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    Re: 40'' Seaplane Tender, new build. mods and improvements.
    Ahah a Vampire no less - have about 6 or 7 hours flight time in a DH Vampire T11 courtesy RRAF . First jolly as a raw recruit - was told by pilot - I'm the Captain and will leave the ship last - but if I say "Eject" and you say "What" you will be talking to yourself........... Love them Went up to 49,000ft - wallowing well - then vertical dive . Reading the dymo tape on the dash "Thou shalt not exceed 550 knots" as the ASI crept up to 600 with the canopy shaking like a leaf ....... Pulling out at 20,000 but only leveling out at about 10,000 but was too busy staring at the floor unable to move - don't know how many G - but sure it was in excess of limits....... Could not wait to go up again........... Have a plan for a ducted fan Vampire - but gave up flying years ago when distracted for a second by a stupid question - the newly built Bipe tried to demolish the wall of the ablution block (the only building on the field). Eyesight also deteriorated afterwards and now after a double cataract op see better than in my youth - but responses are no longer up to scratch........ As to Lipos - have a couple of hard celled ones like giant
    AA batteries
    , one soft cell 7.4v and two small Lifes 6.6V? Not used any one of them yet - electrics & myself do not get on - years ago trying to put courtesy lights in my Cortina Mk1 GT was called for lunch - and then promptly asked if the car should be smoking like that ...... The Cressida was very popular here , the one you have is a great version. Invited especially to the local launch of the Cressida as the company I worked for had a fleet of 600 odd vehicles........ and I was responsible for the transport division........
    5 months ago by redpmg
    Fast attack craft
    Any battery when abused causes problems - even good old Ni-cads - there were a few pictures of exploded boats in MB magazine - one a Sun tug split in half when the owner tried to fast charge non fast charge Ni-cads. I had a melt down with two dissimilar Ni-cad packs using a Graupner servo type switch speed controller - the smaller pack burst into flame - fortunately on a test rig. Possibly what is different about Lipos is they take far less abuse than the other types - so if you are careless with your batteries it would probably be safer to avoid them... Has anyone any knowledge of the Lipo's which look like double sized
    AA batteries
    ? I have 4 and a charger - not sure how to use them ........
    5 months ago by redpmg
    (Working Vessel) Mowe 2
    I hadn't build a RC model for over 45 years, so as a 60th Birthday present my wife bought me this Aeronaut Mowe 2 kit, complete with all the RC equipment; motor, servo, transmitter and receiver, ESC unit etc. It was a great kit to build and took me about 3 months from start to finish. The hull was a bit tricky, but a tube of P38 and lots of sanding, re-filling with light balsa filler, re-sanding, finishing and painting and patience won through! Not a brilliant finish, but an ideal boat to get my hand back-in to modelling. When sailing, the boat needed a bit of ballast in the form of 2 old
    AA batteries
    in the bow to keep it stable and level in the water at speed! (ESC: Aeronaut) (8/10)
    12 months ago by StuartE
    (Yacht) Catharine
    Uses 4
    AA batteries
    to power the Spektrum Receiver and two servos. Mast is 22” Boom 20” Sail material is from Doyle Sailmakers inc. 2.2oz Fibrermax nylon from Challenge Sailcloth Draft is 3” Bean 8” (9/10)
    2 years ago by Ron

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