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Pleasure Crafts

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RIVA AQUARAMA - Posted: 6 years ago by johnrettey
My fist at attempt not that great I know built from scratch using old wood from the garage cutting It Into 1mm thick planks and double planking It and spliting 6mm ply to get 2mm, found some old veneer to do the deck,Powerd by two 480 electric motors 7.2.
Only had the bath test at the moment but hoping get on the water soon at Fariford leys Aylesbury

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by sharpy1071 on the 16th Apr 2013
HI John, for a first attempt at scratch building that looks very good. The plan I built from had no Info at all just line drawing of the out line three view, placement of the bulkheads and of course the actual bulkheads. You can see from my blog how I built the basic hull. But I have built and flown planes since 1968 and would shudder to think what I put Into the air In the early days let alone the dodgy radio gear (reeds!) So keep trying It Is all a big learning curve, Thanks for your Input Brian
rivarama - Posted: 6 years ago by sharpy1071
Here Is my 1/7 Riva scratch built from plans downloaded from net. A complete stranger ask permission to photo the boat and said he would send on said photo. He Is doing a photo diary for a year and this Is todays photo! I think It Is a excellent shot of the Riva. Brian

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by johnrettey on the 23rd Mar 2013
HI SHARPY Im green with envy just made my first ever boat and Its the riva aquarama nothing like as good as yours but cant find any of the metal fittings anywhere online can you help
Response by sharpy1071 on the 23rd Mar 2013
HI John, thanks for your Interest and comments, I'm sure yours Is good and you will get a lot of envious remarks about It, they are just that sort of boat! People love them!!
My boat Is 1/7 scale.The fittings came from Vietnam. The sites to go to are: or They make desk models of a great varitey of boats The Riva Is done In 1/5, 1/7 and 1/10 scale. I paid about £124.00 delivered, they took about 20 days to deliver, If you look on the build blog there are some photos of what comes In the fittings kit. The quality Is good, not excellent but good. The value for money Is excellent, you'll never get them In this country for that price.Send us a photo or put It on this site there Is a lot of Interest In these boats, thanks again Brian
Response by johnrettey on the 15th Apr 2013
HI Brian not Sharpy then thanks for the Info think I have to make a better boat before I spend that sort of cash on It,
But I will try again, number one I think I need better plans the ones I have are very basic ,will put some pics on soon as I can work out how to
all the best John
Huntsman on Sunday 17th March Cwmbran - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
HI Some new photos of my Hunstman sailing at Cwmbran this Sunday morning, running on a 11.1 volt Lipo with "a wait for It" 55X 2 blade prop through a 3:1 reduction gearbox on a Johnson 600.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
SB Emma - Posted: 6 years ago by CapnJim
Based on the 1/48th. drawings for Will Everard but at 1/24th. scale - hull length approx. 50".

Auxilliary motor fitted as local pond has reed edges! Scratch built Include most of the fittings - not yet completed but hope to sail this summer!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
DABCHICK - Posted: 6 years ago by CapnJim
Converted George Turner garden railways static boat for scenic layouts. 2CH RC with novel means of rudder/servo operation - geared via Idler because of limited space.

Better than scale speed, a bit of fun and works well on very small through to large ponds.

Colour scheme references the bird of the same name.. Lots of cut outs to provide under deck access.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by kalamunda on the 20th Feb 2013
HI Capn. Jim,
I have a set of mouldings for one of these and was wondering what to do with It. What motor / prop / esc are you using ?. Have you any further photos. Would be very Interested In any other details you can give .
John w.
Response by CapnJim on the 21st Feb 2013
HI John W,

There were several different versions using the same hull. Either way I think the conversion will be fine.

The prop Is a standard Item. I think I might have cut It down a bit but with the brass bush reused.

Receiver Is a 2.4GHz Planet R6M (6gms MICRO 6CH) with a 1A Action ESC (with reverse). All housed In the forward cabin accessed through forward hatch (added by me).

Rudder control Is achieved with a micro (cheap) servo tightly fitted Into a styrene box below the stern seat. I attached a tube to the rear of this box to provide the axle for the Idler gear. Nylon gears part of a standard set you see at trade fairs. Rudder an old KielKraft (1" wide and 1.5" deep blade). I've made the stern access In two parts the seat and a rear plate over the transom to ensure complete access to servo, rudder and gears.

I used a small old brushed electric motor from my 'come In handy box' on 6v. this drives a 25mm 3 bladed plastic prop via tubing universal joint.

A 4xAA pack of rechargeable cells Is stored under the deck as close to CofG as possible and In a resealable bag. I can just remove It If required through a deck amidships. The main deck Is planked and non-removable.

The switch and charge point Is mounted by the helm and easily accessble.

All up weight Is 295gms. Freeboard Is fine even when a little choppy and she Is quite stable. I was going to put a cover over the cockpit but have not found the need.

I do have some more photos and will try an upload them. Good luck, this was a very satisfying conversion and I still enjoy her as a quick an easy boat to prepare/handle/carry and operate.


Jim Dewar
Sea Rover - renamed Custard Pie - Posted: 6 years ago by CapnJim
Original kit refurbished from a car boot purchase. 2 CH RC. Tried to retain orignal type features only with few extra fittings.

Taycol Meteor motor contemporary with boat controlled by servo operated resistance with sweeper arm on servo to reverse polarity at approx. midpoint.

Motor not powerful enough and max. speed disappointing so am planning to upgrade wiht more modern gear.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by BigChris on the 11th Feb 2016
Sea Rover needs a 500 motor, then she will plane nicely. 😎
Wavemaster and Sea Commander - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
Some old Adverts for these boats, love the prices.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by welshfenman on the 31st Jan 2013
Hi, jelley baby, I hve also rescued a sea commander, and am In the (getting to be) ptocess of restoration. Yours look jolly good, and If mine goes that well, I shall be very pleased. The only problem after reading other reprts, Is that mine, being a very old build, weighs In at five and a half pounds when empty.How this will affect the speed remains to seen. The theory atbthe moment Is for a Speed 600,with a 45x prop on12 volts Ie two sixvolts In the stern.
when's the video?
Wavemaster and Sea Commander - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
Two Reclaimed Ebay boats, both running same setup Johnson 600 with 2.5:1 reduction Gear Boxes 45mm Brass props and 7.2Volt NiMh power.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Widgeon- a refurbished Wavemaster - Posted: 6 years ago by ianed57
Early Les Rowell design from the fifties, I think. Last photo Is as received.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jelley_baby on the 10th Dec 2012
HI Ianed57, what are you running It on It looks very good under power. I have one that was bought from Ebay that looked as sad as yours did, I think that we must be mad to take on these projects but It would be sad to just abandon these fine old models from the fifties. I have some photos of mine under Pleasure Crafts posted In July this year. Graham ( jelley_baby ) 😀
Response by ianed57 on the 10th Dec 2012
HI Graham,
Yes I remember your Wavemaster- I think we had a conversation about the photos at Portishead.
I have to say I was delighted with the look and performance of this boat and without suggestions from folk on this site It wouldn't have been so successful. I'm using a Graupner 700 on two 3s lipos In parallel with a 37.5mm X type prop. I'm using two lipos because I wanted them In the middle of the boat-one either side, so I made up a parallel connector.
The suggestions which have helped me have been to use lipos, buy a wattmeter and to try ModelBoatBits rubber couplings- all brilliant!
I'm just In the process of stripping paint off an old Maycraft Mercury and I must say, I prefer to build from new materials and not having to work round someone elses bodges!
jessica - Posted: 6 years ago by wrighty
this Is my lovely boat jessica, shes fairey huntsman 31, she was built In 1994 by david john tittensor I think It was a scratch built boat, I'm planning to repaint the boat but cant make up my mind what colour weather to go with the blue or the lovely deep burgundy that I have seen on the faiery huntsman owners page Ive saled her twice now and looks lovey just cruising around on the water

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by wrighty on the 21st Oct 2012
she has a 800 brushed motor and a 50m brass prop with a 50a esc and runs on a 12v 7ah battery and can run for around 2 hrs on a charge Im looking to upgrade the motor so any Ideas guys

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