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Working Vessels

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Graupner Neptun - Posted: 4 years ago by Aaron1998
Finally Finished touching up the paint after It being unused for over 5 years and now working better than before, after putting a new brushed 280 motor Into the boat. The boat Is roughly 850mm long and 141mm wide and was built by my late Grandfather when I was little.

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Badger Customs Launch - Posted: 4 years ago by 4clubs
Scratch built some years ago, powered by 6volt PB battery.
She was always very slow and hard to manoeuvre. She was made from MM plans. I could never get her to behave In the water. 27Mhz TX/RX. tried changing motor, prop 6 to 12 volts nothing seemed to make much difference, gave up In the end. You can't win them all.

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MAXTON Stern Trawler - Posted: 4 years ago by 4clubs
SemI Kit, I.e fibreglass hull and superstructure and wooden rubbing strake all the rest Is scratch built. A very good sailer and very stable. Quick to build only a month and powered by 540motor and 35mm prop. Lasted for hours on one charge.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Ballast on the 23rd Jun 2015
Nice Cygnus 4clubs. I am building a GM32 Cygnus from a pre-formed hull. My model would have had the older shaped wheelhouse. Where did you get yours as they may have the older one In stock for me. Thanks In anticipation.

Response by 4clubs on the 24th Jun 2015
I got It from "Boats and Bits" In Newton le Willows who closed down over 10 years ago.
Try Steve at Scale Hobbies In Skelmersdale.
Google--- Scalehobbies Skemersdale.
Good Luck
Response by Ballast on the 24th Jun 2015
Thanks for the Info, I'll give It a go. trouble Is I've had the hull since 1982 so It's a bit out of date as Cygnus then started to produce the GM 33 Continental like yours. But I'm not beat yet, even If I have to end up making the wheelhouse from scratch ! 😰
Talacre - Posted: 5 years ago by lhpen
SS Talacre - Single Hatch Coaster 1:48 Scale Just recently bought second hand and about to renovate to my own standard!
Caldercraft SS Talacre
The SS Talacre Is a typical single hatch coaster used In the coal trade of a type that was found by the hundreds around the coast of the U.K. In the golden era of steam. Designed for Point of Ayr Collieries by Crichton, Thompson & Co Ltd., of London she was built by Crabtree &Co., of Great Yarmouth In 1917. Talacre was named after a small village near the colliery. Talacre was finally scraped In 1959 by the Hammond Lane Foundry In Dublin. Realism leaps out of the completed model, as If a turn of a valve will start the anchor windlass or the cargo winch clattering away and the lagged steam pipes to begin steaming and drying out.
Scale: 1:48
Length: 863mm
Beam 152mm

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Ellan Vannin - Posted: 5 years ago by 4clubs
Different from my usual models this Is a static model In a glass case but a model boat never the less. It was made to commemorate the centenary of the foundering of the Isle of Man Steam Packet vessel Ellan Vannin In the Queens Channel on the River Mersey Liverpool UK on 3rd December
1909 with the loss of all lives. The model Is constructed almost entirely from scrap cardboard. She Is presently on display In the Crosby Coastguard station but this Is closing soon so the models fate Is In the balance.
She was made to be displayed at the commemoration ceremony on board a Mersey Ferry In December 2009.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
nordkap - Posted: 5 years ago by smasher
I built nordkap In 1995 fitted an action switcher to operate the lights, smoker,radar sails really well

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Mersey Ferry Rose - Posted: 5 years ago by 4clubs
This boat Is scratch built on a Fiberglass Hull. The Lily was one of two ferries built In 1900. Her sister ship was the Rose.
The superstructure of the model Is largely light-ply and paneled to resemble the orginal. She had an open top deck and as you can see the navigation pods were open to the weather.
A semaphore signal arm was Included as radio was not yet used to communicate with each other on the Mersey.
The model Is approx1/48 scale and built from a couple of photos and sketches that exist. She Is powered by two 340 electric motors and controlled with 2.4ghz radio. A 12 volt battery gives the power. Both decks are Individually planked.
She has sailed at Hoylake.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
HILDA - Posted: 5 years ago by hammer
Another damaged fiberglass hull rescued. every thing else made by me. At 3/4"=1' a very big model. Completed 2012 but only sailed twice, a very good sailor just needs a big lake. The mast lifts & folds forward after removing the hatch. The top mast lowered, the bowsprit retracted and the sails raped around the shrouds, held In place with masking tape. ( this stops the lines from tangling.) Takes about 5 minutes to reassemble.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
"Elke" - Posted: 5 years ago by lhpen
A Graupner kit built some years ago, was given to me 2013 and I have refurbished the boat to get It sailing again! It has a Mono- perm motor and I have fitted 10 amp Mtronics speed controller and running on 8x AA 1600m/a Nicd batteries wired In parallel.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by AlanP on the 6th Mar 2014
That looks really nice, my sort of boat 👍

Response by lhpen on the 6th Mar 2014
Thanks Alan, she sails ve 👍 ry nice too!
Response by commodore on the 13th Dec 2014
Hi! Alan
I built an Elke In January 1974 for my son. We sailed It together for a couple of years and then he lost Interest (girls!) It spent the next forty five years In my loft (The model - not my son) until l resurected It a few years ago and, after a bit of a dusting and a spot of glue, relaunched It. It still had the original McGregor Digimax radio and speed controller fitted which, after renewing the batteries In both the receiver and tranny, still works a treat. I've since added a crew and some other refinements and It's often Included In our Club displays. Hope you get as much enjoyment from your model as we have.
CARIAD - Posted: 5 years ago by hammer
This Is a Chris Brown fibreglass hull for Cariad, It was a reject so Chris let me have It cheep. I like to be different so I built It as Spray of Newport. Sailed well on Internal ballast only just adjust the rig to suit the conditions. Two sail arm servo one on main other on fore sails. Rudder controlled from under the deck by servo 3. The westerman ( who sails the boat for the pilot) holds the tiller which moves his arm. A forth servo pulls a string passing up his leg through his arm which Is a spring. When the spring Is compressed the arm waves In a random way. ( the Idea came from the toy animal on a stand when the bottom of the stand Is pushed In the animal falls down.)

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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