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Pleasure Crafts

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Fairey River Cruiser - Posted: 22 days ago by ChrisF
Only just seen this thread, don't know how I missed it? Some lovely boats.

Here's my Fairey River Cruiser which is in the process of being built along with a couple of other Faireys. Chris

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Electric Barbarella - Posted: 23 days ago by Krampus
Ahoy Maties! It's been a long time since my last posting. Happy 2019! I just completed my new scratch-built boat "Electric Barbarella". I tried to recreate (with some liberties) one of my favorite boats of all time, the 30-footer Chris Craft Sportsman built during the 1970s. It measures 24 X 8.5 inches. It is powered with a 9.6 NiMH 4200 mAh battery "nunchuck" pack (like the one used for paintball guns), brushless motor attached to a 30A Mtroniks Hydra controller and a 30mm M4 3-bladed brass propeller. The hull (my own on-the-go design) was made out of Balsa wood which later I fiberglassed. For the superstructure I utilized 2mm ABS plastic sheet material. To my surprise the boat turned to be a very stable and forgiving platform. I really feel a very close connection to this vessel as it is my first own hull design.😁

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 31st Dec 2018
Hi Krampus,

You did a fantastic job on your model.👍
She looks very good, Great detail!

The Captain better pay attention.
Looking at the girl.....😋

Regards, Ed
Response by jbkiwi on the 17th Jan 2019
Real nice job, like the lit dash, nice touch.
Response by Krampus on the 17th Jan 2019
Thank you!👍
Century Sea Maid & Reflections sport fishing boat - Posted: 2 months ago by Davevand
Sea Maid run about, electric.
Reflections fishing boat, electric.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Catharine - Posted: 2 months ago by Ron
Midwest kit East Coast Lobster Yacht. Single screw, pleasure to sail.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Broads River Cruiser Yachts - Posted: 2 months ago by NorfolkBroads
Some pics of a couple of Norfolk Broads sailing yacht classes I have constructed to precise detail externally, which were built on the Broads as holiday hire fleet craft in 1947 and to the present day.
One is 1:8 large scale and the other 1:18 scale. The larger scale yacht required a suitable detachable keel bulb for radio control use.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by steve-d on the 30th Nov 2018
Nice boats. Do you make those as a business?
Response by NorfolkBroads on the 30th Nov 2018
Many thanks Guys, yes we did a trial business in 2016, to test the market 'Broadland Classics'. The initial runs sold with real enthusiasm, and reported back to us the best they had ever had as kits, however, sadly, my own failure was being far to fussy on getting every kit out more than perfect, and treating the kits as so individual to every customer per real commissions, that I slowed down the production process massively, thus creating self worries on demands, which I became concerned if we could not keep up with supply. We were so lucky to have gained the original lines plans from these classics life sized craft, but I had to make a decision, and following our one year trial, ceased, which I recognise broke many potential customers hearts. I was simply not prepared to do mass production in the sense of same, same. Every customer to us had to have their kits as though the real thing, beyond perfect,a commissioned kit if you like. I know perhaps crazy, but there you go, it is what we strived for and just took far longer than any other kit manufacturer to produce.
We are looking at way of perhaps re-producing the kits that people may enjoy, or even do commissions, but just need to carefully think it all through one final time. Being we have the complete rights to the designs in model form, there is no rush from our part against competition, and of course only we know every real detail imposed on the real Broads craft to relay to every kit.
Lots to think about all over again, but it has finally come to light following lots of enquiries of our kits, that we simply wanted to show them in their pride and glory here.
Cheers to you all.
Response by ChrisG on the 17th Jan 2019
I have only just come across these build photos and must say I really do admire both yachts the one shown sailing with the dinghy behind it particularly. I am not surprised that you were overwhelmed with request to buy the kits, to me they are simply lovely. I have a friend who purchased a real one some years ago and had it shipped to Leics and it was on the River Soar, lovely thing with a cabin roof that could be raised for headroom and canvas cabin sides.
I am sure there would be lots of interest if you resumed production.
Best regards Chris G
Broads Light Class Cabin Cruisers - Posted: 2 months ago by NorfolkBroads
Thought I would share some photos of my lovely 1:16 scale model cabin cruisers, of the famous 1920/30s Herbert Wood's Light Class Blakes Holiday Cabin Cruisers. And their scale Broads dinghy, Titmouse.
All their external detail is exact to the real craft of their heyday.
I simply love constructing these old craft from a real bygone era.
Presently underway are more cruisers I am working on, Cirrus and Western Light.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Donnieboy on the 30th Nov 2018
Great looking models.Nice job.Love to see more when you get them done👍👍
Response by Richard7 on the 30th Nov 2018
Wow, that’s a fantastic model, you certainly have a eye for detail this is a beautiful model. I would just love to see to see this in the “Flesh” so to speak. You should be really proud.
Response by NorfolkBroads on the 30th Nov 2018
Many thanks Richard indeed. Yes, decades of knowing these craft in real form and the designers and builders right back has hugely helped us of course gain such a first class reputation of precise detail. However, like all these things, such has not come without heartache, where in running up a one year purposeful trial as a manufacturing business for these, I simply failed in being far too much of a perfectionist, and this took too long in getting every kit out. Although we perfected the trial run on time for every customer, we realised it could not continue without mass stress for a sustained period of years, and so sadly had to pull the plug on the purposeful trial, much to the disappointment of many potential customers. Broke our hearts too, but then, what were we to do, our pride told us to pull back before running up a full production.
Avocett - Posted: 2 months ago by colinogden
Sea Queen, rebuild with New electrics and solar panel.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
more money than sense - Posted: 2 months ago by jimdogge
last pictures l posted l painted the wave princess l changed my mind and decided to go for some planking on the decks and cabin roofs l have also done a little bit of tarting up using some brass welding rod and brass tube l am quite pleased with the out come so far. these piccys are about a month old now so she has had a god rub down and given six coats of clear varnish. l will post more piccys when l have installed the windows and frames.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 16th Nov 2018
Sooo glad you went for wood and not paint👍
BTW How did you manage to enlist God's help?
Didn't know HE was a model boat enthusiast!
But then again HE did command the building of the Ark 😁
Yours tongue firmly in cheek, Doug 😎
Response by Bryan-the-pirate on the 17th Nov 2018
Princess must look devine now.
Air boat - Posted: 2 months ago by Purser1944
Scratch built, made up as I went along started off with single prop but much better wth 3 bladed, size is 24 x about 10. Model driver is KEN. And has been decapatated once and rebuilt using another head. Speed is good but steering not brilliant on one rudder.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 13th Nov 2018
Looks like fun 👍
Hope the pilot doesn't lean back too far 😲
Re steering: maybe the prop is too far from the rudder?
Try turning the motor round and reversing it perhaps.
Ducting between prop and rudder might also help.
Cheers Doug 😎
Response by Purser1944 on the 14th Nov 2018
Thanks am going to make another one which will incorporate a pusher prop . At least that’s my winter project when all my fleet have been dry docked etc, did one last night ( 42 inch pilot boat ) a V.T. Nelson. Only another 14 to go.
Response by Colin H. on the 14th Nov 2018
Looking good, but shouldn't there be a safety mesh between crew and prop. Good thing he's got short hair.
Joking aside, it's good to see different forms of waterborne transport.
Cheers Colin.
Veron Tarpon - Posted: 2 months ago by Biscuit
Well I had one of these back in the early 1970,s been looking for years for another one must of been a rare boat. So I was surprised when this turned up on eBay last week. So I had to buy it, the seller did not mention that the engine a Merco 35 was locked solid and all the head bolts were missing and the whole inside of the boat was soaked in sticky castor oil exhaust residue, but this is how I like them loft fresh and not messed with. I don’t think it’s hardly been used, I managed to get the engine apart after heating it up with a blow lamp looks like it’s hardly been run but the liner got a fair bit of rust on it so not sure I can use it. The only thing to remove the sticky castor oil was 25% nitro fuel, the one I bought in the 70,s cost me £27 this wreck I bought in 2018 £70 but I will enjoy restoring it, this is the boat as how I got it and now with the engine out that was another nightmare 😁

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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