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    Stevenage MBC IC boats
    Busy Sunday with 6 members bringing IC boats to the lake. Onshore & offshore footage of the thrills and spills using GoPro
    on the boats.
    8 months ago by Harvey Kitten
    Batteries in a DX5e
    Hi Martin, Save your money, time and effort! Just like my DX6 your TX needs 6V from Alkaline batteries. To get 6V from NiMH you'll need 5 cells, which you haven't got a cat in hells chance of squishing in. A fully charged 4 cell pack may show up to around 5.6V OFF LOAD. So you start around half a volt short in the first place. Shortly after a load is applied the cell voltages will drop to their nominal 1.2V. Giving 4.8V for the TX. This is roughly the voltage of 4 nearly flat alkaline cells. 2000mAH cells have been recommended. Good quality Alkaline cells made to the IEC standard, such as Varta or Duracell, have a capacity of around 2500mAH. Make sure you get the Heavy Duty version, i.e. for
    . These will last for ages, unless you forget to turn it off ๐Ÿ˜‰ When I tested your TX the switch was perfectly OK and I don't think you can get a toggle switch in without major surgery anyway. I'm not fan of slide switches either, they are always the first thing I have to replace in Gisela's garden lights and fountain pumps etc, usually due to corrosion. But considering the low usage, without getting wet (unless you fall in the pond with it๐Ÿ˜ฎ), it will have in your TX it shouldn't be a problem. The reason your rechargeables kept popping out is that many of them are a fraction larger than the alkalines. I've had this problem with several devices. I use alkaline in my DX6 and my Turnigy clone. No problems. The only TX I use NiMH in is an old Graupner MC-10, 40Megs for my submarines. But it was designed for use with a 9.6V pack in the first place and has a charging socket. Does your DX5E have a charging socket? No! Neither does my DX6. Cheers, Doug ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    11 months ago by RNinMunich
    This Was scratch built approximately 28 years ago. If I remember correctly it took me three years to make and at a scale of 1/96. Again photos of photos as no digital
    in those days.
    1 year ago by Martin555
    Vosper torpedo boat.
    I made this about 30 years ago. Unfortunately the photos are of photos as we did not have digital
    in those days.
    1 year ago by Martin555
    I.C Boat Manta Ray
    I started the SMBC Youtube channel a couple of months ago... here's the latest video, with on-board
    1 year ago by Harvey Kitten

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