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Working Vessels

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Rust Bucket - Posted: 6 years ago by Colin H.
Believed to be scratch built, evidence of old 1 gallon REDEX oil container forming main deck, bits of Mecano used as stiffening and support.
It has a Basset Lowke model 1461/u (motor, stern tube, prop shaft and prop) Set.This dates from the mid 1930's and would have cost 7/- Shillings for those old enough to remember, that would have been abut a day and a half's wages. The photo's show what the motor looked like as It came out and then after cleaning and testing, and yes It runs very smoothly In forward and reverse, from 3 volts up to 12 volts, seems to be quite good at 6, so will probably use when rebuild complete.
As you will see from photo's there Is a lot of restoration to do before sailing again.
Now you've stopped laughing, can you Identify the type of ship It's meant to be, I thought a Coaster.

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ARCTIC TRAWLER - Posted: 6 years ago by larrywhetton

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Billing Polar Trawler - Posted: 6 years ago by jelley_baby
I have had this boat for about 5 years, so thought that It would like a day out. Sailing at Cwmbran August 2012. Its a Billing Polar Trawler, not now made but at about 32 Inch long Is a managable size. Twin 385 motors 35mm 3 blade brass props. and running on a 7.2 volt 3700 mAh NiMh viper speed controller and a 2.4 Ghz RC It will potter around all morning on one battery. I originally ran It on a 6Volt 4Ah Gel Cell and 27 Mhz setup.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Robertoc2109 on the 3rd Jan 2013
HI I have just been given one of the above trawlers. I cant find plans anywhere. If possible can anyone offer me up close pics or links to plans etc as I have considerable repairs to make Inc - funnels,masts and engines. Any help would be gratefully received.
Many Thanks Rob
Response by jelley_baby on the 3rd Jan 2013
HI Rob If you have an email address that I could use I have photos of the boat, a friend at my club Is also restoring one so I have just taken some photos but I could take some more of the areas that you require easily, sadly I do not have a plan myself as my polar was bought on Ebay at least 5 years ago and I had to work from a billing catalogue photo and some photos from old Model Boat Magazines. Hope to hear from you If that will help.
Response by Robertoc2109 on the 3rd Jan 2013

Thanks so much for getting back my email Is *PM only - Admin*. Any advice or extra pics would be great I really appreciate It. I will upload a pic of the boat at the weekend and show everyone the PROJECT 😯

Thanks again Rob
"port Adelaide " - Posted: 7 years ago by Powdermonky
HI shipmates, here,s a few shpts of the "Port ".
She,s a 1/80 scale scratch built cargo ship of the Port line company from around the 1950,
A ship this size requieres quite a bit of balast, I use water, It takes around 40 lds to get her sitting right, this Is pumped In and out with a submersible caravan water pump.
Most of the fittings are resin castings.
there are a few more bits to finnish off but could not resist the chance to try her out on the Chasewater pool.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Fleeting Star - Posted: 7 years ago by GreyWolf
HI Fellow Modellers,
Another model from the RADMC fleet at the fleetshaven workshop and boat yard In Ponthir.This model was built from a Caldercraft Kit, This model came Into my possession for the price of 20p, a raffle prize at Bryn Bach Model Clubs OPen Day 2010, when It was built Is unknown. The Item being made for display use and not finished off, no Internal electronic fixtures. Did have a prop shaft and prop that had not been fitted correctly. 50% of all the fixtures had to be removed and refitted before they fell off, some didn't stay In place from the show back home. The model was finised off using a photo of the Milford star on the Internet. The fish boxes and figures being obtained off DON one of the Society members who had a mould to make them In white metal, only required cleaning up and finishing off. A graupner 6 volt steam unit Is fitted In the funnel and to make the boat a little more realistic on the water,a maplin steam sound system has been used to generate the sound of the engine. A simple mod allows the revs to be linked to the engine voltage. The drive motor Is a 550 with the lowest revs I had In MJB's this was married up to a 2.5/1 gearbox I also had In stock. The main motor and steam unit are supplied from a 7.2 volt nicad racing pack. This model has had meny fishing trips on Cwmbran Boating Lake and at shows the Society visit. Hope you enjoy the pictures, Regards GreyWolf.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
lulonga - Posted: 7 years ago by larrywhetton
more pictures

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
lulonga rivetr boat - Posted: 7 years ago by larrywhetton
HI bit more deck works done winches crew , that's It for now,
Back on the shelf , to wait for running bits . time to back to trawler build......Larry..

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
LULONGA RIVER BOAT - Posted: 7 years ago by larrywhetton
Scratch build of Dave Metcalf Lulonga river boat ,
ready for running gear and paddles but the cost for those Is ?200 not cheap .
Will now go on the back burner till I saved up a bit ......LARRY...

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
billings boat polar trawler - Posted: 7 years ago by vaderswar
whilst being off work with cancer have spent three months building my polar trawler which I had to remake a lot of superstructure with plasticard due to the old ply delaminated. It has twin screws powered by two 400 motors and 40 amp esc and 6v sla. I think she looks quite good

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by BASHER on the 2nd May 2013
A brilliant looking model love It ,very well done...I also hope you are getting back to health
Response by vaderswar on the 3rd May 2013
thanks basher, sails really well, unfortunately have been Ill health reitired, cant say too much about company as have had gagging order on me, think you get the picture
Response by hutchinson on the 23rd Mar 2015
Hiya mate ,I too gave up building while I waged war with cancer,but I'm back. I find Its Impossible to stop boat building and sailing .That looks a superb model very well built.Ismail a 4 foot chemical tanker.took me 2 years.

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