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    Hello All Thinking out loud when I research steam engines it seams after they are built or after repair they are tested on an air compressor is it possible to set up a model RC boat to run a steam engine with air if so would it be by compressor or a
    compressed air
    bottle . If by compressor is there a small enough unit to go into a boat and be battery operated any ideas . Rick
    9 months ago by Newby7
    Small compressors as in car tyre pumps would do it but the drain on the battery would be quite high. A small
    compressed air
    cylinder with a regulator could work, but where you would be able to get one I don't know. Cheers Colin.
    9 months ago by Colin H
    ''IMARA'' Tug Steam plant
    Test run on
    compressed air
    of "IMARA's" tug steam plant.
    1 year ago by Novagsi0
    Thames Steam Launch ''Miranda''
    Just in case anybody wondered, I am still alive (!) but have had a very busy couple of months. What with the birth of a 5th grandchild, the baptism of my only granddaughter plus plenty of gardening and additions to my collection of bearded iris there has been llittle time for model engineering or building Miranda’s hull, although the engine is more or less complete and just about running on
    compressed air
    . Oh the joys of being retired - no time to do anything!
    1 year ago by Smiffy
    Tinplate submarine motors more toys than models but I like em
    Ahoy Mateys, Bit of fun ive knocked up its a
    compressed air
    submarine motor in place of a clockwork one for one of my tin can sludgemarines. It is charged with a bicycle pump and runs for about a minute,not built the boat yet. I call it my Hitler engine because its only got one ball. www.mclarenclockworksubmarines.com Cheers MacT.
    2 years ago by mactin
    Scale Sailing Association
    Don't you believe it! Those are all functions I had in Hotspur. She's in dry dock now with all electronics stripped out for hull painting and modernisation - but after the Sea Scout ..... πŸ˜‰ Some littluns do a lot more, there are whole clubs that re-enact famous sea battles, complete with pyrotechnics and sinking ships, the whole ball of wax πŸ˜‰ The yanks have special clubs for ships with
    compressed air
    guns firing 1/4 inch ball bearings!!! 'Nothing's impossible' that's why I drive Toyota 😎
    2 years ago by RNinMunich
    U35 clockwork submarine
    U35... Finally done! 2 Months this one took! 3 Ballast Tanks Clockwork Timer for the
    compressed air
    system clockwork motor for the coaxial contra rotating tandem props. Maximum time on the bottom 1 hour. clockwork tinplate submarines are great fun!
    3 years ago by mactin
    U35 clockwork submarine
    Hi MBW,s Tinplate clockwork torpedo/submarine propulsion is twin coaxial contra rotating props totally scratch built handmade. its about half way through the build at the moment just doing the clockwork ballast timer and
    compressed air
    system. Cant wait to chuck it in the oggin.
    3 years ago by mactin
    Hi Mark The motor duration depends upon gearing,prop size,submerged mass etc.. but i try to get about 2-3minutes its a balancing act between duration versus torque, but they all dynamic dive and surface when the motor runs down, with the 28"U30 that one can also static dive with its clockwork timed
    compressed air
    tank. you can set the timer for 5mins to 2hours then it will blow ballast and surface. glad you like them matey. cheers neil
    3 years ago by mactin

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