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    Futaba F-14 Conversion Problem!
    I had purchased the Futaba F-14 Controller. To convert it to dual throttle! This was an easy step! I had purchased the 2.4ghz controller! But, I was having problems. With the expansion modules! No matter, what I did. I couldn't get the expansion modules to work! So, I sent the modules back to
    Cornwall Model Boats
    . They in turn sent the modules back to Germany! So, It turns out that the Modules do work! WITH A 40MHZ CONTROLLER! So, Now I have to take the Controller. And convert it back to 40mhz from 2.4ghz! So, the 2.4ghz controllers aren't compatible. With the Expansion modules! SO, IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE. THE FUTABA F-14 PURCHASE THE 40MHZ UNIT! THAT'S THE ONE TO PURCHASE. As the 2.4ghz unit doesn't work.☹️ With the Expansion modules! A very expensive lesson learned! Now, I have to purchase. A 40mhz reciever and a set of Crystals! Then maybe the unit will work🀞!
    3 months ago by figtree7nts
    Reverted back to 40mhz!
    Today I reverted my controller. Back to 40mhz which was simple to do. I've been told to do this. In order to have the controller work correctly! As the Engineers in Germany said so! Cornwall Model Boat most likely. Will NOT be selling the 2.4ghz controller. As it's not compatible with the expansion modules! And
    Cornwall Model Boats
    were not told this fact!
    3 months ago by figtree7nts
    Re: Supplies Arrived!
    Hi Colin, I was told by Glenn from
    Cornwall Model Boats
    . That the folks in Germany tried everything. To get the 2.4ghz unit to work. And it couldn't be done! So, when you purchase the 2.4ghz controller. It can't be expanded! This is why I'm converting back to 40mhz! The Modules won't work with the 2.4ghz conversion! If I were you I would get the 40mhz controller. If your planning to expand the controller! Cheers, Ed PS. If purchasing the 2.4ghz controller. It gives you 8 channels that's all!
    3 months ago by figtree7nts
    Re: Arctic Convoy
    Agree with Martin Marky - get a minimum 4 channel - the VERY limited range of most of the Chinese type can be very frustrating and put you off RC - plus they don't usually have any speed control........simply forward & reverse....... Howes always have a lot of RC sets on special - but make sure its one with a decent range . Ask at the time of purchase - dealers are honest and will tell if its limited range like the old T5 & T7's although a lot of model boaters like them...........They are usually OK as long as you don't sail almost out of sight......... When you want to use it in another boat you can simply transfer the receiver + ESC and get another servo - they are cheap these days. Or if you are feeling flush you can buy another receiver etc as well. Looking at the Howes Models advert in MB special 2019 they have 4 channel Transmitter plus Receiver starting at +-40quid (not sure of range - its a new Planet type) - mtronics esc's at 20quid - servos at 5quid........... Their site is fairly user friendly and the prices seem to be good. others to try would be would be The Model Dockyard and
    Cornwall Model Boats
    . Hobby King is cheap too - but delivery can take a while unless its from the "UK" warehouse - mixed up deliveries are not unheard of either.........
    3 months ago by redpmg
    Re: Glue, Glue, and more Glue!
    Hi Martin, I had sent the unit back to
    Cornwall Model Boats
    . They sent them back to Germany! Where they are being tested! I should be recieving new replacements. Within a month's time! I hope!🀞
    4 months ago by figtree7nts
    No, 16 channel Upgrade!
    Well after many attempts. I believe the 16 channel decoder. Isn't working have sent an email. To
    Cornwall Model Boats
    . Am now waiting for a response!
    5 months ago by figtree7nts
    Work with Balsa wood
    Hi Colin, May not be the right thing to say, but I'm glad I'm not alone with the rash problem. Thinking back, I think the balsa that affected me came from a local craft shop. I've been very wary about buying any since then, but did have a few strips which I wanted for a particular purpose, from
    Cornwall Model Boats
    which didn't affect me. Any strip wood I've wanted since then, and I seem to use quite a lot, I've bought lime. It's a lot harder but I like working with it - and that helps a lot! Sheet material, I use ply quite successfully. probably because I'm used to it, I built numerous real dinghies with it in days gone by, but that's another story! I hadn't remembered Ezekote, but I used it on a kit boat, the first model I built. Nerys
    6 months ago by Nerys
    Batteries in a DX5e
    Hi Doug, I was meaning more here in NZ, as I know you have some nice shops in the UK and Germany etc ( I have bought quite a bit from
    Cornwall Model Boats
    who give really good service) and a few years ago was buying IC engines and parts from Just Engines in Shaftsbury who were a great bunch with spot on service and advice. A list of good shops would be great Doug as if you are not in the country you quite often don't get to know good local shops. When I was working on Norfolk Island (SP) in the 70s there was a shop called the 'Mini Golf shop' owned by a lady named Agnes who was incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of modeling ( it's where I bought all my models, motors and radios at the time as they were tax and duty free, - bought an OS FS 60 motor when they first came out for around $160 Aust for eg, in NZ a year later they were about 6-$700 NZ). The shop was tiny (about the size of a double garage and was packed to the roof with model stuff from all around the world,- a real modelers paradise and it was known worldwide . Sadly it has been gone for many years as the tax system changed due to Australian interference, (they have now taken over completely) and is now just Lego and other crap (although at one time they sold more Lego than any shop in the world from the new -1980s shop) . I doubt whether there would be many shops in the world as exciting to enter as that old one these days.
    8 months ago by jbkiwi
    Aerokits Plans
    ".... I think this might be one for our 'Dodgygeezer'!? He runs a site with some vintage plans..........Just tried 'em and they don't work.πŸ€” At best they'll redirect Dodgy's site needs updating!....." Yes, indeed. My sites (unusually for me!) try to comply with current legislation. Very simply, this means that I need to get permission from the rights holder, or declare the item to be an 'orphan'. If you want a discussion of my interpretation of the current copyright legislation, ask for it in a separate thread! In general, where vintage model kits are still being sold, I do not publish plans, since these can be obtained commercially. All the plans which are available for free from my sites either come with explicit written permission from the rights holder, or documented evidence that I have researched the history and found any rights holder to be unavailable. That is the case, for example, for all 'Marinecraft' models, which were created by Model Aerodrome Ltd, merged with Model Aircraft (Bournemouth) Ltd, became Model Aircraft Stores, and then reverted to Model Aerodrome. At some point in the 1970/80s the kits were discontinued, and Model Aerodrome was sold to an entrepreneur in 1987 who resurrected the business under the name 'ModelZone'. This went bust in 2013, and W.H.Smith bought the name to sell imported model cars under. Their legal department do not seem to know whether with that they also obtained the rights to some model boat plans designed in the 1950s by a company started in the 1930s. Nor do they seem to care. They have, of course, no existing plan data, so as usual I have to reverse engineer from surviving examples.. Tracking this kind of thing is complex, and the Aerokits models have been through a bewildering series of ownership (and claimed ownership). Often this seems to be the same people trading under different names. At the moment SLEC seem to be making (and selling) the kits, while
    Cornwall Model Boats
    , Jotika, Lesro and Vintage Model Works and a good few others all distribute them. Of particular interest is Belair, who have an agreement with Colin Smith to produce the old Phil Smith range of kits. But while all these are being commercially provided I will refer plan requests to the rights holders. Tracking all this it time-consuming, but it looks as if I should do a bit of link updating at some point...
    9 months ago by DodgyGeezer
    The Anchor
    There’s no anchor supplied in the Vintage Model Works metal fittings kit and I thought it would be good to include one as an additional deck feature, again following the NMM model that I’m using as a reference. First I made the chain hawse pipe from some styrene tube by heating and bending it in a former and then selecting a small part of it that has the correct degree of bend. This was then fixed to a circular plasticard flange and the base drilled to take a small brass shackle pin that the chain will fix to. A 2mm brass nut secures this pin to the hawse pipe. A couple of brushed coats of gunmetal grey finishes the piece. The deck was drilled to take the shackle pin and this piece is screwed into the deck without any need for glue. The anchor is a Hall type anchor from
    Cornwall Model Boats
    and this needed a bit of fettling with files to improve the finish, it was then sprayed with grey etch primer and a couple of coats of satin lacquer. I drilled a 1mm hole through the bottom of the anchor for a retaining pin. The chain, also from CMB, if fixed to the shackle pin in the hawse pipe with a slightly larger link made from some brass wire. I made a retaining piece for the anchor to sit in that incorporates the anchors retaining pin, this is made from some scraps of obeche strip superglued together but I had to file a recess into it so that the anchor would sit correctly. This was finished with some antique pine stain and a lacquer finish and fixed down to the deck with a couple of 1mm threaded brass rivets and a dab of superglue for good measure. Another brass wire link connects the chain to the anchor and the short length on chain will be tacked down to the deck with a spot or two of glue. In retrospect the anchor and chain look very slightly too small in scale, the dimensions on the CMB site are a little misleading ☹️, but overall the piece looks quite good on the deck πŸ˜€
    9 months ago by robbob

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