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Working Vessels

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MV Balmoral - Posted: 2 years ago by davidhgreatbatch
Scratch built in 2015 on a GRP hull. Built as seen in 2013. Powered by two 385 electric motors. Sail her on Mary Stevens Park Pool, Stourbridge

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Maggie m - Posted: 2 years ago by lezz57
Maggie m weathered like my boats to look like really thing

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by StevieD on the 11th Feb 2017
Can you guys these boats as a kit??
Looking for something like this, I can remember as a boy watching my uncle build them in Eyemonth in Scotland.
I now live in Australia


Paula 3 - Posted: 2 years ago by ads90
I have had my Paula III for quite a few years and she was beginning to look a bit jaded, so having just completed my Northlight Clyde Puffer and looking for something to do, thought that I might give Paula a makeover. Nearly all the additions I made to her were from spare parts left over from making other boats. A good strip and rub down and a couple of cans of aerosol (colours chosen by my wife when in Halfords) and 2 weeks later - makeover complete.

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My Timmy 2 - Posted: 2 years ago by Ron
Since one grandson had a boat with his name on, his brother wanted on too! This shrimp boat became Timothy's with a guiding hand from grandpa when at the lake. Tim is four years old.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by figtree7nts on the 22nd Nov 2016
I guess all grandpa's are the same all over, I have a 36" Tugboat named after my grand daughter "SERENITY" I know how you feel Grand Kid's are the best...
Northlight Clyde Puffer - Posted: 2 years ago by ads90
I have just completed my Puffer and am quite pleased with the outcome. The components are quite good but do need a bit of fettling but this is what our hobby is about. This is my third Caldercraft build so I am used to their quality and sparse instructions.   As usual for Caldercraft you need to have your thinking cap on as the A0 plan and the 'instruction book' do not match up but of course they do expect you to have a little bit of experience in model building. It has taken me about 6 months to build working on and off over this time. It has a large hull which is easy to house the motor, ESC, RC and batteries, etc. (I installed 2 lead acid 6 volt batteries, one on each side amidships) which gives stability and ballast. Being a large deep hull it needs a lot of ballast, even in its short length.I have only tested her in the big white nautical test facility at home so do not know how it will perform on our lake but hope to try it out on Sunday if the weather is set fair. Tried her out Wednesday and she sailed really well - maybe a little more ballast in the bow but not too concerned.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by stwdv on the 12th Feb 2017
Hi, I am thinking of purchasing would you recommend ?
Tsekoa - Posted: 2 years ago by manyboats
Enjoyed making this superb kit from model slipway. Having to cut out the polystyrene sheets proved to be no problem. With 2 motors and bow thruster, thought it would be good for the steering competitions, but its a bit wide in the beam for our rather tight course. Working searchlight and rotating radar.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Brightwork on the 29th Oct 2017
Pics from Tsekoa
Le Marignon - Posted: 2 years ago by manyboats
Nostalgia build from New Maquettes kit. Needed a lot of extra work on fittings as kit a bit limited. Not bad for steering competitions with WA model ship club.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Highlander - Posted: 2 years ago by manyboats
Built this year from excellent Metcalfe mouldings kit. R/C sailed with Australian model ship club. Tried it for steering competitions but not that manoeuvrable. Boat of the yr 3rd prize!

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Thames sailing barge Capricorn - Posted: 2 years ago by tomarack
this is my last model, thames siling barge on its maiden voyage,October 2, 2016. Preparation for construction of barges - Fall 2013. I have not chosen according to what plans I will build. I bought plans for TSB Lady Daphne, finally I chose but I have other plans.
On the Internet I found an information plan barge "Champion class" from H.I.Chapelle. Even though I had prepared and cut out the ribs on the LD (1:28, Loa 98 cm), I finally began to build a "Champion". Loa 110 cm.
More photos and a description to> <
It still remains to be done many details - winches, dinghy, and more. Also, set the the sails just sewn just for a test.Everything I wanted to finish through the winter

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by tomarack on the 24th Jan 2018
Hi, the central keel with lead bomb is removable,the leeboars are not fumctional. I tried it on the her first test cruise - see phootos above. .. leeboards are lowered, only the electric motor saves the day ("Iron topsail" )

Response by tomarack on the 25th Jan 2018
Hi ,
thames sailing barge model pages>
some discussion about Thames sailing barges you can find here

> < by R.Chesney

Model boats 2007 nr 7 tsb Celia Jane model tuning
Model Boats 2013-11 tsb finless little models
Marine Modelling international 2014 nr 7-9 tsb Veronica
Marine Modelling international 2016 nr07 tsb Westmoreland
Response by tomarack on the 30th May 2018
in last wekend I participated in the open championship Footy in South Moravia, near Znojmo .. in Vyrovice , Vyrovice dam.

The technique betrayed me, footy ruder servo burned during race. Then I participated in open regata with my barge Capricorn. It was my first race. my model also had the first opportunity to sail on "big water".
It turned out that I need to adjust the sails to add and manage a large jib servo.

Technique was against me once more..maybe battery collapsed after first round in second race.

At home I found..battery Ok , but something collapsed ..

Weather nice and hot, but the wind was very weak, so the models of the racing sailboats were the first ..

My photos..>

I placed on board Capricorn deck cam, but after about 20 minutes the battery was discharged, i did not expected it... and I didn't expect the battery discharge will be so quick...

Deck cam >
Osprey - Posted: 2 years ago by Sandy
Osprey is a Scratch built, Scottish wooden trawler (designed by Sandy Cousins). I have just finished this project and was a real treat to construct.Just a few tweaks to make.....ballast needing slight re-position,name and reg. no.,otherwise had a perfect maiden voyage.....

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Albie on the 29th Oct 2017
Excuse my ignorance but what do you normally use as ballast?

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