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    I suppose if I made smaller models I would have just enough room to put my
    in my workshop. Martin555.
    4 days ago by Martin555
    EeZeBilts From Keil Kraft
    Well I have spent most of the afternoon trying to get my head around this CAD program. Slowly losing my temper So I decided to put the
    away before I threw it out of the window. Me and computers are definitely not the best of friends. A lot easier with this iPad. Martin555.
    16 days ago by Martin555
    Re: 3D Printing.
    Now that is an interesting question indeed, Martin! In the "One to One" scale world, I have in my lifetime watched the steady march of machines taking over what i would describe as "Hand Skills" I have memories of being a trainee mechanical engineer and spending some time in a heavy machine shop and watching this guy "Knock on a cut" with a hide mallet. Just ease the lock nut and a tap with the mallet and he could put on a couple of thou! Today it is all CNC and robotics. The skill being in the machine maker, the software designer and the guys & gals that programme them. Now I am not going to dare to say who is more skilled the guy with his mallet or the guy who uses the software. They are both skilful in their own right. So if we turn that on its head and apply that to 3D printing. Software driven accurate 3D modelling against hand and eye skills. That is for you hardened purists to argue over. However I do just wonder if it may be a way forward for us to attract the next generation of modeller away from their X Box or similar to a
    and printer to make a modern model with a 3D printer. Was it such a heinous crime against modelling when Vac Formed parts arrived or heaven forbid Glass Fibre Hulls. I have a friend who uses a CNC milling rig to make the plugs for his gun turret silicon rubber moulds he uses to cast resin ones from. Is this not verbally the same? For me the choice will be what is the best way to make the part I need. When a logical engineering decision is reached, just get on with it and make a great model to be proud of. Great question Martin 555 am sure this will create loads of responses and run for ever
    2 months ago by ikseno99
    CNC boat kits...?
    Bit of an update on my CNC router. All up and running now and I am well chuffed with the results. I abandoned the Arduino based controller and opted instead for a Duet 2 WiFi board, a 32 bit controller with on board drivers. The machine can be loaded with a job directly from my computer/
    /mobile phone and progress monitored from same. I have also added a 7 inch Paneldue touch screen display for when my daughter is hogging all the internet bandwidth. It has been going for a couple of weeks now and I haven't stopped making stuff, all for other folks! I need to find some DXF files for model boats now. I have a set of plans for a Lysander aircraft that my mate wants me to cut out for him, so far my efforts to convert PDF into useable vectors have come to nought.
    2 months ago by Nickthesteam
    Re: Aero-Naut Classic
    Great post fantastic project - most of use Li-Po batteries without any issues allbeit in portable or
    computers, some cell phones, portable chargers and elsewhere. Heck, a standard alkaline 1.5 or 9 volt battery can cause issues if not properly used or placed under stress. But - I’ve made mistakes myself and come close to bad issues using power sources improperly or without heeding instructions such as using them full out without allowing them to cool. it’s all about using caution and precautions, understandably accidents do happen though
    2 years ago by Brucef102
    Invalid Files
    Hi Doug - not all of us possess dumb phones - still use a desktop PC - not a
    either. I see it was not I that was wrong ! Stephen - know that computers don't do what you want them to do- only what they want to do. Worked as a systems analyst for a few years - could not wait to get back to being a boring accountant ! No need for apologies - think its a thankless job when you only get moans when you get it wrong - never praise when you get it right
    3 months ago by redpmg
    Turnigy Standard 9x transmitter
    Solved the problem but the solution will not help others. I bought a Turnigy 9xr Pro. This uses the er9x firmware. What a difference. All of the switches now work. They were really easy to programme as well. I have now purchased the Smartieparts programmer add on and fitted it to the 9x. The goal is to upgrade it to the er9x firmware also. So far I cannot get my
    to recognise the programmer but I am sure it is only a driver issue.
    4 months ago by MouldBuilder
    CNC boat kits...?
    A word about the electronics and software build.... Each stepper motor is driven by a 'driver' - a little switching unit like an ESC. This does the business of sending the power to the motor coils in the right order. They are quite cheap - about Β£10 each. To tell each driver to operate the motors in the right order you need a control box running the right software. You can use a dedicated
    for this, running a stripped down system called LinuxCNC, but I opted to use an Arduino, which was the option advised by the vendor. So here is a picture of the Arduino (at the bottom - you can't really see it) with a breakout board on top carrying the four drivers (which have the little blue heatsinks on them). I made up an aluminium box to put them in, and attached it to the cutting gantry. The Arduino runs a control program called GRBL. I take the plans I have drawn in DXF format, run them through some software called DXF2GCode, which turns them into G-Code, and then send that file to the Arduino via a USB connection using 'Universal GCode Sender'. All these items of software are open source and free to download. The Arduino gets its power from the USB connection. The stepper motors get their power from a cheap Chinese 36v power supply, and the cutting motor gets its power from an old
    power supply I had hanging around. If electronics frightens you then you probably won't want to do this, but the skills needed to wire up a boat motor are really as much as you need to put it all together....
    5 months ago by DodgyGeezer
    Editing Models in Harbour
    With regards to new website it does not work on my ipad only on phone and
    5 months ago by Dick

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