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Astra - Posted: 5 years ago by NeilHodson
Astra was built from an original 1927 Camper and Nicholson design model, acquired from C&N by my wife's great grandfather. Passed on through the generations, she came to me In a poor state In 2013 and I have rebuilt the deck to 1931 superstructure.
Despite being an antique, she sails every week on Needham Lake.

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Maid 'O' Plastic - Posted: 5 years ago by Kipper
The yachts getting a little brittle now, but keeping me sailing until the next boat comes off the stocks.

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Elsie & Olwen - Posted: 5 years ago by lubberland
Here's a few more pics showing my home made winch from a Lego 9volt motor unit which Is controlled by a servo and two micro switches. There's a ring on the deck line that all the sail lines are tied onto. Cheers Lubber. PS. The large mainsail Is counter ballanced by the deep hull shape right aft. Regards.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by twofloats12 on the 28th Dec 2016
could you do a simple electics diagram for me as i have burn out two sail servos 😱
" Elsie & Olwen " - Posted: 5 years ago by lubberland
A scratch built model of a Gloucester USA fishing schooner 1900 era. Pine plank on frame, 2 channel radio with a Lego 9volt drive unit as sail winch controlled each way by servo and micro switches, the deck Is planked on a thin ply sub-deck and deck openings are sealed with Vaseline. The deep keel slides up Into a box through the keel and secured with a bolt.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by lubberland on the 11th Mar 2014
HI Hammer, Yes I did, a couple of years back, all built from pine off-cuts and run through my band saw.
Response by CapnJim on the 3rd Apr 2014
HI Lubberland,
A boat after my own heart! Looks really good. Like the level of detail, even If you can't see It on the water. Which sails are controlled by the winch?

How successful Is the sailing peformance with all that sail area aft?

Cap'n Jim.
Response by lubberland on the 3rd Apr 2014
HI there Cap'n Jim, Glad you like It. The sails are all controlled by the winch line round the after deck. I'll try to post some pics soon, Cheers, Lubber.
Laura-Jane - Posted: 5 years ago by lhpen
Mobil Marine fibre glass hull, 545 motor, 6 volt 4 amp GelCel battery. I believe It Is Gaff Rigged Cutter. That Is all I know about this boat as I bought It second hand In 2013

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Sandiego - Posted: 5 years ago by TürkiyeTR
I have bought It from Robbe In Germany. It Is 7 years old and It Is working very well. There are two brushed motor and navy ESC from Robbe. I use It to drive some lake and pool In my city.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Stardust - Posted: 6 years ago by Chiefpurser
HI fellow model leers.this Is my latest model.Built In 1926' for the Ffyfe(bananas) family. Originally It was run on steam,but In 1939 converted to diesel,this was kept until 1957 when all the staterooms were replaced by cargo holds . She was then made Into a feeder bringing eleven thousand boxes from Rotterdam to Southampton. She was scrapped In the model of her was from 1926 the scale Is approx 1/30th her length Is 48 Inches Including bowsprit, and has a beam of 10 Inch amidships. She Is totally scratch built, plank on frame, all the decks are Individually planked with black card In between , wheel house and all other parts are mahogany. She runs on a decaperm geared motor @ 6 volts, and the lighting system consists of 10 accommodation lights, port and starboard , wheelhouse, and both mast headlights,the large saloon skylight Is also lit up with a set of disco lights on a separate circuit. The funnel houses a heavy duty smoke unit switched on by switching unit.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by seafarer on the 19th Sep 2013
💭 HI Chiefpurser, Stardust looks really good, did you have problems with buoyancy, and how much does It weigh, how do you transport and launch such a big model?
Looks a good pool, where do you sale?
Response by Chiefpurser on the 23rd Sep 2013
HI thanks for the comments. No problems with buoyancy only 6oz lead to bring her upright, a bit tender but will be adding a further 16 oz of ballast before next outing. She will weigh 18 lbs. transport Is not a problem back seat of the car. Lifting and lowering Into lake with two strops. This Is not really a big model. I have one at 58 Inches. We sail In several locations In Scarborough, North Yorkshire. My next model Is already on the stocks and will be a jet boat a bit like a super doper cabin cruiser, own design and scratch built as per stardust. Regards jim
Micro sail - Posted: 6 years ago by CapnJim
Based on a footy length scow this 6" hull (ie half footy!) has 2CH RC (rudder and mainsail). 140gms (<5ozs.)

The four AAAA batteries are contained In the keel pod that also provides the ballast. Freeboard and stability good but catching the wind and sailing Is a learning curve!

Am trying to make one even smaller.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by markone on the 20th Mar 2014
Hello there

Just to tell you that I really like your minI Schooner and It seem to sail well also- I have often toyed with the Idea of building a footie but so far hav'nt got around to It - keep up the good work

Best wishes

Response by CapnJim on the 22nd Mar 2014
Hi, Thanks. Go for the footy! While this was fun to build there aren't that many days when I get a good sail out of this one. The wind close to the water Is very awkward and models need to be tall (in proportion to the length) which makes 'scale' models Indifferent sailors. Still worth building but a footy (in all Its forms) provides a greater range of good sailing conditions.

I have a scale footy Thames Sailing Barge (scratch built to my own design) and while good It to can't compete with Footy Class boats for the variety of conditions that are good for sailing.


Capn Jim.
Pacer Land Yacht - Posted: 6 years ago by CapnJim
Although not strictly speaking a boat It Is a yacht and fun when you can't get to the pond but fancy a sail!

Built from magazine free plans mainly of balsa, carbon mast and drafting film It Is just as challenging as normal RC sailing.

Operated on a 2CH Rc Is has front wheel steering. The wheels are model aircraft wheels. The rear outrigger wheels and mast can easily be dsmantled for transportation. The outrigger Is also ballasted to Improve handling.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by markone on the 20th Mar 2014
Very nice cutter- we need more models like this!
Please give my regards to Tony Searle If you know him

best wishes
Response by CapnJim on the 22nd Mar 2014

You don't see too many of these around but there are a number of plans available. In all the time I've had this I've not yet had a race with another! (You tend not to see yachts sailing In car parks...) Still, fun to sail - and a different technique to control, so needs practice. As with the full size land yachts the best Is sailing on two wheels.

The big difference Is that you keep your feet dry to recover a capsized yacht! 😊


Cap'n Jim.
AMELIE ROSE - Posted: 6 years ago by THECAPT2012
My little Hungry Sailor aboard AMELIE ROSE OF POOLE,
Scale model of a Scilly Isle pilot cutter from the ITV series
THE HUNGRY SAILORS. She Is scratch built 3/4 to 1 ft. The hull Is fibre glass on balsa plank with OpepI Oak deck, shes powered by a 700 auxiliary motor and Lipo battery, can be seen at Boundery Water Park.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

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