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    Re: Arctic Convoy
    Peter ,Are you the Author of the excellent book about Edinburgh/Turnhouse Airport? my dad had a
    ,it may still be in the house somewhere. Cheers Marky
    14 days ago by marky
    Re: RAF high speed rescue launch 2642
    The only Walton boat seems to be a seaplane tender from an article by John Pritchard in the April 89 issue of Model Boats. Not sure if the plan is still available - MM1432 (3 sheets) There is a mention that No 338 (a picture is included) rescued 25 aircrew. The shots of the plan are very small in the article - not sure if they would be usable. Let me know via pm if you would like a
    of the article
    2 months ago by redpmg
    Grandsons Elver
    This is one with a difference - found this 15" Elver vane sailboat by Vic Smeed in a 1980
    of Model Maker (revived). Made up two kits to sail with grandson. Laser makes cutting out so easy - but also highlights the shortcomings of old plans. This is one of the kits - spot the deliberate mistake - forgot to do the cut out for the skeg. Easy enough to rectify as its only 3mm Balsa. Keel Skeg & Rudder from 3mm Liteply - vane from 1/32 ply
    3 months ago by redpmg
    Re: 40'' Seaplane Tender, new build X
    Bit difficult to wrap wires Martin as they go in all directions and have to be hidden up pillars in the wheelhouse, through small holes etc. I just stick them all down with masking tape or hot melt and paint them all and you don't see them. Re the switch, I get them from our local Jaycar (Australian co - a bit like Dick Smiths used to be) electronics store. They are PCB mount rotary 10 pos switches with 6 pins on the back. Center 2 pins are POS feed and outer 4 pins are NEG . You just use 1 POS and the NEGs are all taken from the LEDs ( LED POS are all joined elsewhere, and to main power in) and soldered to the appropriate terminal, (a bit of experimentation required. The mini toggle switches I use for things such as replacing ESC on/off slide switches, lights pumps etc. The dip switches make cool miniature light switchboards (see pic of one in my Fairacre which switches Nav, riding light, front, middle and rear cabin lights separately) Hope this gives an idea. See if you can get into this, (ignore the payment bit and try downloading the free PDF catalogue (payment's for hard
    I think) https://www.jaycar.co.nz/latest-catalogues Makes interesting reading, hope it works in UK (I just downloaded it now). John B
    4 months ago by jbkiwi
    EeZeBilts From Keil Kraft
    I use a VERY old
    of Ashlar-Vellum's DrawingBoard. It's no longer current - it ran on W95, and worked up to XP. Their current products are Graphite, Cobalt and Xenon. This package has an interface designed by two people from the Xerox PARC research centre, where they developed the ideas of a mouse and windows which we use today. It is completely intuitive, and you need no training whatsoever to use it - it's just like sketching with a pencil on a pad. Unfortunately, they maintain patents on the interface, which is probably why other products are more clumsy, and they sell to the professional market. Their cheapest package starts at ยฃ1.5k, so I'm not suggesting that anyone use it. But if anyone is in the market for a commercial high-end CAD package I would recommend that they take a look at that company...
    4 months ago by DodgyGeezer
    EeZeBilts From Keil Kraft
    I use Draftsight. It is a free
    similar to Autocad and runs almost exactly the same. It has been free for years but as of December this year, the basic 2d package will be about ยฃ80 per year. The new version 19 is also 3d capable. I will purchase this package for work and see how it looks. I currently use Visi for 3d but only as a viewer. Very expensive. I am told that One Cad can be a useful tool. I have not tried it.
    4 months ago by MouldBuilder
    What could this Hull be for?
    Sorry about the duff link guys, good old
    and paste accuracy again Ian
    5 months ago by ikseno99
    Sailing, model or the real thing.
    Very light gopro
    from Aldi. Slowed it only a little.
    5 months ago by juskiddin
    Hints and Tips.
    Another winner from Martin our very own "hints and tips" guru. Keep up the good work Martin you are proving to be a veritable mine of information. Maybe you might think of writing a book. I would buy the first
    7 months ago by Lordgord

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