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    Problem with Skysport 4 transmitter TV4F
    Hi there Doug sorry for the delay in replying, your knowledge and replies are much appreciated. What I have been doing the last day and a bit is, going through my transmitters and checking all their batteries and what I have found is that I have two which are 'duff' and they are the slow drain type. Its got me thinking. Due to the fact that we don't charge these often, is this one of the reasons that the cells are prone to deteriorating? Be interesting to see if anyone else has had this problem. I am going to go back to the standard battery pack for the transmitters because I had 2 old ones in the drawer and they have charged straight up and replaced the one in the 4
    channel transmitter
    that was duff and everything seems hunky dory now, or , seems that way - so it will be a test on Sunday to see if I get a greater range :-) john
    3 years ago by JOHN
    Help and advice please
    As Doug said, ditch the AM radio, prone to just about any interference these days. This is pre FM (which better and is still used by some in more remote interference free locations but is still prone to interference, plus you need to change frequencies TX and RX) with both of these sets if another person is using the frequency you have). This means either waiting for a frequency to become free (and making sure no one is on your frequency so you don't destroy someones model) or having a number of pairs of frequency crystals to change to, plus having to use a frequency peg board at clubs. Buy a modern 4 or 6
    channel transmitter
    on 2.4G and you won't have to worry about all of that. 27Mhz -on (AM) 40Mhz -on(FM) is 40 yr old technology really
    3 years ago by jbkiwi
    Re: Maxton modified wooden ornament
    Hi! Doug no the esc is not home brew, it was from ebay. "RC ESC 20A Brush Motor Speed Controller w/ Brake for RC Car Boat Tank" for ยฃ3.37 works well and as far as the interference suppression with capacitors; no I don't find any need for them now I'm on 2.4ghz. All my models work from the one 6
    channel transmitter
    , and none of them have any suppressors on, although they are all brushed motors. Never had any problems. I don't do submarines so have no need for 40Mhz or 27 Mhz. I like to keep things simple!
    3 years ago by MAXTON

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