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Tug Boats

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DOUGLAS GREG TUG SAN PEDRO - Posted: 8 years ago by deckape


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by sunworksco on the 17th Jul 2010
I'm building everything from the Inside of the hull upward out of #260 brass and 304 stainless steel.I just bought a MiniFlam torch for hard silver soldering the sheets.
Response by deckape on the 18th Jul 2010
Thats how you do It John I built mine the same way from her keel to the fore top. These Hatman douglas Greg Tugs are very popular to scale boaters. they are a lot different ever scince Harbor models got there hands on It. Like I memtioned before when Dwight was ghetting Ill all the molds went to Steve Lillard they were all destroyed because he didn,t use the proper mold release agent. Harbor has done a fine job reconstructing the molds. Take your time It will be a fine tug when done and one heck of a show stopper. Franklyn
Response by circle43nautical on the 7th Jan 2018
Smit Hunter - Posted: 9 years ago by DDG 51
This tug boat Is almost finished, she Is based om my fiberglass hull. Power Is 2x Speed 700, lenght Is 104 cm

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by TowboatJR on the 19th Nov 2009
I like that Smit Hunter shes a pretty boat I'm building It right now still have a good ways to go...but If you have some pictures of the Inside that would be cool to see
Response by BASHER on the 6th May 2011
Superb build and really nice ship nice paint It

Response by Firenut on the 2nd Jun 2012
at the start of my Interest In boats I thought of fire boats, RNLI type of sailing but the detial on some of the tugs are amazing!! giving It some thought at the moment what to get Into 😎
Freelance tug - sort of! - Posted: 9 years ago by ronniekh
As the name suggests, this Is a scratch build sort of tug. The hull Is based on a (very small) Pinacce photo of a model steam open boat. I did not fancy making a steam unit (time Is the problem) and I had had an Idea of doing a tug for quite a while. I liked the shape so started In the usual way. I wanted to keep the cost down and so almost everything Is scratch made, though a few bits were "borrowed" from where I work - an engineering firm. Most of the work on this model Is more of an experiment for my next tug which will also be from scratch but will have everything working. The "Archer". The winches are at the moment none working, the doors do not open, I have no Idea If there Is any tug that looks anything like this but I am very pleased with the result. I hope you like It.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Peter HS93 on the 21st Apr 2009
Realey nice boat , any chance of some more Info please what are you using for the hull planks ?

Amsterdam - Posted: 9 years ago by oldiron
My Amsterdam Is done from an old Latina kit. It has the board on frame hull construction of the older kits. I've done some modifications from the kit such as, larger bridle winch, bridle assemblies, extra aft deck detail, lowered engine room cover, brass lifting boom, recessed anchor pockets, enlarged rudder and various miscelaneous detail changes.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by deckape on the 21st May 2010
Very Nice I have the same kit I sail It akmost every week end a great Tug 12 volt Dumas motor 3 to 1 ratio. running light and tow light plus horn all work a Hargy Well Done.
Response by oldiron on the 21st May 2010
Thanks very much. I use a Decaperm motor In mine. I have the same lighting and horn features too. I agree, Its a good reliable vessel.

big one - Posted: 10 years ago by russell
this model was made by me from scratch of the london tug Ionia 56 Inches long 12inch beam she has a bow thuster fitted to help the steering nav lights and cat diesel sound generator and Its very heavy thats why Its not In the water very often I getting to old to lift It In at 73 Its a young man boat the hull Is fibraglass but It looks so well In the water .
Response by battleshipbuff on the 24th Mar 2010
Hi,I have now purchased Russels superb model,and It really Is a beaut! It has now sailed Into Its new Port, near Falmouth, Cornwall.As was the real tug, It will be renamed "St.Mawes" and painted In the Falmouth Towage colours, to compliment my 2 other Falmouth Tugs,"St.Denys" and "St.Levan" The real tug, has long since been sold, reverted to her former name of "Ionia" again, and now lies rusting away, at Bideford,in Devon, where there Is some talk of her being converted Into a floating Cafe ! As for the model,I hope to be able to use It regularly, both for static displays,in aid of the RNLI, or Indeed, on the water. THANKS Russ, for keeping your faith In me,I am so proud to own It.
Watergeus - Posted: 10 years ago by Hansen
This tug Is In scale 1:25, used two 900 motors. Still need a lot of details. Models are based on my own fiberglass hull

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Tito Neri - Posted: 10 years ago by Hansen
On the picturesI Is my not finished Tito Neri, based on Graupners kit. As all my heavy tugs Tito have Installed water ballast Instead lead

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by PETERCHRISTOPHER on the 27th Jan 2014
Hi, I am about to build the Imara with a finished weight of 19kg. Your choice of water ballast Is of great Interest to me as I will not be capable of lifting mine when finished. If you are able to email me some details of how you constructed your ballast tanks, It would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards

Peter email: (PM Only - Admin)
Braveheart - Posted: 10 years ago by Hansen
This tug Is based on my own fiberglass hull. She Is 91 cm long, two Schottle drives with Speed 900 motors

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Scratch built SDM MkII tug built by UmI Ryuzuki - Posted: 10 years ago by Umi Ryuzuki
Scratch built SDM MkII tug 1/48 scale.

Hull started out as polystyrene foam and plywood. Started July 29,2006 and In the water by Aug. 11th for sea trials. Detailed over the following 18 months.

The model Is powered by 12vdc using Graupner Speed400-2.33:1 gear drive, and the small Graupner Schottel drives #1761. Separate ESC and Steering control for each drive.

The Lighting Is 3mm LED cast Into clear, or tinted, polyurethane lamps.

It sails the Pacific Northwest, USA, homeport Portland, Oregon.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 14th Oct 2009
HI Great looking model. Very Interested In the lights. How exactly did you make these please? Dave
Response by Umi Ryuzuki on the 3rd Jun 2012

Response by Dave M on the 3rd Jun 2012
Thanks for the Info. Simple really. Clear cast resin round a LED and a fine paint brush or even a hollow brass fitting. Brilliant Idea. 😀
Amsterdam Built In 2004 by Peter - Posted: 10 years ago by PeterF
The black Amsterdam Is mine, built In 2004 from the Artesania Latina kit. It Is powered by a 545 motor through a pulley reduction drive, and the battery Is a 6v, 10ah SLA.

The kit prop was replaced by a brass one. The yellow model belongs to Peter Barlow, a member of our club, and was built several years before mine. It Is also an Artesania kit.

Our club, the Ballina RSL Club Marine Modellers, sail In a tidal salt water lake In Ballina, which Is on the far north coast of NSW, Australia.
Peter Fitness.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by benidormbob on the 29th Jan 2017
Hi, I have just acquired one of these tug boats. It is in need of some restoration. Do you know of any where I can get a copy of plans for this model please. I have been in touch with the manufactures and they basically said they have nothing for this Amsterdam model so it looks like it is going to be a job and half to restore it but it will be done.

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