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    Mowe 2
    I hadn't built a model of any sort since I was 15 years old and that was a control line aeroplane with a glow worm engine. 45 years later and regressing nicely back to my teenage years, my wife bought me (reluctantly!) a RC Boat Kit - Mowe 2. I had been wanting to build again for many years, but children and family and home situation did not allow. So, over the cold Autumn and Winter Months I carefully put my spare nights to good use, rather than watching night after night TV box sets and re-watching the entire James Bond movies, not once but 2 or 3 times.... Anyhow after 3 months...the finished product. I should have started a blog but didn't know of this site until a few weeks ago. Not a brilliant finished job, but a satisfying one, and it sails nicely on Bushy Park boating lake in Kingston-upon-Thames. Now o nto bigger and more complicated things...a Fairey Huntsman 31. This time I'll do a blog....πŸ‘
    8 months ago by StuartE
    A little anecdote to add to this build is that I was used to seeing both Swordsman and Boarderer in both Portsmouth and Portland whilst I was in the RN. (1960 "s} In fact we gave one of them a "lee" ie. got to windward of her in foul weather and helped her into Portland. She had some sort of mechanical problems. The stories one of them was moored on the smaller, walled wharf that they used away from the big one we on HMS Aurora used. As I said it was another rough night, most were in Portland . A yachtsman had crept during the night and tied up behind HMS Boarderer.( restricted area) Capt. told number one to go get the yachtsman to move his boat. Time was about 0400. Very tired yachty told no.1 to F off. No. 1 came back onboard and relaid to the skipper who went down reraised the yachty and got the same message! Skipper came back onboard and contacted the engine room and as it happened got a 'wet" start on the turbines. The loosely stowed sails on the yacht melted rather well!! Moral to the tale, Never tell a sailor to F off!! Bye the way both these boats had a top speed in good conditions , of in excess of 80 knots and in theory could circumnavigate uk in 12 hours. I remember that the always ran very flat on the water at planing speed. Regards, Nick.
    1 year ago by nick
    PBR - Patrol Boat Riverine
    Proboat Alpha - ready to run, model of PBR, Patrol Boat Riverine, used by US Navy during Vietnam conflict, served 1967 -1972. Images show basic detail, 1/18 scale, with crew. Bow gunner servo is linked to rudder. Comes with Navlights, looking forward to a
    night sail
    .....some painting added to weather craft, as well as painting radar housing a lighter grey....and the canvas roof over wheel house....a little artistic licence with vessel numbers......Brown Navy did'nt always have numbered vessels....but could'nt help myself. Bravo Zulu ChapsπŸ˜‰
    1 year ago by MSGray
    LED Tug Mast Navigation Lights
    Endurance test has been running for 11 hours now. 'All systems GO'😊 So RN-Munich is closing down for the night. G'night an' sweet dreams of boat sailing all. Cheers, Doug 'ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ'
    1 year ago by RNinMunich
    Spektrum, new, useless...
    Ah, OK. I am so anti military, I can't even think of all that stuff, although I am very anti-working features on models. I find them a bit nafferoony on the whole. Go, stop, left, right, that's me. I ain't even bothered about backuds. Goes with my free sailing/IC/early electric background I suppose. Lights only needed at night and I wouldn't be sailing in the dark. Smoke looks like some old geezer having a fag under the deck.....I know you'll argue. Anyway, for my sort of model, a third channel is a waste. And as it's a switch, I couldn't even use it as a jib hallyard. I'll try ringing the service bloke if I can find him. We'll see what he wants to charge, but with postage it'll be silly probably. If you'd like me to do you a shaft, let me know. I have loads of 3mm silver steel for my old American slot car restorations. Gimme a length between extremes and I'll do you one. Cheers, Martin
    1 year ago by Westquay
    Sea Scout 'Jessica' Sea Trial - at last!
    Thanks Peter πŸ‘ I was quite pleased with the results😊 Yep swans can get a bit 'sniffy' when they have the youngsters with them. At one stage he tried to bite my leg😲 It's worth the effort to get a really smooth paint job on the hull. I'm sure it helps give that little extra speed, and the water and muck just pearls off so it's dead easy to dry and clean afterwards πŸ˜‰ I've always been wary of sailing on rivers. I have a nightmare of something failing and the boat being swept away by a current😲 I'm sure we'll manage to find a setup to give your PTB the necessary Oomph 😁 I have a 28" PTB due for a clean up and refit / repaint as PT109. it has 2x28xx brushless fitted but I have no idea of their origin or power! I bought it last year from another guy on this site. Looks like being my next refit jobπŸ˜‰ Re: 'flipping' you have to be very careful you don't broach (go broadside on to the waves) !! Especially at speed on the plane. Don't you have any sailing possibility nearer to home??? Cheers, Doug 😎
    1 year ago by RNinMunich
    Its good day, its a bad , its a great Day
    Hi all good stuff that I order arrived quicker than expected, bad day one of the props the wrong size good day quick phone call to Cornwall models sorted. great day I was getting a bit worried out sailing the boats I am making as it looked like I would have to go in Edinburgh or Glasgow to sail them, so last night I fired an email of to Falkirk trust who look after the kelpies and the helix park with has a large lagoon I expected a no go as far as sailing the boats, so great news they said ok no caveat's or conditions except that boats that use fuel are not allowed, and if their are no other organised events on, So after reading so much on the site about clubs folding and boating lakes closing and not been looked after and also the rarity of boat sites in Scotland we now have a site that is easy to get too right next to the motorway that goes for Glasgow Edinburgh and even Perth would to be to far. And I the lucky boy live at its front door so next job after the boat is a trailer for the mobility scooter to carry the boats I think someone did something with a golfing trolley so its praise your god and pass the battery charger , but it is good that the Falkirk community trust is going to let boats on the lagoon
    1 year ago by teejay
    M Sonic microprocessor ESC.
    Thanks Doug. Looks simple, will hopefully try tonight , hope its a good one, looking to rc my small 60 year old tug, its been a free sail up to now, but been in dry dock since I left school in 1965, (found girls more interesting). Was in my mums loft till last year, so now its time to sail again. Cheers Colin.
    2 years ago by Colin H
    Passenger Liner Normandie
    WOW, that is some model you are building, looks superb, and with the lights a
    night sail
    will be a sight to see Mark
    2 years ago by jarvo
    Light up the night
    Our club's 2nd annual "Light up the night" evening sail with lights on. The weather co-operated so it was dry and balmy after the sun went down. Lots of spectators on hand to enjoy the spectacle. Some boats were lit up like Christmas trees but others had the bare minimum navigation lights; at times navigating was a challenge.
    2 years ago by Trillium
    Gala Day
    Hi All, The next two events come in rapid succession, Saturday 16th " Knightswood Family Fun Day." (Gala Day). 12noon until 4pm. Members are requested to be at the Portakabin prior to this time to help set up. Sunday 17th Knightswood MBC."
    night sail
    " 18.00 Hrs.
    2 years ago by Les-Forbes
    Found this on the internet, hope this will help you . From early times, to avoid collisions, ships underway or at anchor by night carried at least a single lantern showing a white light. There seems to have been no fixed rule about the use of lights until 1824 when two white lights were required to be shown in ships navigating the canals of the Netherlands and Belgium. in 1845 coloured lights were authorized for this purpose. In that same year HMS COMET carried out experiments at Pithead with red, green and white lights, and 1847 Admiralty regulations called for all British steamships to be fitted in the approved manner. No such requirement existed for sailing vessels. After 1850 all steamships in the busy fairways of the open seas were required to show coloured lights by night. The colours red and green had been selected as the least likely to be confused. The French in 1863 instituted a practice of making the lights visible on the beam as well as ahead. This led to international agreement on the use of sidelights, visible through definite arcs. About the same time sailing vessels were first required to show red and green sidelights. Trinity House, the British pilotage authority, had ruled in 1840 that two steamships steaming toward each other by night, to avoid collision were each to alter course to starboard, thereby keeping the other ship on the port hand. The red light, indicating danger, was assigned to the side to be steered away from. A series of conference of the principal maritime nations has produced the international Regulations for Preventing collision at Sea, in which are embodied directions regarding lights, steering and sailing rules. in the most recent revision (1953) these are greatly clarified, and are made applicable to aircraft taxi-ing or alighting on water in ocean areas. Further revisions, drafted at the 1960 Safety of Life at Sea conference, will soon be brought into effect
    2 years ago by BOATSHED
    Sailing for the First Time
    In April 2011 I set a deadline to sail the model for the first time on July 10th. I had places to go and other things to get done, so I figured that was far enough ahead to have her ready in time. There were a lot of things that needed to get done if the model was going to sail; * Shape the still rough cut yards; fore course, fore tops'l, crossjack, and mizzen tops'l yards. * Complete the yard trusses with mast bands and banding to attach them to the yards * A gammon "iron" for the bowsprit. * Rudder control & steering. * New winch drum for braces (the originals with wood drums warped badly). * Sails for planned sailing suit; 3 tops'ls, spanker, and jib. She was basically jury-rigged, with all three course yards linked together to a single winch. July 9th's forcaste was for perfect weather, light northerly wind, blowing up the creek so if there was a problem, the model would drift back to me. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready by the 9th and the 10th was light, variable, fluky, 90Β°, and humid. The top mast fids were pulled and the topmasts lowered. The model with some tools, her ballast, and what I thought I might need were all placed in the truck the night before. The radio and main batter were put on charge. Next day we drove the couple of block down the street to the Sloop Cove public dock on Stoney Creek. The rig was raised, ballast attached, electronics connected and tested, and she went into the water. With her ballast and extra lead I had she still sat 2" high in the water. I set her out, but the iffy light wind sent he back, then she threatened to get tangled with a powerboat on a lift until I managed to squeek her out into open water. She sailed a bit, but just when she'd get moving the wind would shift or reflect off something and catch her aback. Then suddenly she stopped responding at all. Something of a gust caught her and she headed for a dock. I headed over, which meant swimming, and not being a great swimmer realized I should have brought my flotation vest from my sailboat along. it being so hot, the swim wasn't exactly unwelcome, but it was a lot of work. The model sailed right into the end of a dock about 100 feet away, bounced on her forestay, and basically parked there. I got her back to shore looking like a drowned cat myself, but there was no damage at all to the model. As it turned out, the main battery failed.
    2 years ago by Jerry Todd
    ''Vanity'' leaves the building board
    Ah, my replacement copies of Plank-on-Frame Models have arrived. indistinguishable from the copies I lent and never got back. I simply cannot be without these books. I've had them since I was wee loddy in Devon, when my love of quality model boats began. I was a member of the Thames Ship Lovers and Ship Model Society and got my first ever proper commission through them. Where are they now? They were one of the main London based clubs at one point, meeting in a Pub in the West End on a Tuesday night. I believe the magazine Model Shipwright came about through those meetings. Now, even that magnificent organ has gone. What is it about model boaters? No TSLSMS, no Scale Sail, no Model Shipwright. And no doubt Maritime Models has gone in Greenwich and Model Shipwrights in Putney. For a maritime nation all this is a disgrace. Martin
    2 years ago by Westquay
    Scale Sailing Association
    We're all entitled to our opinion! I simply wanted to point out that there are other possibilities and many facets to our fascinating hobby, 'one man's bread ..... '. Most re-enactors see it as a challenge to their creativity and a tribute to those who took part. in many cases survivors and/or their relatives take part or act as advisers. And yes many of us do sail at night! There's guy here who sails a 6 foot Titanic, looks great at night with all cabins and 'dressing' lit up. Trouble is constantly plays that 'orrible Blasmusik - Oom Pah Pah ...😑 The customer is always right - even when he's wrong! instead of insulting him (or often her recently in the yardsπŸ‘) and turning him away, instead I would reply something like 'Yeees, we could do that, but have you considered ....'. Many thanks for the drills 😊 the yellow bike usually turns up here sometime in the forenoon πŸ‘ Sun's finally out again here so I'm off out to finish tidying up the roses. Happy planking 😎
    2 years ago by RNinMunich
    Ketch Irene
    Good luck with her. I made a model of her twelve years ago, using the drawings in the book 'Good Night Irene' by Leslie Morrish, who originally rescued and restored her. She still sails well and likes plenty of wind.
    3 years ago by Gdaynorm
    Various Vessels
    night sail
    29/03/17 A good evening's sailing. Boats looked better the darker it got.
    3 years ago by NeilHodson
    Suspected Seam
    Beat me to it, I have used WEP and scrap plastic, to strengthen all joints in a Plastic TID tug, Corvette and my latest build Vosper Gun boat.I used a small jam jar as issued with my toasted tea cake at Costa coffee, just cut up some scrap plastic into jar, pour in enough WEP to cover, seal jar with lid leave over night, then using a cheap brush paint inside and in your case outside joint, after cleaning surfaces first. My TID tug, has stood up to of many a knock, with no leaks so far, apart from when my Brother ran it down with his RC yacht and she turned turtle took on water and down she went , after a quick rescue and trip to park gents to use its hand drier, she was soon back sailing, joints still intact :-)
    3 years ago by Peter47
    Dutch River
    night sail
    ing, still more to do, work in progress.
    3 years ago by Kipper
    Robbe San Diego
    Thank you figtree7nights, up for sale now!! it's stupid on 4 cells, mad on three but behaves very well on two. I sail it mainly on three cells as I have more 3 than anything else.
    3 years ago by sharpy1071
    espania IV
    As this is a static model I wanted to curve the sails, as though the wind was blowing. First stage soak cord in white glue over night. Pin the cloth down over polyurethane sheet. Mark out around a paper pattern with pencil. Stick the wetted cord on the pencil line with pins & masking tape, leave to dry. Next day remove the tape, cut out with a scalpel, leaving a margin outside the cord. Mark the seams with pencil, with this small scale the only way? Tape the sail on to a window with the marks against the glass, the light will show the seams so the other side can be marked. Lay the sail back on the poly sheet and paint with watered down white glue, the water prof variety. Suspend sail so it forms the required shape. Do not let the sail inside the cord touch any thing, it may not stick but will leave a mark. Cut with a scalpel tight to the outside of the cord job done. One other trick I use a lot is place a model on an old pillow, will not damage model & will hold it in various positions securely.
    4 years ago by hammer
    Mayhem Weekend
    Got a model boat, you can come. Not got a model boat, you can come. Interested In model boating? you can come. Want a day out with model boaters? - you can come. Like hot warm days In a nice park? - you can come. Storm chaser? - you can come. Bring a video camera! Not Interested In model boats - you can come. Free tea & Coffee! Got an unreasonable or Irrational husband / wife / father / son / that Insists on going to Wicksteed that weekend? - you can come too! So what's on? LOTS of chat and laughter! Victorian Fleet review Bring a boat, have a go! Boats always on the water Tea and Coffee always on the go Blindfold Steering challenge Tug Tug of war Model Boat penalty shoot out! Springer Boats challenge Try your hand at Straight running ( even RC or anything with a Kill switch on It! )
    night sail
    & BBQ on the Saturday evening Photo of the weekend competition On site camping or caravan parking (via Wicksteed Park - http://wicksteedpark.org/ ) Good parking with easy access to the lake Great comradery with old & new friends! NB: There Is a Wicksteed Park entrance fee but Mayhem Is Free! News & Details - www.modelboatmayhem.co.uk Email: (Email Removed - PM Only) Sat Nav: NN15 6NJ Mayhem at Wicksteed! 22nd ' 24th May 2015 (note 22 Is a Friday and Is setup for those brave enough!)
    5 years ago by petec
    Model boats - at night
    Great seeing
    night sail
    s , whole different effect to the models . Nice one 😊
    5 years ago by CraigRobotham
    HI Nasraf, Brass is mostly from Cornwall Model Boats with a few parts direct from RB (Poland) and the last remaining pulleys from Deans Marine. The 4 hand winches ate still being turned from brass stock and yet to be fitted. The gooseneck is hand-made from brass sheet and was about the most difficult thing as I do not have access to brazing equipment. I still need to make a kick strap as this gooseneck allows too much movement. Sails are made from a Hospital Cotton bed sheet. The mainsail is in 5 sections, each having a different curve top and bottom to attempt to get the correct billowing and twist. I was surprised at the reception issues and haven't yet ruled out a dodgy receiver (sourced on ebay!) I'll report back on the satellite receiver placement later in the week. We have a
    night sail
    on Wednesday so I can test my deck lights! Neil
    5 years ago by NeilHodson
    Inshore fishing boat
    500 LEDs my that is a lot πŸ˜€ For some reason our club doesn't do
    night sail
    ing, so no pics sailing in the dark 😭
    6 years ago by AlanP
    Dusseldorf Rebuild
    With losing the Mast and other things (not sure how) I had to make a new one. hope It turned out well as only had photo on the Internet to go by. I thought this would be better that the single spot light you normally see on the boat and using SMD Leds will make
    night sail
    ing A lot better.
    6 years ago by timgarrod
    Model Boat Club - how do you set one up?????
    HI there peeps, Just wandering whether anybody has any Input on starting a model boat club, I live In Swindon Wilts and at present there Is no known club In this area which Is quite surprising as we have a great lake namely coate water, I know that In the past model boaters used this lake but because of general lack of respect for the fishermen that also use the lake the rangers asked the model boaters to leave, I'm hoping to contact the rangers with a view to securing the use of the lake again for organised model boat sailing sessions within a designated area of the lake......now Is It worth setting up a formal club that requires membership to sail at the lake or to form a Informal club??.........what are the pro's and con's etc.......any Input would be appreciated. P.S I have a 'Chinese' Phantom yacht which I have modified by re-rigging her, sorting out that leaky hatch cover (a nightmare to resolve - but done) and a sporty respray In a patriotic Union Flag style......will post pics at some point In the future. Also on the workbench Is a 1/48 dutch coaster based upon the models by design 'Pateke' hull......slow progress but getting there!!!....yacht has taken some of my time up!!!........if I set up a club It would be electric power and sail only, no steam or I/c! Also, just out of Interest, I was down In Burnham on sea last weekend and visited Apex lake which apparently the Sedgemoor mbc use, the lake Is Impressive but about 1/4 the size of my local lake, a small lake has a large club but here In swindon a large lake has no club, Its about time this Is rectified!!!
    6 years ago by DaveJay
    (Tug Boat) Imara
    Model by Caldercraft (as most will know) modeler that built her, then found she was too heavy to handle. Approx 2 1/2 stones. Extremely good in choppy waters, though does take on water, so fitted a very realistic bilge pump. Full lighting for night time sailing, warm white led type now on the mast. Newly installed smoke generator, this UK made, consists of a tank, generator unit and small fan. (Motor: 12v large unknown) (ESC: Electonise ) (10/10)
    7 years ago by Derek
    re: a yacht yet to get a name
    HI Hawkgripen Thanks for pics of your system to keep the water out, as my hull was a long way on in the build when I decided to make it a J class I did not think too much about the cabin designs so will end up with silicone sealant, the original idea was to make a simple model but ideas change as you go along. Your hull looks a much better job than mine, as I have said mine was supposed to be simple and made from a bit of a wreck. Is yours going to be a specfic J class and is it scratch built, have you a plan? I shall follow yours with interest as you go along, there is no need to hurry and with the spring and a bit more light at nights lt gives a bit of encouragement to get it sailing before the end of the summer. You should start a building blog of your own, there are not many yacht sagas on the site.
    7 years ago by nasraf
    Fast Patrol Boat by Veron Swordsman
    HI Ian, thanks for the kind comments. Darren's Swordsman started out with a geared Johnson 800 which I junked, I put in a 36/40 and now it has a 48/? running on up to 6 cells lipo but it kept breaking the U/J so last night he had a new alloy/rubber/alloy in it then stripped the thread in the prop!! so he went down a size to 35 and ran it on 4 cells. it was a beautiful still evening which shows on the water so he could get a speed up, the sunset was stunning so I flew the Canadair over the sun to make it look like a fire-bomber, it a fare Impression. Your never to old to fly, Phil Smith (who designed the two boats) flew with us until he was 92, albeit Junior 60's and the like but use to sail as well, he had a Veronica yacht. Sorry about your Rapier you'll have to get the isopon out no doubt!! But it is all worth in the end when you have a good days sailing/flying. If I speak to you again have a nice weekend Brian see you soon.
    7 years ago by sharpy1071
    Installing the electrics.
    Some people find electrics a walk in the park, whilst others struggle and have many sleepless nights. But, so long as you always follow the instructions sent with any electrical item, you cant go wrong. yes, ok its a "men thing", we , er "only look at the instructions when it dont work first time" then its time to reach for the instructions, but with electronics, one crossed wire can be disaster and can blow an electronic circuit in miliseconds! the system I fitted cam from Action Electronics and was bought as a complete package, so not only did I buy the twin motor controller [esc], but the sound system too, thats why the electrical board is quite full of bits and bobs. 1/ The twin batteries feed through a circuit board, which prevents backfeed between them, so stops any battery damage. This then supplies power to the main circuit board. This then supplies power to the motor controller, as well as then "offering" power outputs for other items, like lights/ radar motors, winches/etc. 2/ The sound system consists of the main sound controller, which then links to the amplifier and then on to the waterproof speaker. The main controller had the addition of a "switcher unit" plugged in, so I can also operate a selection of "other sounds" within the selected range of programmed sounds. So I can vary, by "flicking" the one joystick on the transmitter down, once for one sound, twice for a second........and so on up to 5. it saves having to install seperate sound boards for horn/siren/fog horns, its all built in to one panel. 3/ The dual motor controller can also be programmed, it arrives standard set for "tank steering", so assists with high speed turns by cutting the inner engine on the turn, You can alter the setting to allow for simple dropping of motor rpm's on the inner engine too, so always worth remembering. the motor power outputs then pass through a fuse panel, as a protector for both the motors in case you get a plastic bag or other debris snagged round a propeller, but also then protects the electronic motor controller from damage too from power overload. NEVER install electrics in amodel without installing a fuse protection. a fuse costs pence to replace, once you have rectified the fault, even something as simple a a bit of plastic bag, a speed controller or motor costs a lot more and means your sailing is over, whereas removing the offending article and replacing a fuse takes a few minutes, but you are then back out sailing again. Providing you remembered to pack a few spare fuses in your boat tool kit of course ! [ha ha].
    8 years ago by Gregg
    Ocean going tug project
    HI all , Now I know it's not a fire boat, But it's what I'm working on at the moment and when finished then I will build a fireboat. Anyway for those of you wanting to know a bit more it's a "Ocean going anchor tug" no name just a freelance model from a couple of photo's. I'm a memeber of the "Springfield lakes maritine modellers" in Brisbane, Australia and we have compatitions in tug pulling power steering and so on, Good fun !! This boat is built for power pulling and also for show when finshed she will be running a couple of steerable Kort Nozzles with 5 blade kort propellers (70mm) 2 x 900 motors on a 12 volt system. Full running lights as we have a lot of
    night sail
    s here.. She will have a couple of fire monitors mounted on top of the second deck fully working ( So that's the fireboat part ) I have a small Model boat Fittings Shop and also need something to display running gear & fittings of all types and this is the boat that has been chosen for the project ... But also I would like to build a fireboat to display the water monitors and pumps I Import ( The pumps are great high volume low power ) so any ideas what would make a good craft to build for monitor spraying demo's ???? Shane...
    9 years ago by shane
    Engine test !
    Last night I finally managed to get the boat in my bath at home. Ive now recieved the main power battery so decided to try all the main engine motor systems out. I had to use another radio system to the proper one I have for the boat, as trying to sort out throttle control on that at present, so had to sneak my radio car system on it for a short while! Anyway, fired up the drive motors, both worked although a bit noisey, sounded as if the gearboxes were going to explode, but disconnected one motor and drove the conected one for a while on low power, then did same for the other one, which really did play up for a long while, almost sounded as if either the gears were missing teeth or the motor had a flat spot on the aramature, but it cleared ok. I then reconnected both motors together and gave it some throttle. WHOOPS ! nearly emptied the contents of the bath over the floor as the props kicked in, boy did they create some wash!! I found that up to half throttle it all worked fine, but any more power and it created too juch cavitation under the stern and the props ran out of water and surged loudly, so will have to wait for a full water test on some bigger water soon, but will have to watch out, it looks like it is capable of a fair turn of knots if Im not careful. I will also say that I was surprised as to how much "ballast" this boat will take. Ive bought a 3kg 12v 12a/hr gel battery, which still does not fully fill the hull space I have and the boats still sits above the waterline by a good 1.5cms! so would take more. butr perhaps once the sound system and light boards and monitor servos are fully installed, this should take it down to correct sailing line.
    10 years ago by Gregg

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