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    Hi ikseno, probably the best way to see the city is by boat and going down to Waiheke Island (and other islands) on the ferries (high speed cats) is great if you are into wine (lots of vineyards on the island and a festival with music each year (rhythm & vines I think) which is real popular with locals and tourists alike, - ferries are packed when that's on. Fullers ferries have 21 vessels between Auckland and the Bay Of Islands up North and have some great destinations. I occasionally go for a ride (I get transport (ferries, trains and buses) for free on my pensioners Gold Card. I can go from outside my door to the city (20km) get off the bus, walk 100m to the ferries or 200m to the trains and go anywhere I want in the Auckland area. Great on a nice day if you're short of something to do. Longest boat trip I can do is about 28km between Gulf Harbour Marina and the city. There are tours etc on classic wooden boats as well plus sailing on ex Americas Cup and restored Sir Peter Blakes'Whitbread racers. Never get bored! My "thing" is almost anything that involves building. Full sized small boats, scale (ish) electric boats, R/C planes (converted all my IC planes (18) to electric) cars,
    s etc. All in all I've had 20 cars, 12
    s and 12 boats many of which I've re-built - 18 R/C planes and 5 electric boats, also built 5 trailers . Just can't help myself ! I need help!!
    25 days ago by jbkiwi
    Re: Steam engine.
    Hi Stephen, and P on F verses Fibre-glass is a bit of a quandary, it is the sense of achievement factor completing a plank on frame hull, versus the time factor of installing a steam engine straight into a completed ready painted hull. As my present build has taken more than three years, because I opted to also rebuild a 1960s
    at the same time. I think the Fibre-glass hull is the right way to go as I do enjoy the steam engine installation, and that will be my starting point. I have a 9/16" bore twin slide valve in mind as a very efficient engine, as this is a 48" hull I hope I can manage the weight of the completed boat. Regards.
    4 months ago by GaryLC

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