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    We were very lucky as Boys ,as my dad was chief production engineer in a variety of different works and taught us metalwork ,welding and other skills from an early age and let us have time in the workshop at weekends if it wasn't busy, to work on our projects many a bicycle was chopped and altered after the film easy rider came out (my youngest brother still customizes motor
    ) ,we also built a trike with a BSA Bantam engine ,
    7 months ago by marky
    My hobby car group’s Toy Drive
    It’s a Hawk. Same thing as the Silver Hawk, they just dropped the Silver off the name about the same time the Golden Hawk was discontinued. We have a group of bikers here do the same thing, it’s a huge deal. Saw them on the highway one time heading to drop off toys and it was a long line of
    7 months ago by Cashrc
    Re-purposing an old Hull.
    Doug the Masai do actually have cellphones - one of a SA cellphone company's biggest customers is Kenya - they provide the towers etc and even in Mozambique you can buy a sim card at any old isolated store and connect quickly. Not sure the Mongols don't either.............. They ride motor
    a lot nowadays instead of horses & camels too...........
    8 months ago by redpmg
    RE- Yet another problem to sort jb, No problem really Peter, more just a slight nuisance. All of my boats weep oil slightly and it's a bit like the old British motor
    (BSA, Triumph etc) saying, 'when they stop leaking oil it's time to put more in' (my BSA B31 and B40 were prime examples)πŸ˜€ Thanks for the offer on the grease, appreciated, but we have all the different types available here. Probably not allowed to send it these days anyhow!) - nothing remotely flamable,-couldn't even buy a new empty, fluid type Zippo styled lighter on line for my son, had to buy an electronic one! The Lithium is quite good for most things and there is also a similar one which is Calcium Sulfonate, which has even better properties but a bit more expensive and not really warranted. Have included a pic of some SKF grease which looks good but the main problem I have with using grease is getting it into the shaft tube and through the bearings (with shields), and once you put it in you can no longer use oil and will have to try and clean it out before doing that again. A small problem with plain white lithium grease is that it can go hard and 'cake' with age, although if the shaft tube is full it would help stop water getting in as you said. Very little oil weeps out when running as the Teflon washers on the shafts push up and close off the bearings. Only an issue in the car or at home (hence the tray) JB
    9 months ago by jbkiwi
    Help required
    What an interesting childhood you must have had Nery's. I have always liked cargo ships, when we were small boys my dad used to take my brothers and I for a Sunday walk which nearly always ended at Leith docks which like every other docks in the 60s was really busy, I still remember the guards at the Dock gates and the trains running backwards and forwards. Also remember seeing a whole load of union Johnny's coming down a gangplank with their
    to sell unions around Edinburgh πŸ‘
    9 months ago by marky
    Pond Weed
    Hi ikseno, probably the best way to see the city is by boat and going down to Waiheke Island (and other islands) on the ferries (high speed cats) is great if you are into wine (lots of vineyards on the island and a festival with music each year (rhythm & vines I think) which is real popular with locals and tourists alike, - ferries are packed when that's on. Fullers ferries have 21 vessels between Auckland and the Bay Of Islands up North and have some great destinations. I occasionally go for a ride (I get transport (ferries, trains and buses) for free on my pensioners Gold Card. I can go from outside my door to the city (20km) get off the bus, walk 100m to the ferries or 200m to the trains and go anywhere I want in the Auckland area. Great on a nice day if you're short of something to do. Longest boat trip I can do is about 28km between Gulf Harbour Marina and the city. There are tours etc on classic wooden boats as well plus sailing on ex Americas Cup and restored Sir Peter Blakes'Whitbread racers. Never get bored! My "thing" is almost anything that involves building. Full sized small boats, scale (ish) electric boats, R/C planes (converted all my IC planes (18) to electric) cars, motor
    etc. All in all I've had 20 cars, 12 motor
    and 12 boats many of which I've re-built - 18 R/C planes and 5 electric boats, also built 5 trailers . Just can't help myself ! I need help!!
    1 year ago by jbkiwi
    Yorkshireman refit- rear deck
    No turning back now I thought this was going to be straight forward. I've decided to put the main bridge superstructure to one side of the work bench and forget it, for now. In the past I found its easy to try to do to much, you get bogged down,disheartened and loose interest. So the next job now the decks are off was to check the rudders operation. It did seem a bit vague,the boat came with a full set of working radio gear. 4x6volt batteries in banks of 2 that took a charge well. A steering servo and 2x decaperm geared 6v motors turning in opposite directions with handed 4 bladed screws. The rudder cranks were white metal that didn't grip the rudder shafts tight enough, hence the vagueness, 1 motor was loose on the mountings, the other had a cracked gear box cover. Is it me, this scenario seems so reminiscent of so many good looking cars and
    I've bought over the last 40 years, only to find within a couple of weeks you've got "sucker" written across your forehead, and a lame dog on your hands. These to me are the type of challenge I like. There the only ones I know come to think of it. New kits are for pussies? Jokingly. Anyway if someone in the past has taken all that time and effort to turn a silk purse into a pigs ear, I look at it as a challenge to turn it back into its former glory. None of the hatch tops were square especially the covers for the rudder cranks, and as can be seen in the accompanying photos the deck holes weren't raised to stop water ingress. I re cut the holes to help fit new cranks and fitted 10mm up stands, made new sheet hatch covers then refitted the original hinges and handles. Also while cleaning the loose paint layers off the outer stern bulwark, I uncovered the original name of the boat. It was originally a "Yorkshireman" hence my goal to turn a Irishman into a Yorkshireman. Apparently after a bit of reading up they were sister ships in real time and were built not 20miles from me at Selby, Yorkshire around 1976.
    1 year ago by Rogal118

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