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    Help with vintage rc.
    Hi there fellow boaters, I have just acquired a vintage model fitted with a futaba digimax 4 reciever. What is the chance of it working with any other type of transmitter, or do I need to buy a vintage digimax 4 transmitter. Does it have
    crystals. I could change all the electrics but would prefer to keep it original. Any help would be appreciated, thanks Colin.
    4 years ago by Colin H
    Help with vintage rc.
    I think the Digimax had
    crystals - but didn't it also have 4-wire servos? if so, you will need a full Digimax set.... In general, it is not a good idea to use Vintage equipment unless you know what you are doing. The kit will be old, could need maintenance or repair (which may not be easy to source) and will have less range, reliability and interference rejection capability than modern sets. it will be 27Mhz. You may have to repair the electronics yourself. If you source a transmitter which SHOULD work with it, but doesn't, you will need expert attention to determine what is wrong - again, this will be hard to find. I assume that you do not know if that receiver works at the moment.... Running vintage radios is rather like running vintage cars. They look great when they are operating properly, but need a lot of work to maintain, and do not perform as well as modern kit. One source of help might be the Single Channel and Vintage RC group here - http://www.singlechannel.co.uk . They have specialists in old equipment...
    4 years ago by DodgyGeezer
    Are these any good
    Mornin' John, (Well it is here!) I have something very similar and it works well, was using it tonight to make some test leads for Colins Taycol Supermarine, which is chuntering away behind me running in it's new bearings ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you don't already have such a tool Go for it๐Ÿ‘ Benefit of that one is that it has
    heads for different sizes, Better 'n mine ๐Ÿ˜ญ Cheers, Doug ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    4 years ago by RNinMunich
    Hi, Iยดm back . As I can see .. two-pole socket is designed for insertion of a crystal, ( quartz oscillator prism 35 MHz) not as a supply battery - this also may cause misunderstandings. This arrangement was customary for facilities of 80 and 90 years of the last century with
    crystals. wishing success Tom
    6 years ago by tomarack
    Volvo Penta 155 HP sound module.
    Hi Alan I am looking into developing a little unit that you can drop into any boat with any desired sound. I have ordered some parts and awaiting their arrival to see if they are suitable for what I have in mind. they should be here in a week or so. The sound units which are available to buy I find to be very expensive and one type of sound. The unit I have in mind would be less than ยฃ15 and rechargeable so no wiring involved with
    sounds. If it works out as I imagine I will put the Penta engine sound on it and send it to you to evaluate. ๐Ÿ˜Š
    6 years ago by robtroi
    2 x ESCs
    jarvo watch out taranus comes in 2 flavours EU and none EU versions. The 2 are NOT
    a none EU TX will not bind with a EU RX. and visa versa, you can "flash" to correct BUT why go through the hassle? BTW if I seem to be a taranus fan blame dave its all his fault !!!!!! PS my other half just saw this and said " if I ever meet Dave he is getting a side eye from me cos it is all his fault"
    6 years ago by Haverlock
    Model Slipway Clyde Puffer - Libby
    HI Des, On Styrene vs. Fibreglass or wood. A matter of personal preference but I have noted over the years that styrene is great for smaller hulls, very malleable and welded joints seem to be forever. Easy to repair and even to rebuild if required. GRP/fibreglass in larger hulls is essentially self supporting (apart from transverse struts across the beam) and gloss coat can be finished coat. Have never used on smaller hulls, perhaps a prejudice but it doesn't appeal. Structural repairs are easy but gel coat repairs less so. I prefer wood for 'proper' plank on frame but can achieve same in styrene, especially on small hulls. Personally I think styrene and wood/plywood are
    for chined hulls large(ish) or small. For scratch built round bilge hulls there isn't, in my view, an alternative to wood (I don't want to make a 'plug' and then a fibreglass mould - I only want one!) Sorry for the ramble but hope you can see where I'm coming from even if it doesn't really inform! Cap'n Jim.
    9 years ago by CapnJim

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