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    Night Watch
    I think farting and setting the sofa on fire might be a neat party trick, although it would be a one shot kind of thing...unless you have a really good
    fire extinguisher
    . Or a plentiful supply of sofas. Hey!!! I got it, a literal stroke of genius! We can breed dragons to expel Co2 instead of flames. Shoot, feed them a steady diet of say, fish and baking soda you might even get a little foam! Would work great next time the LT and I go rabbit hunting in the lake. Think of it...one fire breather, one foamer, a couple of Bofors guns and a 6 pounder and weโ€™re in business! Yโ€™know, Dragons are supposed to be pretty intelligent, they might decide they want rank and pay too. Just sayinโ€™.
    3 months ago by Cashrc
    Wheelhouse detail
    The detail in the wheelhouse is nearly complete. The
    fire extinguisher
    is my favourite piece. The chair does swivel.. I will add some spare oilskins and a newspaper. Installed the lights and a fake forward hatch and towing posts.
    8 months ago by GrahamP74
    I have started work on the wheel house. Firstly I have put a false floor in to raise and level. Using the foam board I have made the internal fit out as per the drawings. I have used wooden coffee sticks (thanks Cafe Nero) to edge the units. Then I made the sink, job and grill. The door has again been made using the wooden sticks backed with thin plastic card. Windows have been added. These were supplied by Debbie and Andy at modelsbydesign who I would thoroughly recommend. A kettle is on order for the stove and more details will be made including a seat pad, skippers chair, first aid kit, fire blanket,
    fire extinguisher
    , mugs, newspapers and more electronic devices.
    8 months ago by GrahamP74
    Fiddly bits and lights
    Hi yโ€™all. Sheโ€™s almost there. I swear for a fairly easy boat to build I have almost as much time in the thing as my Neptun.๐Ÿ˜ฎ I keep adding a little here and there, but I need to finish her. Once I maiden her, Iโ€™m โ€œdoneโ€ I rarely go back to a project Iโ€™ve finished to modify or add details, with the exception of RC cars. The more I get into model boating however, the more I think that attitude might change. Anyway, I bought some detail pieces from Harbor models in California, and decided to add lights to the Acapulco too. The flying bridge now has a radios and a
    fire extinguisher
    . I took braided wire, stripped off the insulation and used that inside a piece of heat shrink for the hose, itโ€™s not perfect but looks ok. I shortened the radar mast that goes behind the seat because...well, I just didnโ€™t like how it looked. I added 2 aft nav lights to it also, Iโ€™m waiting on lights and boards from Harbor, once those are installed Iโ€™ll tidy up the internals, pinstripe the water line and she will be ready for her maiden run. I need to get her done as I have another project in the wings,and Iโ€™m gonna have to do some engineering to accomplish what I want I have in mind....๐Ÿ˜ Cash
    10 months ago by Cashrc

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