey Huntsman (34 Inch) that appears to work, The photos are of It last Sunday at Cwmbran It needs a little extra ballast at the rear but once added It should be OK. It's running a Johnson 600 through a Graupner 3:1 gearbox at 9.6V with a 50mm brass prop, I may also try dropping the prop to 40 or 45 on the next trials.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Carol Ann - Posted: 6 years ago by loz
HI just completed/refurbished an old and somewhat poor and sorry MFJ Fairey Fantome, complete stripdown repaint and new shafts/motors etc.
Now for some water trials to see what mods are required.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 28th May 2012
Really sleek looking model. Will you be sharing the drive set up once you have completed your trials?
Response by loz on the 28th May 2012
Thanks for your Interest,I have fitted two 850 motors and work on 14 cells just for short bursts, this has proved to be fine with my other boats.
African Queen - Posted: 7 years ago by GreyWolf
HI fellow Modellers,
Another model from the RADMC fleet at the fleetshaven workshop and boat yard In Ponthir.This model was built using a Billings Kit, bought for me as a Christmas pressent In 2009. A graupner 6 volt steam unit Is fitted In the funnel and to make the boat a little more realistic a maplin steam sound system has been used to generate the sound of the engine. A simple mod allows the revs to be linked to the engine voltage. The steam engine rotates using a stripped down minI servo, fitted under the motor housing on the deck, again linked to the main motor voltage. The two 9.6 volt AA batteries and control gear are mounted under the boats floor, forward locker, a minI servo for steerage Is fitted under the rear seat and the receiver Is located under the wood pile. Figures are self made from Items obtained from the local pound shop. The modal can be seen sailing at Cwmbran Boating Lake or at shows the society visit. Hope you enjoy the pictures, Regards GreyWolf.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Graupner Jet star refit - Posted: 7 years ago by vaderswar
Finally finshed my jet star after buying her off ebay she was full of expanding foam and allsorts of other rubbish, but managed to get It all out and refit jet drives and motors etc

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Egret- A Vic Smeed Silver Mist - Posted: 7 years ago by ianed57
This boat was built from Vic Smeed's Silver Mist design, from the fifties I think. The boat Is 36'' long by 9''. It Is planked In obeche on 6mm birch ply frames with solid blocks for the bow and lower stern sections, epoxied on the Inside. It Is powered by an MFA geared 500 motor- 2.5:1 I think with a 7.2v NIMH battery. There were one or two details to complete when these photos were taken at Crealy In Exeter- there still are to be honest! I thought I'd add this In as I'm so Impressed with the look of this new site.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by aprestney on the 3rd Jan 2012
Hi"All you need to do Is repeat the your photo uploading. One at a time to upload. And wait to do the next one ! keep doing this untill you have four of them. Hope this helps Aprestney
Response by ianed57 on the 29th Aug 2012
I finally got round to adding more photos! Thanks for your help.. and by the way I have spent many happy holidays sailing on the Broads, twenty consecutive years, usually staying at Martham or on Hickling and pottering In my clinker dinghy- magic!
Response by Brightwork on the 3rd Nov 2017
What a timeless classic. Very beautiful vessel

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