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Wild thing - Posted: 4 months ago by Hybrid
Fully had made chris craft deep v racing boat evey think u.see is had made apart from engine and.the driver. She is.fully restored to her original self made in 1972. Have added a self bailing system and a new had made shaft with own greaser valve. Thanks hope u all enjoy

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Miss Maryland - Posted: 5 months ago by Cozwhy
Huson 24 RC sailboat wooden hull. I have a small fleet of these. They are extremely stable in high wind. Bought this one online in pretty good condition.
Did a lot of smoothing on the epoxy coated hull. I use West Systems epoxy because it flows so well - like paint - and doesn’t stink.
Finished the MD flag on the sails.
Rigged with high torque sail servo.

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Dumas Miss Thriftway 36” - Posted: 7 months ago by Mikep
Old Dumas kit. Model is 36” long 14” beam and weighs 7 Motor is Astro Flite 25 power is 2 x 7.2 5000 mah batteries.

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Such is life - Posted: 9 months ago by Kevin-56
I fist bought the plans when I was about 12. 50years later I decided to build the boat. It took me about 6months to build. The plans are the original Sufury but with a few changes. The cockpit is similar to that of a cigarette boat, extended the length and added a duck board. The power plant is 2100kv brushless moter, a 120amp speed control, 4mm flex sharftwith 2 11.4volt lipo batteries. In a straight line the boat is fast, but she really leans over when turning. Such is life is fun to drive.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by vortex on the 7th Jun 2018
Nice boat Kevin. I have a fibre glass SHG Surfury and a SHG Cigarette. There are some pics of them on here. Both now have electric Brushless motors and look realistic on the water.
I always fancied building a Surfury from the same plan, but the complex rounded hull looked too advanced for my skills or patience but maybe one day.
Response by RNinMunich on the 7th Jun 2018
Whoa there 😲 Don't seem to be a lot wrong with your skills 👍
Nice work, love the trailer 👍
My Jayne - Posted: 10 months ago by Hybrid
Named after my misses. ... wanting to know can any one help me identify what the make or model or age of the vessel is payed 40 pound for it .only missing rudder

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 25th Apr 2018
Very similar to F1 Power Boat 1300GP260(Rainbow),
Must be at least 5 years old as SWAMBC is defunct since 2013.
'South Western Association of Model Boat Clubs'.
Zoom 1 (Interceptor) - Posted: 11 months ago by CB90
Zoom 1 (Interceptor) Mono boat.
Built from a Glassfibre hull, brought on Ebay for £35 the hull is a slim mono racing type with a self-righting side cabin it runs a 1400W 14V 2958 4200KV Brushless Motor and 29-S Water Cooling Jacket with additional air cooling fan.
I did not want to use a flexi drive as high maintenance and prone to failure so the shaft runs via two universal joint one at each end. the propeller is a 38mm copper alloy
The ESC is a 200W and water cooled the twin rudders supply separate water one for the motor and one for the ESC.
The rudder are positioned to reduce prop-walk and are hinged to prevent damage if you hit a object in the water and also for ride adjustment.

Turn fins and trim tabs for ride adjustment were provided by a spares kit for another boat. also foamed and added an inner sealed hatch, a rubber bump strip and safety loop.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Wingcoax on the 14th Apr 2018
It certainly looks like we are having notification problems again, First it was very few getting through and now we get 14 YES that is fourteen of the same.
Predator (Aeromarine Laminates USA) - Posted: 1 year ago by bilzin
Aeromarine Laminates Predator 21 hull with HK 2630kv brushless outboard and Turnigy 120a w/c esc. Waterproof metal geared Servo and will have 4-6s lipo when completed.


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by bilzin on the 20th Nov 2017
Hello Canabus

Wondered if this might be of any use to you ?

Response by philpjuk on the 20th Nov 2017
What a great looking motor!.
Response by canabus on the 20th Nov 2017
HI mate
My outboard is the F3 hornet one.
Not the same, sorry.
DPI Silencer ( aka Tiddler 616) - Posted: 1 year ago by bilzin
From the DPI (US) kit, tempted to upgrade to a brushless but goes like otznot with the fitted brushed motor though !


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by BOATSHED on the 20th Nov 2017
Hi Who makes this boat and what is it made out of. I have a boat it was made by Model flight Accessories in Deal Kent England. The hull look the same but the deck is different. Mine is made from ABS Plastic. The size of it is 570mm long, with a 230mm beam.
Response by bilzin on the 20th Nov 2017
Hello Boatshed

This model was from a kit manufactured by DPI Leisure Industries in the USA, almost the same construction,
and as far as I know, not in business any more with the modelling side of things.
That Piranha is a superb model and even better when coupled with an otznot brushless and 4s I know I have one here
SEA-JET EVOLUTION - Posted: 2 years ago by Inkoust
Master-construction water scooter from Robbe. 2 pieces brushless motor, 2 pieces brushless controller, lithium-polymer battery 5400 mA. Amazing driveability, incredibly stable rate of around 60 kilometers per hour. Battery life in full power for about 15 minutes.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
wardrobe - Posted: 2 years ago by philpjuk
Recreation of a boat built when I was 14/15 55 years ago,used a clockwork gramophone motor with the rudder couples to an eccentric on the spring box to make it sail in a lazy "S".the original lifted in the water but did not plane properly so seeing if 55 years later I have learned anything!.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 6th Feb 2017
Fascinating. Clockwork rules. I am truly surprised the motors are still working after so many years. I too hope we see a video
Response by BOATSHED on the 20th Nov 2017
That's different, are you going to still use the clockwork motor. How does the rudder work. I see it has a wire from it to inside the boat. Also what is the nipple on the side sponson for?
Response by philpjuk on the 20th Nov 2017
yes still clockwork,The best improvements have been made by lightening the motor, drilling holes in everything and replacing a side plate with one made of alloy.It is just a nut on the sponson, they are adjustable for incidence.It will now plane on the sponsons "unsticking" the hull.The original was built when I was 13/14,the motor came from the family gramophone when my dad converted it to autochanger/amplifier,the wood came from the woodshed but I was short of plywood and realised the back of my wardrobe was plywood and was hidden behind clothes so when my parents were out I cut the bits I needed from it!,my mates christened it "the wardrobe".Performance is down to propeller choice and is a compromise between speed and runtime.I took it to a boating pond in a nearby town when my wife needed to visit it and a council "jobsworth" told me I was not allowed to sail it,"only yachts and electric boats on here sir"no amount of reasoning would make him change his mind and he escorted me out of the park!.

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