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All Recent Posts
from the Philippines by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 32 minutes ago
Hi Wellard, Let me introduce myself I'm FIGTREE7NTS an I want to Welcome you to the Model Boats Website! here you will find lots of information on model boating, and help when needed. make your self at home. on here you will find people from all over the place. I myself an from the U.S.A. Connecticut. and there's a lot of members over 3777....👍 so with that said Welcome Abound.

Soldering 1/12 Scale Brass Railings by Haverlock Admiral   Posted: 5 hours ago
First take a deep breath and calm down. Soldering is easy if your only using 2mm material I would get a reel of 60/40 cored solder. Use a decent sized electric soldering iron. Clean all your joints well ( use a fine abrasive like 600 wet and dry). Apply the iron to the joint then apply the solder remove solder remove iron. You made a joint repeat until you have done. Try not to burn yourself. Clean any flux with meths and an abrasive.

Amara by Rod Petty Officer   Posted: 6 hours ago
Thanks for your kind comments Cheers

from the Philippines by analyst Apprentice   Posted: 12 hours ago
Hi everyone. I'm wellard, i have just registered to the forum and i'm glad i found this one. I'm from the Philippines

Aldridge Model Boat Club by Sparkman Seaman   Posted: 15 hours ago
I am sure members will be interested,we have had these friendly completions before , what club are you in? We would need to find suitable dates ( could possibly do a home event and away event ) we have a meeting on 12 th march I will ask members their opinions then . Need more info from you e.g. Email ,venue/ club ,location or website .thanks Brian, aldridgemodelboatclub@

Amara by figtree7nts Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 17 hours ago
Great job on your Tug, I like her weathering and her detailing is superb! 👍👍👍

I PHONE APP by cenbeth Captain   Posted: 18 hours ago
That sounds very similar to my iPad.

I PHONE APP by RHBaker Captain   Posted: 19 hours ago
The problem on my I Phone is that, once opened, you cannot open the Featured Articles or the Recent Pots categories. These can be selected, but the posts remain unopened for hours. E even if the phone is turned off/on. This is also intermittent as sometimes it works perfectly.

I PHONE APP by cenbeth Captain   Posted: 19 hours ago
Hi Stephen, My iPad only allows me to open Recent posts now and again (like now), so I haven't been able to explore its features. I have had to use Safari to view. Regards Edward

I PHONE APP by Fireboat Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 20 hours ago
What part of it is not working? I only know of one bug currently, uploading photos in posts causes the app to crash. Working on that now with a view to release a new version in the coming weeks. No other issues I'm aware of? Stephen

For sale ww2 corvette class by Nev01 Seaman   Posted: 21 hours ago
Hi thankyou , where abouts are you ?

I PHONE APP by RHBaker Captain   Posted: 1 day ago
Once the new site had settled down the phone app worked well. All of a sudden it has stopped working - has anybody any ideas?

Amara by Rod Petty Officer   Posted: 1 day ago
I built this one from a Caldercraft kit and powered it with a twin screw steam engine Model has steam horn sound together with bilge pump and fully equipped lighting system Have extensively weathered the model to create realism to imitate what it probably looked like after many years steaming and working round the world in the 1930's A smoke generator has also been fitted which together with the twin screw steam engine gives a realistic look when on the water

Aldridge Model Boat Club by Gregg Fleet Admiral!   Posted: 1 day ago
I was asking if you and your club members would be interested in some interclub fun racing, not a link for your club site.

For sale ww2 corvette class by TheBlacksmith Petty Officer   Posted: 1 day ago
Looks fantastic but i can not collect good luck with a sale