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    Night Watch
    Ours was 3 scaffolding poles welded into a triangle with a motorcycle steering column welded onto the front with shortened forks with tiller steering fitted to the yolks ,trailer suspension and wheels at the back ,the mast and jib were aluminium poles, loads of wire rope ,the sail was an old tarp (with a skull and cross bones โ˜ painted on) ,the braking system were pivots with a wooden block attached with a bit of old car tyre as the brake block ,2 old plastic canteen
    s were the seats ,one of my brothers may still have the photos and cini film will try and get a copy and post them if someone still has them . Cheers Marky
    2 months ago by marky
    Re: Completing the Hull.
    Like your build Peter - first thought that you might have stolen my quality inspector - Willy even turns his head upside down checking on things to make sure they are correct - on a cold night a week ago he pulled my body-warmer off the back of a
    and inserted himself into it - you can see the resemblance !
    3 months ago by redpmg
    Warwick Model Boat Show.
    Hi Colin, I kept looking for gentlemen who looked something like your avatar, but didn't see anyone I felt confident enough to go up to and say 'Are you Colin'? Had I known your wife was with you, that might have made things easier as there weren't that many ladies present. I was looking out for somebody looking like you with a grandson, but without success. Perhaps we'll try again next year. Pleased you met up with AMBO, they are a nice crowd. I expect you spoke to Richard Chesney, the secretary. Of course Alice was with me, she was pushing my wheel
    !. All the best, Nerys
    3 months ago by Nerys
    Boat Stand
    " The flat bottom fits ..." Oh dear ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Did you miss the
    again Nerys? Hope we're not back to the sore bum syndrome๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    4 months ago by RNinMunich
    Vale of Glamorgan Model Boat Club
    Hi Mark, I want to go to ss Great Britain in October, I went to see her many years ago, not long after she came back from the Falklands. Also want to see 'Matthew'. Think there's a boat trip around the docks too. We went to Gloucester docks a couple of trips ago, always some interesting boats there. I like staying at the Prince of Wales as, apart from two steps, there is accommodation on the ground floor which helps if, as I do, you need a walker or wheel
    . Cheers, Nerys
    5 months ago by Nerys
    Night Watch
    I agree with CPO, soon to be Warrant Officer, Rooky that the show was not up to standard. I heard someone saying how disappointed he was a couple of minutes after arriving. I did not think there were as many models on display, I didn't think there were as many trade stands and I heard several people say that the 'Bring and Buy' was far below what it normally is. Attendance looked as if it was down too. In fact getting around with a wheel
    was quite easy. On the positive side I thought there were some excellent models on display though as a 'stick and string' lover I thought there was quite a lack of sailing craft. At any show, there is always a preponderance of motorised craft but I do regret seeing less and less scale sail around. To me, the best sailing exhibit was a model of an Albert Strange yawl and by the same builder, three models of Thames A Raters showing how they developed around 1900 under the influence of Linton Hope and Dixon Kemp. However, to me the show was not entirely lost as I picked up a moulded hull from Dave Watts, 'Mastman' for my next project a 1/24 Thames Sailing Barge. Altogether, I'm glad I went, I was a bit disappointed, but whether that will influence my decision to go or not go next year, I'll have to see. Happy show going, Nerys
    6 months ago by Nerys
    Re: Water Jets
    I'm doing my best Admiral. As you know due to my temporary medical problem I am not supposed to be doing anything. I am doing this build log as I go along. As you know I have been caught working in my little workshop before by my wife ( not a pretty sight specially if you're squeamish) At the moment I have to wait until my wife goes out. I have now rigged up my little go pro camera so that I can see when she comes back home it then gives me enough time to shuffle back to my
    in the living room and pretend that I have been there all the time. Martin555.
    6 months ago by Martin555
    Transport System for model boats
    4x4 RC trolley excellent. I wonder if I could save up enough ice cream and food containers to make one LOL! I know of a guy who unfortunately is wheel
    bound and he has made an attachment that he clips on to the side of his
    , it also has a small winch so that he can lower his small Tug in to the water and retrieve it. Martin.
    7 months ago by Martin555
    Re: Graupner Optimist 1978
    It's very relaxing Martin, if you are not in a powerboat mood, just sit in your
    and know that the only battery you have to worry about just has to power a couple of servos,(winch and rudder) no motors or drive shafts or ESCs to worry about, and you can pretty much stay out there all day if you have good TX batteries, and your rec is powered by a UBEC from your main battery. I've sailed full sized small boats (biggest was an 18ft 'A' class cat ) since I was 12yrs old (54yrs) so it's just a miniature extension of that. I still have 2 small yachts (12ft and 15ft) and a 12ft dinghy with a 15hp motor for fishing, all rebuilt (the dinghy and 12 footer I got for free) but I'm finding that every time I go out now I come back covered in bruises, (clumsy old man syndrome) Here's a short video of a bit of my last 22km run in the dinghy to an island just up the coast from where I live. I took advantage of a brilliant day! (we don't get them that calm too often) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKSBjMllKQg John B
    8 months ago by jbkiwi
    New forum rankings.
    Hi mate. If you really want to know. We were going to Paphos for a week from 24/2 to 3/3. On 24th, at Birmingham airport my wife slipped and fell over. She was picked up, dusted off, put on a wheel
    , and bundled onto the plane. Half way to Cyprus, she said "I cand move my shoulder and knee". The cabin crew got us a wheel
    to get her off and we hired a car to get to the hotel. To cut a long story short, we got her to a doctor the following day, and she got x-rayed. To discover she had split her kneecap horizontally in two pieces and her shoulder was shattered. We spent the entire holiday, plus an extra 5 days in hospital. The we got repatriated via Istanbul to Heathrow with a 2 1/2hour ambulance journey each end, making a journey home of some 23 1/2 hours. Jan is still in hospital at Worcester awaiting a full shoulder replacement this coming week. We really had a great holiday (and it's still going on, as she is going to be out of work for the next 12 to 14 weeks) and I am the disabled party in our home, and I am having to look after her, not the other way round as normal. Hope that satisfies your curiosity. But I could really do with a holiday (if we dont lose our home, as we cant pay the rent), as I'm totally shattered looking after her, and 3 days a week, our 20 month old granddaughter. Cheers, Dave ๐Ÿ˜ด
    11 months ago by rolfman2000
    Hi Mark, That's a 4 year old Bearded Dragon, We rescued her in October 2017, she only has 3 legs and some toes missing along with about a third of her tail. But a lovely little pet who loves to explore, and even run quite fast, she plays with my Jack Russell dog, sunbathing together by the patio window. Or climbing over whoever is sitting in the
    next to her vivarium. Cheers Colin.
    11 months ago by Colin H

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