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Tug Boats

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various - Posted: 6 years ago by modeltugman
I thought I would post some pictures. from our club open day last year

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Hull plating detail - Posted: 6 years ago by modeltugman
The way that I do my hull plating use printer paper about 90gsm, and divide the hull up Into approriate lines horizontal and vertical to represent the plating once the hull Is sanded and smooth of course.
then cut the paper Into the sizes that you need to represent the hull plating.
then thin down waterproof PVA glue so that Is like double cream and then to represent the plate joggling lay each piece onto the edge of a steel rule so thar about 1/8th Is overlapping and then run your thumb nail along the edge of the rule this will give you a joggled edge, repeat If you need more than one joggle per plate, have a practice first and see how easy It Is.
then just stick tmen onto the hull using the PVA glue remembering to overlap the joggles ( I like that word). Easy peasy.
once every thing Is really hard and dry ,give the paper two or three coats of the PVA all over and It dries like glass.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by mckenzig on the 27th Jan 2013
That Is certainly an easy way of doing It. Thanks for the hint. 😊
a trio of rtr,s - Posted: 6 years ago by modeltugman
These pictures are of three of the NEWCASTLE rtr tugs that we have In our club, they have all had minor modifications and a re paint but all have the original motors but run on 12 volts.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by circle43nautical on the 7th Jan 2018
BRAVO ZULU! They look wonderful rafted alongside each other.
sunburst - Posted: 6 years ago by modeltugman
This little tug Is a NEWCASTLE ready to run model that has been modified and repainted and Is running on 12volts, If anybody has one they are a remarkable thing,almost unsinkable,in the pictures I was doing my best to see how stable she Is, as you can see. The answer Is very.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Vanquisher built at 1/32nd scale - Posted: 6 years ago by modeltugman
this Is the Vanquisher, she was the first Diesel powered ship towing tug built for the thames In 1955.
the model Is scratch built plank on frame, with 12volt motor, lights,and revolving radar.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 8th Jan 2013
Lovely atmospheric scene. You could be forgiven for thinking this was the real thing. What Is the ship under tow and did you make her also?
Response by modeltugman on the 8th Jan 2013
HI Dave yes she Is a rough representation of am old T2 type tanker. made of plywood In 7 sections each section Is held to the next with two vertical pins through slots and brackets, she has her own power as well, she was made for towing around the lake we use at Bluewater shopping centre,I will put some pictures of her construction In the build blog pages for you, all the best george.
A model of the S T Atlantic Cock - Posted: 6 years ago by modeltugman
I built this one about 3 years ago she Is built at 1/24th scale 50"long and Is a plank on frame hull , scratch built using lime wood planking and 9mm ply for the frames and keel, the rest Is birch ply of various thicknesses.
she has a 12volt cooling fan motor driving a 4" prop,and has a 12volt 48amp hour battery ,plus some lead for ballast,with working lights and revolving radar scanner

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by ianed57 on the 14th Jan 2013
I've been thoroughly enjoying the photos of your large collection of tug models, especially this one. They look splendid and I'm sure many of us would like to learn more of your methods. The plating on this hull looks fantastic. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Response by ralphwilmot on the 9th Mar 2013
Good looking detailed tug, must be a heavy to launch.
Response by modeltugman on the 9th Mar 2013
HI Ralph we have a launchung crane at our club so It Is not really a problem with size and weight, most of my big tugs actually weigh less than 30lbs without the battery and ballast, I use 46amp hour gel cell batteries where possiblt and then trim with lead blocks ,the Atlantic Cock has her battery plus 3 x3lb lumps of lead so she goes Into the cradle light, then Is loaded and launched mechanicaly simples really and no bad backs. George,
more of my tugs - Posted: 6 years ago by modeltugman
another 3 pictures of my tugs for you to look at Assiduous at 1/32nd scale scratch built, Vanquisher also1/32nd scale. Sun XVII towing

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 7th Jan 2013
Another super trio. You posted before my previous reply so thank you for sharing 😀
A selection of tug that I have built - Posted: 6 years ago by modeltugman
this Is a small selection of tugs that I have built In the last few years, I have been building model tugs for about 45 years and have many pictures of them If anybody Is Interested the first Is Ionia at 1/24th scale scratchbuilt,then 3 Sun tugs all at 1/24th scale

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 7th Jan 2013
Nice selection of tugs. The detail looks very fine and are a credit to your modelling skills.
Perhaps you might consider a separate post for each model with four pictures In this section as there will be members who are contemplating or building similar models.
More pictures and brief details would certainly be most welcome. 😀
J. R. More - Posted: 6 years ago by ralphwilmot
J. R. MORE - LAST OF THE LARGEST STEAM TUGS BUILT ON THE CLYDE. The best looking tugs ever built!

This model Is scratch build at 1:48 scale of the SAR&H Durban tug J. R. More, which was the last large steam tug built on the Clyde In 1962.
It took over 2 years to complete this model, which was my first scratch build from the modified plans of a sister tug called the F.C Sturrock, which was also stationed at Durban as the shift tug for that harbour. Other tugs of the class were also stationed at Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

The J. R. More was the newer day tug In Durban, most often used to service the Union Castle ships and others In, out of Durban and remembered by so many visitors to South Africa of that time.

This model tug on the water has differential motor control, software linked with the rudder, can go about on the spot and a delight to sail as a model, capable of 6 or more hours on the water. Working Rotating Radar, lights and woop-woop sounder as per the original tug. I would also like to Install the Telegraph bells, however these would drive fellow modellers to distraction, as they were a very distinctive sound and very regular, Implanted and well remembered by the crews and those In and around the harbour, even today. The engines on the other hand were almost quiet and by all accounts very reliable.

This model Is ballasted mainly by two 7 Ah 12 Volt SLA Batteries for the main drive motors and a 2 Ah 12 Volt SLA (Aft ballast) for the Lights, Radar and Sound unit. All up weight Is 14Kgs and capable of above scale speed from the two MFA 6:1 ratio Geared Motors driving two 4 bladed 70mm screws.

This model has onboard charge regulator circuit, built-in minature dual volt meter to allow quick on-board voltage Inspection and single plug-in charge and regulator socket for charging all 3 Batteries together.

The actual full size J. R. More tug still survives and can be visited at the Durban Maritime Museum In Durban, South Africa. Local supporters are undergoing essential repairs, restoration and preservation with private and company financial support.

J R More Is the only surviving large steam tug left of this class and as Important to the skills of the Scottish shipbuilders of the Clyde.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by ralphwilmot on the 5th Jan 2013
HI Dave
Thank you for the contact. No would not attempt a Castle ship, all the ports would do my head In.
I will take some video of the Tug and post them when the weather allows. Also with some details on electronics etc.

Thanks 😊
Response by Dave M on the 6th Jan 2013
HI Ralph
Looking forward to your further posts.
Response by circle43nautical on the 7th Jan 2018
BRAVO ZULU! Very beautiful build sir!
Alte Liebe - Posted: 6 years ago by ads90
This Is my tug Alte Liebe. It Is a Caldercraft kit and Is almost 1 metre In length. I have Installed an MFA 540 motor with a 2.5:1 reduction gear and operate her on 6 volt SLA's. With ballast she Is fairly heavy coming In at about 15 kg.

I have just added a photo of my tug breaking the Ice on our lake a couple of weeks ago.(December 2012)

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Patrick on the 2nd Dec 2012
look forward to seeing them, thanks for the help
Response by ads90 on the 17th Dec 2012
Hope my photos are of use and let us know how your build Is getting on.
Response by Patrick on the 6th Jan 2013
HI Alan
hope you had a good new year, the pictures are a great help, I'm still working on It when I get any spare time.

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