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Pleasure Crafts

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Lindberg CC Constellation "Lady M" - Posted: 5 years ago by drylander
twin speed 400s driving stock (kit) props off 1 6 cell NiCad. Speed Is "moderate scale"

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Biggles on the 4th Dec 2015
HI drylander
I have a Lindberg CC Constellation partly built, do you have any internal photos showing the motors set up and prop shafts, did you use the stock rudders or something else? Any help gratefully received.
Great looking model!
Response by Brightwork on the 18th Oct 2017
My CC Constellation I used the stock propellers worked well
cruiser - Posted: 5 years ago by vaderswar
built this cruiser, has twin 850 brushed motors, goes well on the water

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Traineira Brazil Boat - Posted: 5 years ago by Pinocchio1981
💀 Hello friends, I am sharing a kit that sells here In Brazil. This Is a fishing boat, a motor Included In the kit 380 brushed, propeller shaft, pipes, all made of balsa. To put my touch to the lighting, did the radio antenna, put some flags. Detail Is left with the box of fish that are rice painted with spray paint aluminum.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Scratchbuilt Mermaid from Keil Kraft Eezebilt plans - Posted: 5 years ago by veecee27
Following the legendary Keil Kraft Eezebilt plans for a Mermaid Ocean going boat. Plans exploded to 200%. Trying to build It completely out of Plywood and Foam Board.

OA Length 710 mm, Beam 180 mm. AUW 1.98Kgs.

She carries the name 'JAYSHIL". It Is a portmanteau derived from the names of my late parents.

Model features working lights as prescribed by the International Maritime Authorities:

In keeping with Rules 22 and 23:

Brushed 550 motor, Reversible ESC, 2S LiPo, Turnigy Blue Prop, Working Lights and Indigenous Sound Generator unit.

Video Is available here: (you may need to turn down the volume a bit as the horn Is rather loud)

I would welcome any queries and/or comments on this build.

Thanks and Regards,


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by veecee27 on the 23rd Oct 2013
I can't seem to be able to modify or edit the earlier post. The 3rd. sentence should read as : Built out of plywood and foam board.
Fantail Launch - Posted: 5 years ago by CaptLarry
This Is a fun boat!
With a steam engine that really runs, It Is quite a crowd pleaser.
The tank and parts are brass, and silver soldered together. The heat source Is sterno, placed In the tray and Ignited. This boils distilled water In the boiler, which Is vented to the piston. The hole In the freeboard Is the "exaust".
I'll have to post a video of It operating.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by ianed57 on the 12th Jun 2013
HI Capt Larry, nice looking boat. I've had one of these plants for ages and never done anything with It- does It drive the boat well? It would be nice to see some action shots.
Response by CaptLarry on the 12th Jun 2013
It runs pretty good. The 3 blade screw pushes It right along.
Have you had your engine running since you put It together? I've been experimenting with different types of fuel, one that would be more controlable with temperature to try and limit output. Right now Its all or nothing.
I'll post a video soon.

Response by ianed57 on the 12th Jun 2013
HI Larry,

Yes I did run It with the solid fuel but that Is what has put me off. I have thought about building a small gas fired boiler- I built a 3''dia vertical boiler for another boat- just wondered If It was worth It. I have a two foot hull which might suit It- or It might be too heavy -what sort ofweight Is your fantail all up? I know that was designed for the plant.

What other fuels have you tried? It would be nice to see a video when you get round to It- always Interesting
Kika - ex mystery Orange Hull - Posted: 5 years ago by chrislang
I've at last done something with my mystery Orange hull, featured earlier, whilst In St Lucia last year I saw a launch used as diving support with almost Identical shape called 'KIKA' so that's what It had to be!
Power from an old 600 Johnson type motor with 7.5v battery and 20A ESC, with prop & running gear from my oddments box. Tried her at Mangerton Mill last week, she goes well but needs a more powerful ESC as 15A fuses blow at 3/4 power, also veneer deck has started to bubble - so work In progress really!


Attached Photos - Click To View Large
RIVA AQUARAMA - Posted: 5 years ago by johnrettey
My fist at attempt not that great I know built from scratch using old wood from the garage cutting It Into 1mm thick planks and double planking It and spliting 6mm ply to get 2mm, found some old veneer to do the deck,Powerd by two 480 electric motors 7.2.
Only had the bath test at the moment but hoping get on the water soon at Fariford leys Aylesbury

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by sharpy1071 on the 16th Apr 2013
HI John, for a first attempt at scratch building that looks very good. The plan I built from had no Info at all just line drawing of the out line three view, placement of the bulkheads and of course the actual bulkheads. You can see from my blog how I built the basic hull. But I have built and flown planes since 1968 and would shudder to think what I put Into the air In the early days let alone the dodgy radio gear (reeds!) So keep trying It Is all a big learning curve, Thanks for your Input Brian
rivarama - Posted: 5 years ago by sharpy1071
Here Is my 1/7 Riva scratch built from plans downloaded from net. A complete stranger ask permission to photo the boat and said he would send on said photo. He Is doing a photo diary for a year and this Is todays photo! I think It Is a excellent shot of the Riva. Brian

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by johnrettey on the 23rd Mar 2013
HI SHARPY Im green with envy just made my first ever boat and Its the riva aquarama nothing like as good as yours but cant find any of the metal fittings anywhere online can you help
Response by sharpy1071 on the 23rd Mar 2013
HI John, thanks for your Interest and comments, I'm sure yours Is good and you will get a lot of envious remarks about It, they are just that sort of boat! People love them!!
My boat Is 1/7 scale.The fittings came from Vietnam. The sites to go to are: or They make desk models of a great varitey of boats The Riva Is done In 1/5, 1/7 and 1/10 scale. I paid about £124.00 delivered, they took about 20 days to deliver, If you look on the build blog there are some photos of what comes In the fittings kit. The quality Is good, not excellent but good. The value for money Is excellent, you'll never get them In this country for that price.Send us a photo or put It on this site there Is a lot of Interest In these boats, thanks again Brian
Response by johnrettey on the 15th Apr 2013
HI Brian not Sharpy then thanks for the Info think I have to make a better boat before I spend that sort of cash on It,
But I will try again, number one I think I need better plans the ones I have are very basic ,will put some pics on soon as I can work out how to
all the best John
Huntsman on Sunday 17th March Cwmbran - Posted: 5 years ago by jelley_baby
HI Some new photos of my Hunstman sailing at Cwmbran this Sunday morning, running on a 11.1 volt Lipo with "a wait for It" 55X 2 blade prop through a 3:1 reduction gearbox on a Johnson 600.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
SB Emma - Posted: 5 years ago by CapnJim
Based on the 1/48th. drawings for Will Everard but at 1/24th. scale - hull length approx. 50".

Auxilliary motor fitted as local pond has reed edges! Scratch built Include most of the fittings - not yet completed but hope to sail this summer!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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