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    Night Watch
    FLEET TO ALL UNITS: Good news Gadies and Lentlemen😊 My captors were fool enough to lock me in the Wine & Spirits cellar under the restaurant. While my guard nipped out for a drag (the tobacco variety!!) I managed to slip several bottles of hi-proof vodka into the staff beer barrel. They are now all comfortably πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ing so it was a doddle to obtain the keys 😁 and trundle home in the manager's Merc. With a few choice cartons of wine of courseπŸ˜‹ Many thanks all for offers of assistanceπŸ‘ and Meeeow to Errol, no rabbits in the park but several squirrels, grey and red-brown. Looking forward to Texan
    & Schnitzel Cash, Chorizo Sausage?πŸ”₯πŸ˜› For future reference, in case they try something again, a small seaplane (Alaska style) could probably make it in to the larger southern part of the lake. Tie up to bridge on eastern side of the island. Clearing south of the lake suitable for small troop glider, or LL Drop from the Herc. Tree cover and high ground east of the lake suitable for stealth approach to the restaurant at the north end. Avoid Biergarten (for obvious reasonsπŸ™„) until after successful conclusion of action!! After this ordeal (locked up in a wine cellar, Hic😁) Surgeon Commander has insisted on signing me off for a weeks rest.😊 Now I'm hungry (all the suggestions of food!) so I'm off to the galley to make me a Chicken Sweet n Sour with Splecial Flied Lice πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ Cheers All, thanks again: FLEET// 😎
    7 months ago by RNinMunich
    Night Watch
    Begin transmission........Dispatch to Fleet-for your eyes only!! (And the other members of the Night Watch😁) Am dispatching members of the Texan Volunteer Navy. They should arrive midnight-30 your time. Drop off by C130 low level insertion. At 0100 your time, proceed to the waiting food truck. It will be advertising
    and Schnitzels. The code word is β€œmeow”. You will be taken to a safe house about 30 klicks from your domicile. There you will be given a change of clothes, food, and some EZEbuilt plans. Later, you will be picked up by one of our operatives and returned home. Both the CIA and MI6 are tracking this operation, and will intercede in your behalf should something go awry. Godspeed Fleet!! CPO Cash Hargett-Texas Navy .............transmission ends
    7 months ago by Cashrc

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