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Working Vessels

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DEVA Cheshire Police boat - Posted: 6 years ago by ChrisM1
Here Is a Graupner Bremen 9 converted to represent a UK Police boat. She Is called DEVA which Is the Roman name for the county capital of Cheshire - Chester.

If the Cheshire Constabulary owned a vessel of the size of the original Bremen 9, I am reliably Informed that the 'Battenburg' and transom diagonal stripes would be correct. The 'BA 07' lettering on the superstructure Is also the correct national and regional code for the Cheshire Constabulary. The constabulary crest on the cabin doors however has now been superseded by a more modern constabulary logo that looks sh1te.
The RIB provided with the kit Is too small and In my opinion not to scale; I will replace It at some point. The light bar and all other blue and navigation lights work off 9v batteries.
Chris M

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Dave M on the 28th Mar 2013
Very Impressive. Watch out all those fast speeders!! 😑
Response by sanjaya on the 30th Sep 2013
yes, very Impressive. 👍
Response by dennisw on the 30th Sep 2013
great looking boat. What. motors are In her. 👋
Cervia,Wyola, Old Trafford - Posted: 6 years ago by peteinoz
Hello from Australia Thought It was time I made a an effort. Three of my models shown here at last years local model show In Port Macquarie. L to R they are Cervia,now 20 years old,Wyola, an Australian built tug.Twin motors and Kort nozzles.and Old Trafford, MSC paddle tuc In 1/35 scale. All are totally scratch built. The only things bought were materials,paint and glue, Except the stantions for Old Trafford. Currenly finishing a Maycraft Mercury(started In 1962 In England) and a Vosper fireboat.Hope this may be of Interest

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
albatross - Posted: 6 years ago by hammer
Scratch built In 2004 from my own plan. Two layers of planks on ply frames, ply deck planked with 3/8 1/16 strips. Length of hull 50" by 13" breath. No motor sail only, winch for main & mizzen, sail arm for fore sails. Featuers a centre plate lowered by gravity and raized be a drum winch, also an expanding rudder, this has two servos to opperate. sails can be reefed or removed depending on weather conditions. Very good sailer Just goes In my car with the top mast & gaff boom lowered.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by CapnJim on the 5th Apr 2013
Thanks Hammer. Now I understand the shot of the hold and winches. Love the detail - takes a lot beat boats like this In scale sail.

Food for thought on the keel - I need a bit more drop so swing centreboard Isn't quite going to do It but thanks for the Info.

Are you planning a further photo gallery on Albatross - It certainly looks like plenty to cover.


Cap'n Jim.
Response by hammer on the 30th Aug 2013
Sorry for the delay Cap'n, please don't keel haul me. Have posted 2 sailing photos. Reefed right down In a blow & In a breeze. Close to rocks no problem. HAMMER.
Response by RoyLorentz on the 16th Dec 2013
Very good looking model. I agree with the size and how good she looks on the water. Wind, Water and Wood has always been my favourite moto.

Frank Wadsworth
👍 😉
AmalfI - converted static kit - Posted: 6 years ago by CapnJim
Mantua models 'Amalfi' Scale 1:35 Length 400mm. Fishing boat converted to 2 CH RC. Sails well, freeboard a little low but ok. Nets detactable for heavier weather sailing!

Photos show her on home 12' dia. pool but she sails well on boating pond. Runs for 20mins. on 4xAA batteries all In.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Clyde Puffer - Libby - Posted: 6 years ago by CapnJim
Model Slipway kit - super detailed. 2CH RC with mixer to provide engine, whistle and smoke. 1/48th scale.

Excellent kit fitted with ACTION electronics.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Celia Fishing Boat - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
HI This Is a Celia, I think, It was a caldercraft kit but am not sure. It Is running on a 545 motor at either 6volt or 7.2volt with a 35mm 3blade brass prop. Its performance Is about right for the scale and type of boat. It sails at the Lake used by the Cwmbran Club. I bought It last year at the Shepton Mallet Show.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Michael R on the 4th Feb 2013
Yes this was a Caldercraft kit I built one and sailed It but not much room under the decks for your radio and batteries but really sailed well when set up right
b10 naval - Posted: 6 years ago by stanley
HI has anyone any Idea's as to what class this boat Is..thanks Stan.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by stanley on the 26th Dec 2012
Thanks Mate Your a Star,,,,,,,
Response by vaderswar on the 27th Dec 2012
its a vosper 100ft patrol boat called HMTS Courland Bay. regards steve
Response by kevinsharpe on the 18th Sep 2013
The model Is from a 'Veron' kit now produced In the sixties to early seventies. veron no longer exist. She was a Vosper fast patrol boat of the Trinty class. I am currently restoring one which has twin electric. The model was originally designed to run on a single screw powered by a 10/15cc Ic engine. Copies of the plans of the model are available on e bay. Fleetscale also prosecutor an accurate drawing of the vessel along with a grip hull.
Modified Southampton Tug - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
I hate leaving models as standard, the Southampton Tug a RTR model, needed to be more manoeuvrable, so removed original 27Mhz receiver and fitted Two Electronic speed controllers one for each motor, and a 2.4Ghz receiver. The model will now turn In Its own length and has become very good for controlling In small spaces. Will change the standard motors next for something with a little more pulling and pushing power. It runs all morning on a 1 x 6 cell AA Nimh 2700Mah battery pack.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Kevella - Posted: 6 years ago by johnw
Scratch built plank on frame.Built from plan by Jim Pottinger.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Faithfull - Posted: 6 years ago by johnw
Plank on frame built many years ago. Not of a specific vessel but a representative of the classic Scottish boat of the 70's. based on a stretched "Launch Out" plan.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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