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    Ken, No, an air pump should give you a steady flow of smoke. Something like the one in the link would work. I used one I salvaged from a
    blood pressure monitor
    . The pulsing smoke I have on my exhaust smoker is produced by a bit of electronics switching the air pump on and off. Graham93
    3 years ago by Graham93
    Re: Please be so kind as to post details of your material suppliers, including appropriate URLs. And here is the DC-DC converter I have used to drop the LiPo 2S voltage down to 3v for the coil. The only other items are an air pump which I salvaged from a defunct
    blood pressure monitor
    and the control electronics which I scratch built. Graham93
    3 years ago by Graham93
    Re: Exhaust Smoker
    Hi JB, I've tried a couple of air pumps and prefer the one salvaged from the
    blood pressure monitor
    as it is a diaphragm pump which seems to give it more grunt, despite running on a lower voltage. It is also smaller than the other one I tried so it was easier to fit under the footwell floor. Your original posts got me thinking about how to solve the challenge of making something that gives a realistic effect. I love a challenge like that ๐Ÿ˜€. Now you have suggested it needs sound to go with it. Just when I thought we were nearly there ๐Ÿ™„. Something else to think about... Graham93
    3 years ago by Graham93
    Exhaust Smoker
    Following several weeks experimenting, and lots of discussion with jbkiwi, the exhaust smoker is now installed in the Crash Tender. The heart of the device is an e-cig tank and coil. This was adapted with an acrylic end piece to allow connection of power and air. The 2ml capacity of the e-cig is a bit limiting so an expansion tank made from acrylic tube was added to give a fluid capacity of around 10ml. The smoker fluid is 75% vegetable glycerine. The coil in the e-cig is designed to work from a single cell LiPo battery. A power converter drops the voltage from the boat's 2S battery down to 3.5V with a claimed efficiency of 98%. This voltage is adjustable which allows control of the amount of smoke produced. Forced air is provided by a small diaphragm pump salvaged from a defunct
    blood pressure monitor
    . This pushes air through the e-cig. The resulting smoke is fed into the cooling water line between the ESC and the exhaust ports. As the smoker is most effective simulating the engine 'ticking over' a water pump is used to create some water flow when the main propulsion motor isn't running. This adds more realism to the effect. An electronic controller based on PIC microchips connects to the throttle channel and pulses the air pump at a rate determined by the throttle setting. It also runs the water pump at a slow speed, and controls the power to the smoke generator coil. If the throttle is held at maximum for a couple of seconds, the smoker pumps and coil are switched off to save on battery consumption. With the throttle at idle, a quick blip forward on the throttle will start the smoker again. Power consumption is around 0.7A on a 2S LiPo. The two pumps are mounted below the footwell floor and the smoke generator is fixed to the bulkhead at the rear of the engine room. My thanks go to jbkiwi for his encouragement and suggestions during the development of this feature. Graham93
    3 years ago by Graham93

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