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    Night Watch
    I think farting and setting the sofa on fire might be a neat party trick, although it would be a one shot kind of thing...unless you have a really good fire extinguisher. Or a plentiful supply of sofas. Hey!!! I got it, a literal stroke of genius! We can breed dragons to expel Co2 instead of flames. Shoot, feed them a steady diet of say, fish and
    baking soda
    you might even get a little foam! Would work great next time the LT and I go rabbit hunting in the lake. Think of it...one fire breather, one foamer, a couple of Bofors guns and a 6 pounder and we’re in business! Y’know, Dragons are supposed to be pretty intelligent, they might decide they want rank and pay too. Just sayin’.
    6 months ago by Cashrc
    Hints and Tips.
    I’ll buy what I need, but I am a CASO at heart (Cheap *** Studebaker Owner) so I will recycle things such as pushrods and clevises. When I flew RC combat I built models en masse, so once I was done with that I found myself with a lot of cut down pushrods around 5-6 inches long. I’ll take those, cut them in half and use small carbon fiber or fiberglass tube cut to length and ca the cut pushrod halves into the tube, making a very stiff, strong light pushrod. If the pushrod half’s slip too much in the tube, then before gluing, I’ll tweak a slight bend or nick the metal so it gets a good purchase inside the tube then run thin ca into the joint. Never had one fail. Also,
    baking soda
    and thin ca acts like concrete, makes a decent filler but can be ugly if over done. Don’t breath the fumes!!! Sometimes I’ll have small parts that need to be painted, and my lack of patience makes want to paint the thing in one shot. If it’s a part where the bottom is glued down and won’t be seen, I’ll tack glue a scrap piece of balsa stick to the bottom, paint the part then gently put the stick in the vise to keep the assembly upright while the paint dries, then break off the stick and glue the painted part in place.
    9 months ago by Cashrc
    46'' RAF Crash Tender
    Thinks - "Bluebottle my good man, bring me that can of sardines, some No 8 wire, a packet of
    baking soda
    " and a bucket of steam" John
    11 months ago by jbkiwi
    Hints and Tips.
    FILLING AND GLUING TIP Hi Guys, I picked this tip up many years ago and used it with great success. This is mainly for the beginner or less experienced Model maker. First place a strip of masking tape about 1mm ether side of the joint and press down. Using a flat blade apply the plastic filler/glue with light pressure. Then remove the masking tape before the filler/glue dries. Allow time for the filler/glue to dry hard and then Sand down with fine sand paper to the required finish. You may have to repeat this a second time as the filler/glue sometimes tends to shrink. I do not know if this tip will work if you use
    baking soda
    and ca glue, you may have difficulty removing the masking tape. You can see in the photos that I even used this method on the bilge keels and the propellers shaft area of my Gato submarine. This method saves a lot of time when sanding down. I hope this helps. Martin.
    1 year ago by Martin555

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