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    Re: 40'' Seaplane Tender, new build. mods and improvements.
    Be careful with all that wiring JB - you might start getting smoke for the wrong reason ...... Seriously she's looking good but you need to get on with another project before you sink her with all the extra weight.............. Did the same with the
    Police Boat
    so there's a large speaker fitment behind the stern doors and a siren unit with 9v battery stolen from my childs bike plus an old fashioned flasher unit for the blue light - all in the superstructure - made her top heavy and started to wallow instead of planing..........all history now except the LED flasher..........
    5 months ago by redpmg
    Re: Conclusion.
    Hi Peter, "This was good as well but it would be nice if the blue flashing light was a little brighter." Are you using the same flashing circuit as in your
    Police Boat
    ? If so, reduce the resistor on the output pin of the 555 (pin 3) to 180 or 150Ohms. Cheers, Doug 😎
    10 months ago by RNinMunich
    The Searchlight & Horns
    When I built my RAF Crash Rescue Tender my brother made a searchlight base for me on his lathe from a drawing I supplied and at the time I asked for an additional one in case I made a hash of it. Fortunately I didn’t need it at the time and still had the spare one in my bits box and so it made sense to use this for the searchlight on the Thames
    Police Boat
    . The new base was made in much the same way as the previous one, the detail is in my Crash Tender blog: https://model-boats.com/blogs/23951 The white metal casting of the searchlight body is very well made and only requires a little fettling to remove casting lines and as this searchlight will not be a working one I used the prototype lens from my previous searchlight build to fit into base. A short plastic rod was push fitted into the lens base with a disc of silver foil at the lens end to enhance the reflection in the optical path. This piece acts as a support for the lens instead of the LED unit and is glued into the body which I had previously painted black internally. A perspex disc was made to cover the front of the lens, and a β€˜tri-form’ front piece was made from some 22mm copper pipe and some brass wire which was soft soldered together. Before the front was glued in place all the parts were sprayed with a grey etch primer and a couple of coats of satin lacquer. The finished assembly is fixed to the roof with a 3mm threaded stud and a wing nut to make removal easy with a circular plasticard base between the two. The twin horns are from RB Model in Poland and they just needed to be sprayed with etch primer and lacquer before fixing to the roof. The boat is now looking more like the real thing, just a little more detailing to add including the life ring, roof aerial, flagstaff and a few more deck fittings. 😊
    11 months ago by robbob

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