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    That one turned out quite well Martin. I was on the lookout for some sort of can to put the tank in and was prowling round our local Bunnings home depot/hardware store and was in the plumbing section when I suddenly had an epiphany. Remembered I had 40mm waste pipe at home so I bought 2 end caps and a bit of sanding drilling and fitting later, voila' version X. not that small but plenty small enough to go in most boats and very easy to make. There is a turn of loose wire inside so I can lift the tank up to fill it. Strange that it would not work as planned with a bottom air feed, and had to work in reverse. Not to worry, it makes houseloads of smoke, is self contained and easy to fill, (end caps are just a push fit and the top holds the tank in place by the mouth piece) which is pretty much what I was after. I know we can use the vape coils now and I'm sure I can make a small version with just a coil (same idea as the alloy one, - just need to make or find a smaller can) not too worried at the moment as I think I have enough smoke devices for now. Be interesting now Myself and Graham have kicked it off, to see what the rest of the crew come up with (I think there are a few under way at the moment). I'm sure no one is going to pay silly prices for the commercial smokers now! (which are pretty much what we have done but in a colorful tin) when you can do it yourself. Seen a few vids on You Tube of people making their own by winding coils on f/glass rope (stove door seals). They work ok but more effort to make. Ready made coils are so cheap (wound coils and replacement screw ins) that it's not worth mucking around. You can buy
    of various wound coils very cheaply if you make something to use those in. Endless fun. Thank-you E-Cigs!๐Ÿ˜Š JB
    8 months ago by jbkiwi
    Drawing the Miss Katherine
    Hi Ron - recycled cereal packets we use for mock ups - cant get much cheaper than that - the card is strong enough - thinner card material does not always give the "true" picture as we have found out at our cost a bit too late on commercial jobs. The 1kg corn flake type
    yield a good quantity locally - found another use for yard of biscuit
    too - ideal for holding balsa planks - as are neon/led tube light cardboard
    ........... You really are getting along with Miss Katherine - a very good job you are making of it as well - most impressed. Are you going to plate the hull ? If you have a local print shop who do Litho printing - (they usually throw the plates away after one use) - ideal for plating - and a dressmakers wheel used on the wrong side makes rivets if you need those at all. Weld seams should be easy enough scribed with a ball point pen or knitting needle from the wrong side. Cardboard also works but not nearly as well.
    9 months ago by redpmg
    Re: 40'' Seaplane Tender, new build Z7
    Thanks Colin. I was lucky with the colour and that they had a sale on today (normally $24 / m ) so I bought .5 m for $7 . It's a bit course, but beggars can't be choosers. Bit hard to work with full sized cloth (scale would be more like silk I think) and the edges aren't that neat (had to stiffen the cloth with dope to make it cut reasonably well as it was a bit soft. Was a mission to fit the 'plug' around the engine
    etc but it will keep most of the rain out๐Ÿ˜ (would be about 98% waterproof and is reasonably close to the original. JB
    10 months ago by jbkiwi
    Transport System for model boats
    I bought two of these, they where perfect for my 4 foot fireboat, and 4 foot Huntsman. They are 700 size rc helicpter
    , and are ideal for storage in the shed, garage etc. They fit in an estate car, and all the extra parafanalia like batteries, tools etc goes in. I was lucky to find these two reduced as they had damage. I swopped the small useless wheels and added some internal foam Now, I might be selling one, as the 4 foot fireboat has gone, if I decide to sell one Ill post here first!
    12 months ago by pmdevlin
    LED Lighting tip
    Join the club - have all sorts of gears from clocks & printers etc , motors from hairdryers and old printers (new ones tend to have steppers), both round and square brass old electric plug prongs (very useful), 1000 odd 1/4" long brass rivets from a waste bin, wood from fruit
    including some nice ply, planking strips cut from discarded pallets , some short mahogany planks from a wrecked Air Sea Rescue boat at Cape Point (the vandals at Cape Parks burnt the wreck which could have been salvaged by a friend who collects full size boats)), and a lot of roller type micro switches also from the bin. Isn't it funny the way threads wander off the original topic
    1 year ago by redpmg
    Done a load of work around the wheel
    this week (as well has finishing the other Deck hatch as the parts had arrived). Started with a blanking plate where we drew on the curve of the wheel box as well as the height of the side
    . steamed 2 thin strips of wood into shape and glues them to the plates. Then glued the 2 preformed wheel box shapes to the plates. Once dry, using the preformed
    cut out 2 wheel box fronts, marked up where the slots are going to go (not skilled enough to cut the required 10 slots so gone for 5 instead). Once cut out and shaped, glued into place and at the same time removed the extra material from the blacking plate to form the backs of the wheel
    and side
    . once all of that was dry, cut out of balsa wood the 4 side
    (2 each side, front and rear), glued together, shaped to fit and then fitted to the backing plate and wheel box arches. We found that the Wheelhouse platform was actually slightly too big (port and starboard wise) so cut into the platform slightly do the wheel
    etc fit, looks better and once all fitted together will be fine. Next thing to do is the steps over the 2 wheel
    , so ordered some more wood strips to do that. once all that is done, seal and paint the
    . Also on the plan for this coming week is to mark out and cut the deck holes for the battery, steam generator and other bits and bobs ๐Ÿคž
    1 year ago by barryskeates

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