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Emma C Berry Fishing Smack - Posted: 4 months ago by Grumpy1949
this was how she was first built. as a lobster smack with wet wells to bring the catch back alive. she is 40ins single mast single jib massive amount of sail area. short heavy pond keel.aux motor fitted and auto bilge pump fitted. hates a breeze above 5 knots. when the main is out about half, she suddenly becomes lee helmed. will rectify this in the near future.
had a complete electrical at the pond, rescued by our rescue barge. difficult to keep on course, no wonder they went to schooner rig

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by RNinMunich on the 30th Apr 2018
Probably because -
"The root cause of lee helm is when the centre of pressure exerted by the wind on the sails falls too far forward of the centre of resistance of the hull—the natural point at which the hull tries to pivot. This tends to push the bow of the boat away from the wind. This can be due to a poor design, for example with the mast too far forward."
Good ol' Wiki! 😉
Nice build 👍 Be interesting to see how a schooner rigged model would behave. Cheers, Doug
PS love the Rescue Barge 👍
Response by Ron on the 12th May 2018
I was told by a boat yard, that the rudder placement was be far a stern with this type of rig. Where is it on this boat, your photos do not show the model out of the water.
Emma C Berry Schooner Rig - Posted: 4 months ago by Grumpy1949
built this one a few years ago. she is fitted with an aux motor only used when we were becalmed. bilge pump auto ops a couple of times in really high wind and foolishly left the topsail up. drop bulb keel installed. flyin jib loosely tethered to jib boom. she is about 30ins and the schooner rig fits quite nicely into the back of my outlander without demasting. she is lovely to sail

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Baggie on the 6th May 2018
Looks lovely.
Response by RNinMunich on the 20th May 2018
Super job👍
Lovely finish and nice clean lines, well done 😉
Response by carpemoment on the 21st May 2018
Beautiful work. Would you mind sharing some photos/info about your rc setup. Winches used, other servos, etc.
Emma C. Berry Conversion - Posted: 4 months ago by carpemoment
I purchased this kit 30 years ago. I finally finished it 8 years ago as a static model. Recently, I decided to convert it to a remote control model. We displayed it for a few years but when we moved and downsized, it had to go to storage. Overall it survived but the hull had some damage. Also, since I didn't build it with the intent of ever putting it into the water, I had to patch, seal, rethink, etc.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by carpemoment on the 5th May 2018
Rudder in place and functioning.
Response by carpemoment on the 20th May 2018
Lines and shrouds - check. Winch, rudder servo, ballast -- check, check, and check. Ready for her maiden voyage as soon as a last minute repair on the hatches dries.
Response by carpemoment on the 21st May 2018
Decided to sail her maiden voyage in a more controlled environment -- our condo pool. Rudder worked fine. Lines for sails got fouled up in the winch quickly. Wind was very light. A lot of sideways movement so I will have to increase the keel. I expected that but was hoping that it would be okay for pleasure cruising but there is clearly not enough underwater resistance to gain much control. With the lines fouled, a sudden 30 foot wave took her over and she turtled. BUT she didn't sink and she was a beauty while it lasted. Funny thing is my maiden cruise in my 14' Cyclone ended with capsizing for a similar reason. Only difference is it had been awhile since I had sailed and I forgot to let off the throttle when the wind picked up and a 100' wave took me over. Recovery with my Emma was much less challenging than with my Cyclone. 😀😉⛵️
2 Unknowns - Posted: 6 months ago by SelwynWilliams
Two models seen at the Plymouth Gin Factory in the Barbican. Whilst there I had to sample the product and chose the Plymouth Navy Gin, which is gunpowder proof at over 57% and like drinking a single malt compared to a blend. Recommended. We were in Plymouth for the IMASS shipwreck conference the next day, which ranged from Byzantine to WW1 Naval shipwrecks, including HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Baggie on the 9th Feb 2018
Lovely looking boats and you sound as if you had a great time in Plymouth too.
Affinity racing jacht - Posted: 7 months ago by watson220
Total lenght:650mm
Mast height :915mm
Overal height: 1338mm
RTR total weigh:1290g (without 4pcs AA batteries)
Hull material Plastic
Sail material : Mylar

*Completed hull with pre applied graphics.
*Two milar film sail sets
*Carbon fiber masts and booms ]2Rigs]
*Zinc alloy ballast and aluminium alloy fin
*Powerful sail winch
*Metal gear rudder servo
*Battery box an On/Off switch for receiver
*AA Nimh batteries 2200mAh for transmitter and
*rc/radio FrskyTaranis 2.4Ghz

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Baggie on the 5th Feb 2018
Is this for sail or just for info?
Response by watson220 on the 10th Feb 2018
The model is supplied from two sets of sails
Marblehead - Posted: 7 months ago by Ron
Ready go sailing! Added a Robbe sail winch and HS-322HD. Chose not to make a continuous loop for the winch but decided upon a single elastic sheet line which keeps tension on the winch w/o getting twisted up under the spools.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Donnieboy on the 31st Jan 2018
the deck looks great.I couldn't find a person in your area
to help with the lines and mast setup
Dragonflite 95's - Posted: 7 months ago by 00Trev
Last years trip to Abersoch, home of Sochsails and Tim Long

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
twin masted yacht - Posted: 7 months ago by SelwynWilliams
Model of a yacht displayed in The Ivy cafe on Weymouth Harbourside

Attached Photos - Click To View Large
Moonlight - Posted: 7 months ago by Gascoigne
This free sailing pond yacht has remained a treasured model from childhood. It “escaped” one holiday and sailed out across the bay at Tenby. It was retrieved a mile out to sea by persuading local boatman to pick it up. Hull carved and hollowed from wood. Must be well over 100 years old now. Sails well without rudder fitted.

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by Baggie on the 24th Jan 2018
It really looks treasured and, as usual with your work, very well maintained.
Theo 2 - Posted: 9 months ago by Sollis
10 r 45 years in a barn
1952 Littlejohn design
Nearly restored and ready for her first sail in a very long time

Attached Photos - Click To View Large

Response by jarvo on the 10th Dec 2017
Such beautiful lines, hope she sails as well as she looks

Response by Sollis on the 10th Dec 2017
I remember sailing her as a kid with the Braine gear which I didn't fully understand She certainly had a turn of speed

She had been raced in 1952 by her original owner and carries the Sheffield Model Yacht Club registration on her sails 1061
Response by SelwynWilliams on the 22nd Jan 2018
I have a yacht that has been in the family since the 50s at least, I must fix the missing rigging.

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