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    The pictures are slightly out of sync but no matter...Now ready for the chine (cedar) and spray rails from triangular section plasticard strips glued with rubberised
    . Paint used was auto acrylic spray cans; lots of filler primer sanded back and a couple of topcoats.. I thought masking the waterline would be a problem but using thin lengths of blue masking tape to get the line then adding full width with paper mask, it worked out fine.
    6 years ago by manyboats
    San Pedro Push Boat
    I used some
    Glue Zap-a-Gap Or depending where you are, I've heard Bison Glue is very good, I think this is used for plastic to plastic. and for the wood part I used Z-Poxy 30 Min two part formula. since my Push Tug used wood and Plastic, I scuffed up where the plastic would meet the wood. use zap-a-gap for this step! don't use epoxy to join plastic to wood it wont hold. use epoxy for wood to wood. I hope this helps! Ed.
    6 years ago by figtree7nts
    Which Glue
    Try using high viscosity
    CA1500 from Surelocdirect.com based in Hull. This is a thick superglue and a brilliant product, can go off virtually instantaneously if used with an accelerator. Besides epoxy this is the only glue I use. Have built complete plank on frame hulls, mahogany decking with plasticard inlay, see my harbour, River Dance and Katie. it is also totally waterproof. Do not be tempted to use cheap superglues. I buy the 500 gram bottle and decant as required into smaller 50gm bottles that they supply foc. I have today ordered my 3rd 500gm bottle at ยฃ33.69 and have been modelling boat building for just 3 years. Good luck, don't stick yourself to the boat. LOL
    7 years ago by HoweGY177
    Polystyrene sheet and plywood
    HI Gregg, Thanks for that - yes it is Evergreen White Styrene Sheet which I was intending to use for the superstructure (Humbrol poly cement) and for hull sides with plywood hull bulkheads etc. Have since read book by Richard Webb "Making Model Boats with Styrene" ; he recommends Evostick Fusion OR Stabilit Express Another model boat expert recommended using
    (have found Loctite superglue) Unless others have better suggestions will try these from Screfix down the road (No decent model boat shop in Camberley, Surrey).
    11 years ago by Tall Paul

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