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    Re: '' Constructing the box''
    Many thanks for your reply Robbob. I decided to order the motor from Hong Kong after all, I need a few other bits, so postage justified. I may do a build blog, but I very much doubt there is anyway I could improve on your blog, it’s a superb read! Have you needed to add any ballast on yours? My concern would be trying to add ballast after deck is fitted as there would be limited opportunity to put in any lead unless feeding it through fore and aft hatches. I’m hoping the extra weight in the ply box will be sufficient to get her on the water line without ballast especially as the waterline is quite low on the hull? One last question if I may? I would like to go the brass prop route as I do in all my boats, what size do you suggest, presuming 3-blade and using exactly the same set-up as your motor, esc and lipo
    ? Kind regards Sy
    4 days ago by Skydive130
    Help and advice please
    I run sailboats all the time. For the battery pack you can use a 6v hump pack. Here is one with a charger. (you dont need the switch)( I'm in the US so I dont use the UK Ebay site much. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Modelsport-UK-6v-Receiver-Battery-and-Charger-Pack-Hump-Pack-MSRXNP/253828164657?hash=item3b19566c31:g:s88AAOSwAlJbfoYD For the transmitter, there are 2 ways to go. 1st is to use the existing older frequency receiver that you have and try to find a compatible transmitter, or just get a new transmitter and receiver
    2 months ago by tgilchristjr
    2.4ghz TX/Radio
    2.4Ghz TX/Radio
    With the introduction of the 2.4 Ghz Radios the 27Mhz and the 40Mhz systems will soon become obsolete, they are however the only ones suitable for underwater submarine use as the 2.4Ghz will not transmit under water. With the 2.4Ghz system you can forget about wrong crystals; or is somebody on your frequency; dual conversion; incompatibility of some crystals on some radios; interference etc etc. need I go on. The first 2.4Ghz systems were expensive but now a transmitter and radio can be bought for just under Β£30 there seems to be no point in hanging on to your old 27 and 40 Mhz Radios.... START to update for a hassle free life. Additional receivers are only Β£10. It seems that the Planet and RadioLink are no longer readily available. FlySky are a suitable in-expensive alternative but are not compatible with Planet or RadioLink. A simple,one off binding process for your first time use and your set is tuned to just your transmitter. You can use just one transmitter and have all your boats fitted with receivers which will only receive signals from your one transmitter. Should you for any reason want to add or change your transmitter for the same type you can simple re- bind your receivers again to match your new transmitter SIMPLE !!!! If you do have a rather expensive 40Mhz Transmitter it is possible to purchase an adaption kit to 2.4Ghz and still retain your transmitter, 2.4Ghz 4 to 6 channel receivers can be purchased for as little as Β£10 to match the modified transmitter.
    5 months ago by 4clubs

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