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    Here are the various smoker versions I've made and the vape coils and tank I have used. Also the Heng Long smoker in standard form and the modified forms - box with fan, fan on tank and one converted to a pulsing air pump (red side outlet) All items were bought from Ali Express, but can be found on EBay etc. I have used the Vaporesso brand tank and coil which seem well made. The 'VECO' tank I bought comes in a proper box with authentication laser sticker and a spare tank glass, spare element and spare o-ring set, very nice! You will need to make an
    if you use these, as they are made to be part of a complete device which houses the battery (which you don't need) The coil or tank have the body as one contact and an insulated inner (with coil) which is the other contact (see pics mine and Grahams to see methods used. I've shown here the independant coil attachment and the tank attachment methods I used in my applications. There are dozens of vape manufacturers and device types so it's up to you to work out how you will do it, $$ etc. I know these versions work well as long as you can get good controllable air flow and and control / set the voltage (regulators cheap on Ali Express in various forms). Happy smoking!😊orπŸ˜‰ JB, R&D at the SmoketoryπŸ˜‰
    8 months ago by jbkiwi
    two part epoxy resin
    Try using the toothpaste tube β€œ
    ”, as used to squeeze out the tooth paste. See picture. Cheers for now. ken
    12 months ago by KenThompson
    Turnigy A-6-10 200W Balance charger & discharger
    Hi Mike, 1. You don't need that
    , aka Balancer Board. Primarily for LiPo batteries so that the charger can measure individual cell voltages and adjust them accordingly so that they are all the same +/- 100mV or so. So called balancing. Unless you have a rare breed of NiMh with a balancer cable attached you don't need this. 2. 9.5V for an 8 cell NiMh (nominal 9.6) sounds good for new batteries. Nevertheless, I recommend you get a capacity meter, see pic lower battery is a new 4.8V NiMh, upper a LiPo, which will tell you the 'true' state of the battery. For a new, unused NiMh I would expect a capacity of around 40%. Consensus says new NiMh packs should be cycled 3 or 4 times through a discharge / charge cycle to condition them for use and minimise the dreaded 'Memory Effect'. Set the discharge current to no more than 1Amp, charge current 0.5A (500mA) and charge for 11 hours for your 5000mAh packs. The charger should take care or the timing. It should also gradually reduce the charge current as the battery approaches full charge. The charger should detect Full Charge by a process known as Delta Peak; when fully charged the battery reaches a Peak voltage. If you continue charging the battery becomes 'overcharged' and the voltage dips slightly, the Delta in the Peak voltageπŸ˜‰. A good charger should detect this and switch off. Cheers, Doug 😎
    1 year ago by RNinMunich

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