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Tug Boats

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egrete - Rhine pusher tug. - Posted: 7 years ago by Gregg
Built from scratch from plans supplied by my hobby store. has a fully remote controlled operating "elevating wheelhouse" with scissor type lifting legs. operating nav lights, fog horn and twin radar units. Also has remote operated forward winches for attaching pusher barges to the bow pusher posts. fitted with twin kort nozzles, handles a treat, steers well and could certanly push more than 3 barges!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 13th Apr 2012
I am Interested In the working forward winches. Have you any pictures / details, please?
Response by Gregg on the 13th Apr 2012
HI DAve. I found a cute little geared motor with a nice set of swappable gears In Maplins, made by MFA. It has a 3v motor but If you set the main driveshaft up centrally, It then allows you to have 2 Identical "winch drums". to operate the motor "in/out" I used a couple of micro switches set up on top of a servo, so I then use the side/side on my left joystick for example, afterall, you only really need to operate It when setting up to the barge once In the water and again when removing the barge before lifting out again, but ciould work for almost any "winch" operation.

I am unable to post pics to this message/reply, but will post detail In the electrical section, make It easier.
Response by circle43nautical on the 7th Jan 2018
That is avery nice pusher, sir. I have built one VAC-U-BOAT 22" HIPS kit and a 35" Dumas American Beauty. Both were given my boat shop's paint scheme (ILLINIWEK MARINE). I am multitasking on a couple boats, and one is another US Western river towboat, scratchbuilt up from a salvaged Dumas
Am. Beauty hull. (That hull was temp scrapped when my xacto knife got away from me trimming the deck knuckle.) My plan is to fit a telescoping
pilothouse which is common to upper Mississippi, Illinois, Ohio rivers.
My dilemma is the method of operating the pilothouse lift; can you advise with any info please? I thought of a linear servo w/worm gear maybe.
Sun Tug 25 - Posted: 7 years ago by Gregg
based on a Lesro kit of the MK21 Sun tug. This slightly later version was fitted with fire monitors for handling tankers In the thames esturary as well as normal docking duites of liners and freighters.
Fitted with a decaperm 3:2 geared motor and twin 12v 7amphr batteries, It can run for several hours, even when towing other boats around the pool.. Fog horn Installed, lighting system, working decca radar, Illuminated map desk and decca unit on the bridge.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
JOHN KING - Posted: 7 years ago by larrywhetton

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
TUG AZIZ - Posted: 7 years ago by BASHER
Got this kit from E Bay was apartly built well sort of had to re do all the upper deck wheelhouse from scratch was a bit off eeek..Have nearly finished Installing all the electrics ready to ballast..I raised the rear hatch area after reading the deck tended to wash over quite easily..Hardly noticeable modification I think..Will sail the model soon and hope all goes well

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by BASHER on the 20th Jul 2012
As my builds are In every corner of the house the Aziz has been promised to a new owner In a few weeks time..I still have 6 other builds and truly you can only sail one at a time..lolMy main Interest Is the building of the ships so selling another one gives me the funds for another build
Response by Dave M on the 21st Jul 2012
Always liked this model ever since I saw It at E Port some years ago. 😊 I built an Al Khubar and always regretted selling her. Like you I raised the rear deck to keep the water out. I also have a shed load of boats and many awaiting construction. Maybe someday I will build one. The wheelhouse looks very detailed your efforts have clearly Improved on the original high standard. 😀
Response by BASHER on the 22nd Jul 2012
HI Dave
Thank you for your response and kind remarks,like you I have so many builds but In saying that I have sold about 5 In the past year..None I might add have given back even the original buying cost of just the kit not counting all the additional electrics, still It pays for the buying of another kit..Presently I am building a 1/14 scale Man Tamiya truck unit, no gluing reqd everything Is tiny nuts n bolts superb detail..I am selling my Aziz for £350 so wont make anything on the deal
Sun Tug MK25 - Posted: 8 years ago by Gregg
My Sun Tug MK25 version, originally adapted from a Lesro Sun Tug Kit, actually still being built [not quite yet complete] but seaworthy enough to get some testing time In the water. It has more than enough power to haul my dusseldorf along when the batteries are flat after some time sailing, so rather than pull the fireboat out, decided to let the tug do some work.
Powered by a hectoperm motor with 3:1 gearbox,twin 6v gel batteries,water pump to operate the fire monitors,engine sound, nav lights, Interior lights [cabins] rotating radar scanner,

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
john king tug - Posted: 8 years ago by larrywhetton
my john king tug scratch built from a mmI plan .
950 motor turing 70mm prop on 12vlt power.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
DOUGLAS GREG TUG SAN PEDRO - Posted: 8 years ago by deckape


Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by sunworksco on the 17th Jul 2010
I'm building everything from the Inside of the hull upward out of #260 brass and 304 stainless steel.I just bought a MiniFlam torch for hard silver soldering the sheets.
Response by deckape on the 18th Jul 2010
Thats how you do It John I built mine the same way from her keel to the fore top. These Hatman douglas Greg Tugs are very popular to scale boaters. they are a lot different ever scince Harbor models got there hands on It. Like I memtioned before when Dwight was ghetting Ill all the molds went to Steve Lillard they were all destroyed because he didn,t use the proper mold release agent. Harbor has done a fine job reconstructing the molds. Take your time It will be a fine tug when done and one heck of a show stopper. Franklyn
Response by circle43nautical on the 7th Jan 2018
Smit Hunter - Posted: 9 years ago by DDG 51
This tug boat Is almost finished, she Is based om my fiberglass hull. Power Is 2x Speed 700, lenght Is 104 cm

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by TowboatJR on the 19th Nov 2009
I like that Smit Hunter shes a pretty boat I'm building It right now still have a good ways to go...but If you have some pictures of the Inside that would be cool to see
Response by BASHER on the 6th May 2011
Superb build and really nice ship nice paint It

Response by Firenut on the 2nd Jun 2012
at the start of my Interest In boats I thought of fire boats, RNLI type of sailing but the detial on some of the tugs are amazing!! giving It some thought at the moment what to get Into 😎
Freelance tug - sort of! - Posted: 9 years ago by ronniekh
As the name suggests, this Is a scratch build sort of tug. The hull Is based on a (very small) Pinacce photo of a model steam open boat. I did not fancy making a steam unit (time Is the problem) and I had had an Idea of doing a tug for quite a while. I liked the shape so started In the usual way. I wanted to keep the cost down and so almost everything Is scratch made, though a few bits were "borrowed" from where I work - an engineering firm. Most of the work on this model Is more of an experiment for my next tug which will also be from scratch but will have everything working. The "Archer". The winches are at the moment none working, the doors do not open, I have no Idea If there Is any tug that looks anything like this but I am very pleased with the result. I hope you like It.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Peter HS93 on the 21st Apr 2009
Realey nice boat , any chance of some more Info please what are you using for the hull planks ?

Amsterdam - Posted: 10 years ago by oldiron
My Amsterdam Is done from an old Latina kit. It has the board on frame hull construction of the older kits. I've done some modifications from the kit such as, larger bridle winch, bridle assemblies, extra aft deck detail, lowered engine room cover, brass lifting boom, recessed anchor pockets, enlarged rudder and various miscelaneous detail changes.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by deckape on the 21st May 2010
Very Nice I have the same kit I sail It akmost every week end a great Tug 12 volt Dumas motor 3 to 1 ratio. running light and tow light plus horn all work a Hargy Well Done.
Response by oldiron on the 21st May 2010
Thanks very much. I use a Decaperm motor In mine. I have the same lighting and horn features too. I agree, Its a good reliable vessel.

Response by Hybrid on the 27th Jun 2018
Hi there I have just purchased a amsterdam tug for 60£ she is complet and running with all original servo esc and orange gear boxed case motor no marking on it to say what it is.. All she needs is a full strip and revamp and paint... T. L. C. She is plank on frame hull like yours and would love to know the age of her and the kit make if u could help me out with this information that would be fantastic thanks. Ben

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