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    The Display Stand
    With the annual club exhibition coming up I made a display stand for the boat, the construction is just the same as the one I made for my RAF Crash Tender. I had to make some card templates of the hull at the bow and stern to get the end panels the right shape and transferred these to a pair of drawings allowing for a strip of 10mm thick neoprene foam to cushion the hull. The end panels were cut from 10mm ply and the side rails are 8mm softwood set into the end panels and just glued and pinned. After a thorough rub down I gave the stand three coats of a
    stain before fitting the self- adhesive neoprene strips. I had a pair of engraved brass plaques made up with a description of the boat, one for each side and Mike Cummings at Vintage Model Works very kindly supplied some VMW stickers to go on each side πŸ‘ and there are some Model-Boats.com stickers on there too πŸ‘πŸ˜€. I’m just contemplating the construction of a transport and storage case for this model and a recent thread on this site has been very helpful in highlighting some strong but lightweight plastics that may do the job.
    2 years ago by robbob
    40'' Seaplane Tender, new build R
    Most of the motor electrics fitted (just rudder servo and lights to set up yet.) Sprayed a few coats of heavy acrylic undercoat on and sanded back. Will spray another coat or two before top coat. Weather was good for painting today, so set it up and sprayed it outside in the sun. Both motor covers are now glued to the bulkhead so the coamings come off as one piece as previously mentioned. Made a
    door for the aft cabin and will probably do the same for the internal door from the wheelhouse. Faired the shaft tubes as well with some West System resin and filler powder.. Gets a bit more exciting when you can start painting. May give the coamings a spray yet, but need to make sure I don't need to correct anything. Ordered the grab rail stanchions from CMB, also another sound unit from Ali Express. I have dozens of coloured LEDs for the lights (miniature Xmas string lights) which I bought on an end of year sale which are perfect for nav and interior lights (just cut off what you need and solder on some leads). They seem to handle the voltage ok . The clear ones I usually paint dark yellow to get a more realistic colour, and power them with a small 2 AA battery compartment (which comes with the lights) which is wired to a remote switch. Haven't done a lot the past week as I've had a bad case of the plague and I'm just getting back into things.
    2 years ago by jbkiwi
    A return to the hobby!
    I sourced all the wood from SLEC in Norfolk, who I can highly recommend; although I did buy some
    , and Obeche stripwood from Hobbies, who were also very helpful. Build was straightforward, the key (as I remembered from my youth!) is to keep everything symmetrical, and watch for any twisting of the keel. Post some pics as you progress. How far along are you?
    2 years ago by J Barry
    Completing the Superstructure
    The superstructure was sprayed with white primer and a top coat of appliance white. Port holes fitted. Windows glazed. The funnel was made from a toothpaste tube. It has a nice tapered flange. The funnel guys are copper wire and the turn buckles each made from 2mm brass tube and two ring pins. These were soft soldered together. The deck was planked using 0.5x5mm
    strips. The handrail stanchions and brass handrail wire were purchased from Modelboat bits. The engine telegraph units manufactured from wood doweling and brass items. The forward doors made out of
    strips. Additional Info Port holes - Alwayshobbies.com Ringpins -These were found in a craft shop in the jewellery section. Brass tube - B&Q Spray paint - Halfords
    strips - left over from another project but can be found online.
    2 years ago by Hillro

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